content remains king

The content remains the king of the jungle 2.0

If many the blog was up for dead (And they were wrong), now the same voices augur the end of the age of content. Y, from what I see, they're wrong again. Platforms where content resides may evolve (you know, Podcasts...), But little else.

Content remains king. This is the seventh and final trend 2020 I advanced a few weeks ago, and of which I've already developed six parts:

If you have little time, I invite you to watch this one-minute video summary:

Interrupting or seducing?

Outbound or inbound? We ran away from time thieves as much as from the publicity that disrupts our lives. Good content plays a key role as a catcher of our attention and that of our customers. And it's not worth anything.. Repetitive or boring content doesn't contribute, doesn't entertain, does not matter.

Value and Content Proposal

Content makes sense if you pivot around a solid value proposition. Before sharing a content, either cured or created, you have to wonder:

Does it connect with my audience, with those people I want to reach?

Does it bring anything new, either solve a problem or analyze an opportunity?

Is it in my power to provide that that brings?

With two positives, we can launch ourselves. With three, we can be sure that there will be an answer if we are consistent over time.

From usability and SEO to story

Do you have a website? My eyes shine when I read "We went from usability and SEO to story" in the studio IAB's "Top Digital Trends 2020". That's entwining with my forecast that Google will no longer be the center of the universe and at last the quality will be valued more than the tricks to position mediocre content in the first pages of the search engine.

IAB sentence:

Brands are starting to come up with a web model based on the story and not on digital positioning, generating points of contact with the user who delves into the brand, this way the searches are already direct, boosting the relationship and thus reducing the weight of SEO.

Don't you have a website?

I get it, that seems complicated. And it's not.. The hard part is keeping the web, write regularly on the blog. Many reference professionals who write high-value content work with free web media 100%, as Ricard Lloria, Merco Roura, Francisco Alcaide, Ylse Roa or Joan Clotet. You don't need to spend time on that..

It's also not convenient to give away our ideas, insights and social media concepts that maybe one day will close their doors (many have already done so). If you have to create or share content, the ideal is for you to do it from your own platform, and from there you share it on social media.

If the content is king, the blog is the castle, the place where the king develops his mandate.

Influencer is you

Many companies resort to influencers to increase the brand's appeal. But I see the same thing as sharing or creating content on networks. You lose control, that doesn't belong to you. There's no better influencer that you. And in companies there is no better influencers that their professionals. No better platform than your corporate blog.

Who better than an expert can generate credible content, close leader, Shocking, relevant?

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Annex: Contents in TED talks you should know:

The date of the TEDx Eixample of the 22 mayo 2020. At the moment we already have five speakers Confirmed:

And to go with a mouth, I leave you with some TED talks you should know:

Al Gore. A new conception of the climate crisis


Michelle Obama. A personal commitment to education


Sting. How I started composing again


Bill Gates. Energy: innovating towards zero


Tony Robbins. Why we do what we do


Jorge Drexler. Poetry, music and identity


Stephen Hawking. Questioning the universe


Bonus. The good news about poverty


Jane Godall. Can we live together?

Peter Gabriel. Fighting injustice with a video camera

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