how to analyze your CV based on the generation of coach

How to analyze your CV #marcapersonal #empleo

Send your CV, hopeful that the person who will have similar mindsets read yours. How to analyze your CV depends on many variables, I argue that attitude is the primary, but we can not deny that age stereotypes They may be determinative. The question is Do you have the same look of your CV one recruiter Baby Boomer generation (50-70), de la Gen X (35-50) Millennial or Gen Y (20-35)?

I must confess that I am not a recruiter, headhunter, nethunter, headhunter, employer or anything like that. I also confess that the CV seems to me part of the story. But as personal branding consultant and as a person connected to many recruiters I've done a little research to know how to change the interpretation of that piece of paper in different generational prisms.

The first surprise is that I have not found much literature on the subject, so I spent interviewing and recruiting people read different profiles to try to reach conclusions that could be helpful to anyone in professional selection process.

I want to thank Pedro Rojas by plantearme the challenge of such an original question that will be discussed at a roundtable on Tuesday 12 of July 2016 Barcelona Activa, Also with the presence of Arancha Ruiz, good friend and colleague in these conflicts of Personal Branding. Although the original question raised by me @seniormanager refers to “How displays and interprets each four generations Recruiters your CV”, I focused on three generations now actively recruit (Baby boomers, Gen X and Gen Y) as the Silent Generation (+ of 70 years old ) a Gen Z (less than 20 years old ) They are not the market.

How to analyze your CV baby boomer

the vision of a CV from a baby boomerPriority baby boomer

The baby boomer baby boomer spirit responds profile of a person between the 50 and 70 the first thing you assess your CV is experience cumulative, and I stress accumulated because there is a significant quantitative variable. This indicates that if you had the luck to know in advance if your CV will go to the hands of this profile recruiter tries to place 1st place your CV experience.

If you've ever seen a job offer worded as: “junior analyst programmer is looking for no more than 22 years 5 years of experience for immediate joining multinational aeronautical sector” do not hesitate, this is the work of a baby boomer.

As for languages, the value without being an obsession. That is to say, If the job does not require them here and it looks.

Training for baby boomer view

The baby boomer will value more where you've made that what you have studied. This profile makes much of the prestige of the academic environment, and prioritize a postgraduate degree at ESADE or IE to a full degree at the Complutense.

Values ​​in the prism baby boomer

Three basic when reviewing a CV: discipline, specialization and social environment.

  • Discipline: It refers to the way it presents a CV, writing style, a bit formal, the order of the factors.
  • Specialization: The baby boomer generation is the specialization, They give much importance to that point.
  • social environment: the concerned kind of family, the hobbies, cultural traditions, religious. Not that that should appear on a CV, but we have assured that appear in the interview.

digital baby boomer attitude

Of course there is a digital generation, and rather they appreciate the discretion, so boast of having a blog or several network profiles (even if well managed and obey rigorous planning) It is not always interesting in this light.

Digital skills of this group are minimal or basic, It is indicating that it is the generation that most appreciates the role CV format + interview + traditional references (understood as a phone call to a former boss or ex-mentor).

Little track network, but if they do them much shocked to discover someone talking about “the four prohibited” (Football, sex, political, religion) polemical way open network. It could be cause for immediate exclusion.

Specialization recruiter baby boomer

more traditional profiles, as CFOs, de RR.HH. (the old), CEOs… Hardly they occupy a position as Growth Hacker.

How to analyze your CV Generation X

The vision of a CV from a recruiter Generation XRecruiter priority Generation X

Generation X Generation X spirit responds profile of a person between the 35 and 50 that the first thing you assess your CV are your skills, and the soft above hard. Key point for them, They are generating skills. In this sense, placing them ahead of the experience will not be a bad idea. With the soft I mean the competition related to communication and assertiveness, as teamwork, empathy, emotional intelligence, presentations, oratory…

Consider that Generation X is the majority today in selection, so if you do not know in advance the profile of the person who will look at your CV, Default thinks is Generation X.

Valoran languages, but being a generation that languages ​​were not stem their education give them importance depending on the position to be filled.

Formation view for generating X

Unlike the baby boomer, the generation X cares qualifications, since directly related competencies, driveshaft its decision. Having a studio in one or another center is not decisive unless the company offering employment required.

Values ​​in the X prism generation

Three basic of this generation when reviewing a CV: commitment, effort and open mind:

  • Commitment: based on the idea that position can be long lasting and will require more than just leave 8 Daily hours on it.
  • Effort: this generation appreciates even more the hours worked the objectives achieved, so phrases like “full readiness” They can be assessed either on a CV.
  • Open mind: Is a generation without prejudice, or at least with less prejudice than the previous generation. sex, social status, The origin… They are not at all determinants.

Digital attitude recruiter generation X

Nor is a digital generation, but they are handled well in most digital skills. If we had to summarize in one word the attitude of this generation digital regarding the CV and job search, I would have no doubts: Linkedin (and professional networks in general).

No value a CV without sooner or later contrast it with the profile on Linkedin. So if you do not have profile, is incomplete or is inactive see thinking to turn around the situation, since this point can not be 100% but determining if two similar proposals the candidate with a good profile on Linkedin employment will be.

With respect to other social networks, blogs, etc, They do not seem to be generally be factors in choosing or rejecting a selection. This is a generation that still values ​​the discretion.

Generation X recruiter specialization

profiles polyvalent. They are covering all areas, and often they use techniques reverse mentoring (a mixed selection between Gen X and Millennial) to cover positions like Growth Hacker or SEO Manager.

How to analyze your CV Millennials

The vision of a CV from an Millennial recruiterPriority of millennials (or Generation Y)

The Millennial carries in his backpack the espíritu millennial and responds profile of a person between the 20 and 35 that the first thing assess your CV is your digital life and your ability to move in a global environment and liquid.

The languages ​​are must, but not hoard but because communication variables necessarily needed in a global environment. The millennial sees services and products generated should be prepared for global environments, and hence the domain of at least 2/3 languages ​​is essential.

Training for millennial view

What really matters to a millennial above qualifications and prestige of the centers is the ability to adapt to liquid environments candidates, and in this sense the formation understood as necessarily linked to practice. In summary, fewer titles and more stages of practices (and if they are in different countries, better).

The Millennial lives more time, does not believe much in long-term planning, They are little materialistic, so the accumulated titles are not useful if you do not translate into real skills for the job seeking. Digital skills training take it for granted, so watch out with that.

Values ​​in the prism millennial

There are many values ​​that sponsor this generation, but facing a dynamic highlight CV, naturalness and ethical commitment:

  • Dynamism: Liquid environments require flexibility, speed and little attachment. They have broken the limiting beliefs of previous generations and they know that age is not a determining factor of success. There is Zuckerberg and many others who have challenged the establishment making a fortune before 30.
  • Natural: in the sense of authenticity, to show our human side without getting masks that make us look what we are not. The mistakes, defects, falls shape our professional DNA. Unlike baby boomers or Gen Xers, los millennials positively value a candidate has failed: They know that certain places not happen again.
  • ethical commitment: The idea of “not everything is” It is a millennial flag: personal social responsibility is valued, and a lot: volunteering, Healthier Life (sports, feeding…), so let not include those elements in your CV.

Digital Millennial attitude recruiter

It's digital generation, many do not understand the world without bits. They grew up with a personal computer, game consoles and at a young age were put on a smartphone and a tablet in hand.

Often they converse in many social networks, but their preferences are visual and audiovisual as Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram is, Facebook, YouTube. We have no doubt that seek our blog and our network profiles, but not so much to see how we're but how we interact.

Follow them, and you will, but do not harass, know how to find your value proposition Without your help.

Millennial specialization recruiter

Day by day, the Millennial recruiter specializes in mirror profiles: otros millennials, digital positions, technological, ethical… Perhaps it is logical to think that a millennial today would not be the official recruiter to fill a position of financial director at a pharmaceutical company, but it is the ideal place to hire a Funnel Analyst or Big Data Analyst.

And do not forget that the millennial may be part of a team with other recruiter of other generations to contribute their grain of sand and scan digitally candidate.


I warmly thank the time I spent as a selection experts Maribel Vioque (Executive Search, BACc), Eva Collado (Net hunter, brander specialist staff and polyvalent profiles) and Mariona González (Talent Search AdQualis). I also thank Victor Candel, one of the best specialists e-recruitment, the valuable information and your blog Elena Arnaiz his view 100% Millennial selection. You see that your CV analyze how people from different generational spirits can be decisive. And remember that between “you are hired” and “you are fired” there is only one letter difference.

He uploaded presentation to Slideshare, It is containing a graphic comparative scheme on different profiles recruiters. I hope your comments, sure to add light to written.

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20 replies
  1. Xavier Hernández
    Xavier Hernández says:

    A very good compilation work, good sources (I think the best), and also necessary, very necessary. I appreciate the effort and work.
    Having said that, I must also say that disappoints me (and if fining me even a little upset) This type of work is focused on a classification of topics (come out of demography) without giving rise to the minimum that people are variables, We evolve and adapt ourselves and we even anticipate what comes. Perhaps it would have been better to use another definition, something like the classic recruitment, contemporary and future. Thus, desvincularías a natural fact (age who does) a way of understanding this profession (Hriःः) Y, on the way, you can complete it with the culture of the company you will go to stop to check the type of recruitment and selection. There are start-up tencológicas that are very classic in its approach to managing people, and other enterprises with more than 100 years of life, which they are truly revolutionary.
    Ok, You know that I admire, and I still think this article is a must. A hug.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hello Xavier, and many thanks for your comment. I agree with the topics, so at the beginning of the post I include a link to that letter: it clear that I do not believe in systems classified (labeled) by age. Throughout the text, I insist several times “…people with spirit baby boomer” to anyone without that spirit feel identified.

      I send a hug from bits (and to see if one day we had coffee)

      The funny thing is that I, born in 1962 and therefore by age baby boomer, Hice is test and it turns out that my DNA is a 94% millennial. But like everything, Statistics is the statistical, and although there never can be generalized patterns of behavior

  2. Carlota M.
    Carlota M. says:

    Dear Guillem, we do not know but would like to congratulate this writing. Although I'm working in an organization, I believe in active job search, since my current job is far from being anywhere near where I think I can take.

    I had never noticed the importance of the recruiter profile, but reading the article I realize that really matters. My profile is Generation X, so I hope my CV fall into their hands once been incorporated “tips” what do you recommend.

    I hope you do not mind not to sign my real name, I think in my current company would not understand. Congratulations and especially, Thanks for these tips, they are not free and whose effort is behind your little research.

    Carlota M.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      One thing we agree, Carlota: we should always be actively seeking: job, Of customers, ideas… I understand that your company can be something casposilla and that such things do not like, but we are in places provisionally, and the fixed work is mutating project work.

      Thank you for your greeting, it is certainly the best part of this page. Greetings and luck!


    VLADIMIR says:

    Excellent work, Maestro; detailed, deep and enlightening. Promotes and guides very well self-management in key impact of this still essential tool called CV… This side is still a MUST. Transoceanic strong hug for you! Congratulations!

  4. Jorge Boat
    Jorge Boat says:

    Hello Guillém,
    the first is the post congratulations, but I disagree on some statements, because I have been working in HR and I've found and I keep finding, coaches of different ages and different styles when facing a CV or a job interview, so I do not think their styles depend on that generation were born, but rather their background or expertise in the field.
    Thank you very much and look forward to reading such interesting items.

    Jorge Boat
    Wesser responsible for Talent

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Thanks Jorge, I know you can not generalize or stereotype, I'm pretty enemy that. Neither did my little research has enough base to be a TFG or doctoral thesis. But the people I interviewed have spent years in RR.HH. And under their supervision teams from different generations that have allowed them to generate certain patterns. I'm more in the spirit than with the corresponding age group. Thank you for writing! a greeting!

  5. Sergio Galfione
    Sergio Galfione says:

    excellent contribution, Guillem.
    Truly, Research helps boost your CV.
    Thanks for sharing.
    a cordial greeting.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      right in 100% Elia. What has encouraged me to do this it is that there are several million terabytes on the profile that seeks to recruit and few bytes on “the other side”. Thank you for writing!


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