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New Personal Branding Strategy online course

The Universitat de Vic launches a course 100% online in Spanish focused on Personal Branding called “Personal Branding Strategy“. Aimed at both professionals on their own and companies that want to strengthen their employer branding areas, brand ambassadors and executive branding.

Below we detail methodology, Objectives, Teachers, Dates, Tutorials, Format, program and tuition.

If you're short on time, here's a rundown of 1 video minute in which Professor Helena Casas and I explained it to you:



Self, strategy and visibility to give value and meaning your Personal Brand

In a connected world, communication and digitisation skills are increasingly needed. Artificial intelligence and robotics, coupled with the devastating effects of pandemics such as Covid19, are negatively affecting employment and entrepreneurship.

This affects us as people, as professionals, but it's also closely related to the survival of companies. The effectiveness of corporate communication is becoming less, and the balm to regain confidence in the market lies in the strength and confidence exercised by in-house professionals. We need to understand context as an opportunity.

In this volatile context, Uncertain, complex and ambiguous is where the management of the personal brand -process known as Personal Branding- is helping professionals and businesses navigate uncertainty, equipping knowledge, strategies and tools to humanize businesses and to value people.

Using the method Personal brand management Iceberg, this course is structured into three major areas:

Self: understood as a diagnosis of our personal brand. how do we perceive ourselves? how do they perceive us? how can we identify our strengths, our weaknesses? how can we understand the threats and opportunities that affect the market in which we are specialists?

Personal strategy: is the phase where we ask ourselves where to go? That's where we look at our purpose, values and objectives, and we contrast them with those of the brand we work for, whether it's own or someone else. We develop our value proposition and business model, symbiosis with that of the organization.

Visibility: here the question is twofold how can we get there? And are we coming? It's the space to discuss the personal communication plan, in all its facets, both off and online. We define audiences, Messages, Media, Content, Tools, Prescribers, SMART goals and we look at the indicators of success.


Synthesizing, with this college course, you'll learn to:

  1. Manage your Personal Brand, from self-awareness and a market diagnosis.
  2. Establish your strategic plan to achieve your professional goals and position your value.
  3. Plot a visibility plan, analogue and digital to effectively reach your audience and monetize.

Who it's meant for

  • Nonconformists from anywhere in the world, people interested in developing their Personal Brand from a strategic point of view, be to better position yourself in your professional field, to give more visibility to your entrepreneurial project or both.
  • HR professionals, Communication, managers who are interested in learning about The Personal Branding, and the advantages for the company to work the personal brand of their teams through disciplines such as Executive branding, the employer branding, and the ambassador programs brand in (Employee advocacy).

Personal Branding Strategy teachers

Helena Casas

  • Consultant and Trainer in Digital Marketing and Personal Branding
  • Bachelor of Psychology. Master's Degree in Digital Marketing and Electronic Commerce. Consultant and trainer in Digital Marketing, and Personal Branding.
  • Co-Director and Teacher of the Master in Digital Marketing and Social Networks from the University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC), and associate professor at her Faculty of Science and Technology.
  • Deputy Director of the 3Isic, where he participates in various consulting and training programs for private companies, as well as in Regional Councils, Generalitat, Barcelona Provincial Council, Barcelona Active, Chambers of Commerce, Etc.
  • Co-author of the SEO book “How to be first on Google without paying” with Montserrat Peñarroya.
  • PR Partners TEDx Eixample (Barcelona).

Guillem Recolons

  • Consultant and international trainer at Personal Branding, Storytelling and Employer Branding
  • Collegiate advertising, Master in Marketing, Humanities Degree (Course)
  • Career development would advertise in Time/BBDO, J. Walter Thompson, Bassat & Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, among others in creative departments, Customers, planning and general management (1979-2004)
  • Currently, founding partner of Soymimarca Sl, (Personal Branding agency), and a consultant partner Integra Personal Branding Mexico.
  • Lecturer at, Iese, Isdi, Uvic, Tecnocampus UPF, Uic, Eae, UdG in Personal Branding and Storytelling.
  • Author of 1.200 personal branding articles published on different blogs, expansion, Pure Marketing and supplements for various newspapers.
  • Author of the book "If you don't contribute, don't matter. (Ed. Rasche, 2020, Lanz. scheduled for September) and 9 Personal Branding ebooks.
  • TEDx speaker (TEDx Lleida 2016) And Speaker Curator at TEDx Eixample since 2018.

Dates, Format, Tutorials, Program, Registration

The course Personal Branding Strategy it is also part of the Master in Online Marketing University and Specialization course in Personal Branding and Social Networks.


Home 9 July 2020 / End 31 July 2020


100% Online. In Spanish. Video-based, PDFs with the contents and individual tutoring from the University module.


The Personal Branding Strategy course is tutored online by the two teachers, Helena Casas and Guillem Recolons, who will evaluate the exercises in each section and answer students' questions.


Here you can check out the full program of the Personal Branding Strategy online course from the site of the University of Vic.

Tuition and discount

The tuition fee is 235,50 Euros, you get a college certificate.

You can get a discount from one 5% if you fill in the fields on this form. The registration process will continue directly from the University of Vic.

Final advice

Although it is possible to find Personal Branding modules in some postgraduates and master's degrees in digital marketing, the course Personal Branding Strategy is the only today-by-today with college endorsement, Dedicated 100% to this theme and online of the world in the Castilian language. In addition, not being postgraduate or master's degree, enjoys an affordable tuition fee.

In my judgement, as a specialist in Personal Branding and as a course teacher, it's an opportunity for you or your organization, and I encourage you to sign up. Remember, starts the 9 July and places are limited, because we're just two tutors and that limits places to 15.

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