Personal brand diagnosis 11: Analyzing threats

In the 10 previous chapters of the series Iceberg I've worked with the diagnosis of our personal brand: perceived identity, own identity, digital identity identity by name in search engines, on social media and by keywords.

I have also dealt with Elena Arnaiz the "D" of "Weaknesses" of the DAFO, the "F" of Strengths with Xavi Roca. And today I start with the outside of the DAFO trying the "A" of Threats with my colleague and admired Arancha Ruiz, talentista, one of the pioneers in personal brand management and author of the books "El mapa de tu talento”, “What the Headhunter is looking for" and "Now or never”. A woman who has been able to deal with threats and turned them into opportunities.

If you're wondering why I chose that eye-catching image, in the animal and plant kingdom, eye-catching colors often appear in poisonous species, so they're actually alerting them to their potential danger, the predator recognizes them and thus avoids being hunted.

If you have little time, I invite you to see this summary:

Why it's important to know about threats

It's critical to know everything that can negatively affect your business model from the outside.

Few days ago, with my peers TEDxEixample, we had the opportunity to help prepare a TEDx online talk to Juanma Freire entitled "Can we evolve from Homo Sapiens to Homo Cooperator?”. Among the threats detected by this nuclear physicist and specialist in Open Innovation, I was struck by one referring to the professionals who are engaged in translation.

Juanma told us that he explained to a translator friend that in a short time (weeks, maybe) any of us will be able to travel to Japan, and with headphones connected to an app and a 5G network, you will be able to hear a real-time translation of what any Japanese explains in their native language… What an irony! what is a threat to some is an opportunity for others.

We must perceive the alarm signs, threat, like shift levers

But like a ingo mom who smells danger and puts her puppies safe, people we must perceive the alarm signs, threat, like shift levers.

Juanma's friend knows that in two years his business model will have mutated. But you also know that your skills as a translator will drive you to spot new opportunities.

In my case, the deadliest threat I've ever detected is to expect something to happen. Without going to look for it and without having the right human equipment to make it happen.

Arancha Ruiz: threats sharpen ingenuity, generate riddles, renote to instinct, And more!

It's often called “threats” environmentally friendly factors that pose difficult challenges to navigate. People are unique in identifying threats…And also by voceting them! The news, gossip, the rumor that jumps from word of mouth to ear helps to increase the fears of these giants that are more scary than the windmills of Quixote.

However, threats also have their bright side. As you read it. Because they sharpen ingenuity, generate riddles, they reful of instinct and prevent people and organizations from sleeping on their laurels and not being able to look beyond their oronda belly.

Threats are born of weaknesses that prevent them from being addressed as opportunities

There's a motto I apply a lot in my life: If a problem approaches, you already have one thing to do: Solve. If the problem has no solution, it's not a problem but a new situation, so you'd better get used to it as soon as possible. And most of all, don't confuse one with the other. It is my particular adaptation of the phrase of wisdom coined by Reinhold Niebuhr “Sir, give me strength to change the things I can change and patience to endure the things I can't change. And wisdom to distinguish them”.

We must be able to anticipate the threats, read the first signs and activate the talent to develop capabilities that allow us to face them.

COVID becomes a threat when we believe it can beat us. That can stop us We don't let him!

The opportunity is to believe that talent, as the unique ability of people to add value by collaborating with other individuals, Expire. To dream that he is a gentleman who together with his faithful squire can change the world in which he is. Because while he continues to dream, keeps trying. And by persisting they can find the strength to change reality.

Types of threats

Threats come from several fronts. And let's think that every missed opportunity is also a threat.

Imagine you're the translator of the example above. You work for a translator's agency, but by projects. You haven't considered having your own translation services website. You also don't have an excessive presence or social media essence.

From the other side of the world, someone is looking for a person like you, with your skills - almost unique- translation. They need a simultaneous translator for an important symposium. You're the perfect person. But they're not going to find you.. Missed opportunity. And threat, that can happen many times. You'll wonder if I'm the best, why they choose other people? As said by Rubén Montesinos, being good is fine, but you also have to look like it.

I distinguish the threats in 8 categories:

  1. Strong competition in your professional field
  2. Technology
  3. Misuse of new technologies
  4. The metooism
  5. Difficulties of the current working framework
  6. The legal framework
  7. Globalization
  8. The gifted horse

Here you can download in Excel the box with the Types of Threats.

Guillem Recolons, personal DAFO threats

Trends, an antidote to prevent threats and take cover

A good way to prevent threats (Eye, not all can be prevented. Example: Covid19) is to analyze trends. And also the trends that relate to technology.

If you're a car driver, Truck, you should know that there is less missing for the arrival of autonomous vehicles.

There are two options. The main threat is to wait for the inevitable to come without doing anything. The option 2 is to try to participate in some way in that new business, whether it's creating apps, as a sales agent, coordination, vehicle maintenance, Insurance...

There are many places and forums where it is possible to see what will happen in the short term. Although the long term is more complex, there are also opportunities, for example, the emergence of senior and the increase in active life expectancy, representing a new business model for people in good health, some purchasing power, and a life ahead.

The action plan for your threats

Although business literature holds that threats are beyond our control, the truth is that we can exercise some control. We'll never be faster than machines, But we can think divergently, Guess, Anticipate and many other facets that at the moment put us ahead as humans.

The action plan for our threats consists of four parts once a possible threat has been identified:

Imagine that your main threat is the arrival of the autonomous vehicle:

  1. Design a strategy. Putting yourself on the winning side. You can help deploy 5G technology, create specific signaling for the sensors of these vehicles, imagine new forms of entertainment for travelers, who should no longer be aware of driving…
  2. Analyze resources you need. List the resources you need to deploy that strategy, look for collaborators, business angels, software developers…
  3. Calendariza. If you don't put a date, you won't have it ready when the time is right.
  4. Prepare the action plan, developing each of the stages, your needs...

Next day I close the personal SFO trying the opportunities, and I'll do it hand in hand with someone else wonderful. I hope you were helpful in the article.. If it has been so, Thank you for commenting and sharing!

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