Believing in you is a necessary condition, but not enough

One of the phrases repeated in the early season is that of "believing in you". Of course, if you don't have faith in you, things will go very wrong, But if you think, don't expect the light to come back to your life overnight. Believing is not enough

If you have a minute, I'll summarize it in this video:

Overdose of good wishes around believing in you

If you browse social media these days, you can find phrases like these: 

  • Believe in yourself and everything will be possible
  • Believe in yourself. It doesn't matter if everyone stopped., show them that you can go far just with someone who believed in you, And that someone is you.
  • When you want to believe in someone, just believe in you.
  • You'll be able to do everything they propose if you believe in yourself.
  • Believe in yourself and the universe will do the rest
  • They say you have to see, Stop, Believe... so stand in front of the mirror and start believing in yourself
  • Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.
  • Believe in yourself before asking others to do so.
  • Believe in yourself and you'll be unstoppable

If you don't activate a strategy and action plan, believing in you will do you little good

I'm sorry to contradict those approximately 200 millions of coaches around the world. Believing in oneself is a necessary condition, without that we don't pass screen. But then there are many other screens left in the game until you reach the desired goal.

Screens 2 To 10 they'll try to establish a business model so that it's the others who believe in you. And you know, that includes developing empathy maps to better understand the needs of your potential customers, define a value proposition, define channels of communication with those customers and the type of relationship we will have with them. Define our activities, the requirements to execute them, key partners who will help us along the way, and a sustainable income and expenditure model.

The rest of the screens until you get to 20 will deal with the definition of messages for each interest group or stakeholder stakeholder, adapting messages to different formats, like the Pitch sales, personal storytelling, the "bio" on social media, the communication plan, the choice of media and media, the content plan, the tools to use, the networking plan and how you'll measure success indicators.

So you see, believing in you may be one of the 20 screens of your trajectory personal brand

I assure you, "the Universe" won't do the rest

One of the phrases that has caught my eye the most is that of "believe in you and the Universe will do the rest". I'm deeply sorry to disappoint you., but the Universe won't do anything if you stay on a couch believing in you, that's all.

I fully understand that, as a result of the care economy, many "memes" and famous phrases eliminate the context. But there's context, and tells us that we have to fight for something that has value: generate impact and transformation on our customers, that goes beyond faith in oneself… or believing in unicorns.

Happy week!

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1 thought on "Believing in you is a necessary condition, but not enough”

  1. Hello Guillem!
    I love the way you've defined the “Believe in yourself and …” and those phrases we've heard that don't lead anywhere if we don't DO ANYTHING. Yes ! like a game that passes screen, not one and that's it ! but several screens ranging from stakeholders to how we'll measure KPIs; so it's not a believe in ourselves and that's it, it's a journey (as I like to say my) where we evolve to measures what we do and according to our communication plan and strategy.

    P.d: the tone you use in the podcast is total!, changing records and getting attention. Congratulations, Guillem!



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