Personal Brand Diagnostics (4) Crystal

We continue with the diagnostic phase of our personal brand, our self-knowledge.

And for this quarter, I count on my good friend and "crack" Nilton Navarro, Social Media specialist, in personal brand (co-organizer of the Personal Branding Lab Day) and one of the big fans (next to me) of this self-diagnostic tool called Crystal Knows.

If you're short on time, here's a video-summary:

How and what Crystal Knows was created for?

The company Crystal Knows was founded by entrepreneur Drew D'Agostino, Northeastern University student in Boston. USA. In 2014.

The property is of the powerful Salesforce Ventures (Evernote, Dropbox, Hubspot, Survey Monkey, Zoom...) indicating the potentiality of the tool and interaction with other Salesfoce services (Crm, artificial intelligence, Mobility, Productivity, cloud computing, Automation...).

Crystal was created as a personality test, but not like the others, but as the first based on Artificial Intelligence and as an operational tool that helps improve communication with our stakeholders or stakeholders. Nilton Navarro explains it perfectly:

Would you like to know what a person's personality is like or what the ideal way to write to someone so that your email or direct message is successful?

Crystal is a tool you can use to know how you are and how other people are thanks to his personality assessments. This tool works inside your Gmail email and it's suggesting to you the ways you should communicate when you write an email to succeed.

For example, when submitting a project, send a quote, a budget... This tool suggests the words, the tone and style you should use in your mail based on what the other person likes, guaranteeing that the message is successful. For example, it tells you to be shorter, tell him about you, don't use exclamations or emojis, Etc.

You're probably wondering and how does this taste the tool. Thanks to your Artificial Intelligence, Crystal analyzes millions of data from the internet to accurately identify what personality is like. Another advantage of this tool is that if you install it in your browser the tool you'll be able to analyze for free 10 LinkedIn profiles to know the personality of those people you're interested in. In this analysis you'll find out what that person is like, how he likes to be written, which aspects are most important in an email or direct message, among other things more.

Other free personality tests included by Crystal

You can also do personality tests for free from Crystal, allowing you to compare and ratify results. You can do DISC tests, Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, Values and more.


Crystal uses the DISC's personality assessment for all our tools. It is backed by more than 50 years of research, and excels at measuring and predicting observable behaviorEnlace to personality tests:

Crystal DISC profile


Frequently used for self-development and counselling, the Eneagram goes beyond most personality models and helps understand the basic motivations, stressors and growth opportunities.

Crystal eneagram


As one of the most popular personality models, The Mbti can tell you which of the 16 types are more likely to identify you, giving you a broad and useful view of your thinking.

Crystal and Myers-Briggs

Dynamic profile, because others also have their opinions and because you change

One of the features that I appreciate most about Crystal is that she considers our profile to be dynamic, for two reasons:

  1. We change. And that means that from time to time it's worth repeating the test to see possible changes.
  2. Being a cloud test (another very interesting element), other people can confirm (hand up) the traits of your personality with those who agree that are associated with you.

Myself (now I'm Guillem) I've seen three changes in my profile in the last two years, two motivated by external feedback actions (confirm or fail to confirm traits) and one by re-taking the questionnaire.

Crystal Nilton Guillem comparisonCrystal's algorithm

Crystal starts by examining what you've written publicly – blog and social media profiles are a primary source – and analyzing factors such as your writing style and sentence structure.

Then processes what others have written about you in these social sources.

Using each of those data points, the website identifies you as one of the 64 types of communication (that the company has adapted from well-known personality frameworks), and infer information about your personality and personal communication style.

When comparisons are not hateful, but they add value

Another element of great value is that Crystal favors the creation of multi-personality teams. If you're familiar with Edward de Bono's six hats to think theory, this comes to be something similar.

On a team it's worth having a variety of profiles to consider all the options. The rational, the intuitive, the cautious, the positive, the facilitator, the creative... Everything enriches.

In this graph, you see a comparison of Nilton and Guillem, with almost identical profiles.

Ahead, encourage yourself to take the test and create your first team with Crystal.

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