You'd trust Snapchat to get a job?

I share this article entitled "Could you trust Snapchat to get a job?" published in Expansion by its editor-in-chief Tino Fernandez where collaborations of a certain level appear, nothing less than Eva Collado Durán, Aziz Zaghnane and Pablo Urquijo. I act as the opening act (a role I've always liked). I hope I'll help you., especially if you're on the road to finding work.

Those looking for the ideal candidate tend to use a wide variety of platforms and social networks (Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram or Snapchat). The question is whether so many possibilities are really effective.

Recruiters spend less and less time 6 And 20 Seconds- to each curriculum, and today it is impossible to draw the attention of those who can offer work without employing new and original strategies.

Platform inflation and possibilities disorient job seekers

Knowing this, it might be strange for someone in their right mind to decide to get an employer's attention using a network like Snapchat, dedicated to sending files that disappear from the recipient's device between one and ten seconds after they have been seen. And yet, it's like that… Recently Jason Peterson, chief creative officer of Havas for North America, explained in AdWeek your company - because of the characteristics of its customers and the necessary profiles of its employees- trusts Snapchat as a recruitment tool. It's not the first time Havas has done anything like this.. You've already used Twitter, and even Airbnb or the TV series Game of Thrones to capture future employees.

Guillem Recolons, partner Soymimarca, remembers how in 2010 Alec Brownstein, aspiring editor at a French advertising agency, used an unusual technique to send his résumé to Scott Vitrone, creative manager Young & Rubicam in Paris. He was eventually hired, because Browstein didn't do what everyone did and hired a Google Adwords campaign with the keyword “Scott Vitrone”. For several days everyone who typed the word on Google “Scott Vitrone” was with this ad: “Hello Scott Vitrone, google yourself is fun. Hiring me as a creative in your company, Also. Call me. You're late.”

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