From employees to stakeholders: A #Branding solution

One of the great challenges of organizations is to get their human capital pass from employees to stakeholders. The differences are huge, as I have already stated in some Post. But don't let anyone get fooled.: in this move must come win both parties at stake; if you don't, It doesn't work.

Superpowers I love you for

A few days ago I was talking about superpowers, resering myself to values. It was in a TED talk, insisting on this fact: without the empathy or values of the professionals of the organizations, conquer the heart of markets it will be a task the less complex.

The massive bombardment of advertising, advocacy and public relations is becoming less and less effective at generating complicity. Here I leave you this video that explains in a simpler way (excuses for lack of accents, a lack of software):

Requirements for aligning personal and corporate values

Align personal and corporate values ​​is not an easy task. Very different disciplines are required to carry it out successfully:

  • Personal and corporate communication
  • Personal Branding
  • Board experience in organizations
  • Advanced digital competencies

That's branding.

In short, we're talking about a branding solution with capital letters. What so many associate with creating a logo is much more. I'm left with Ivan Diaz's masterful idea (Branzai): The main objective of a Brand is to create Value and Preference.

What the organization needs to put in

On his side, organizations must put to work, from the general management, to their communication teams, Rr. HH and training. Brand Ambassadors Program (Brand Ambassador, Employee Branding, Advocate Branding) are really cross-cutting. And if any prerequisites are required to boot, that's called mindset, a clear mentalization on the part of management about the need and benefits of the process.

A question of trust and amplification of the corporate message

If your business needs improve your confidence in the markets and amplify their messages, don't hesitate, you need to implement this program, and turn your human DNA from employees to involved. I am fortunate to have partners really prepared to successfully develop the program. Talk.


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3 thoughts on "From employees to stakeholders: A #Branding solution”

  1. We work hard for branding, by the personality of the brand, but a brand is made up of people and without the personal work of each of them, Things are harder.
    Thank you for your vision Guillem. Good reference to Ivan Diaz and recommended his training options.

    • A thousand thanks, Joaquín! Certainly, there would be no branding without people. References to Ivan Diaz and his “Creature” Branzai are obligated for all of us who are engaged in this. A greeting!

  2. Thank you Guillem, for once again influencing the need to align values between employees (Involved) and the address.

    From a personal point of view, I think one of the most obvious and troubling corporate tragedies and pathologies is the blockade that employees involved can suffer towards creative and value propositions, or just different, rejection by management of “get out of the script”.

    The disruptive thinking and creativity of each employee is for me not only recommended but necessary so that a business project does not lag behind. I think, Unfortunately, it's something that's not part of the culture of most companies in this country.

    A hug!


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