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Stand out or remains in the well

Why Stand out? Among the many benefits of proper management management, differentiation is certainly one of the must and also one of the hardest to work.

Xavi Roca He has been good with the title, but also with the content of his first book "Desmárcate” (Books Header / October 2015). If the title is obvious, the content is a perfectly armed route that part of the definitions, follow autoanálisis, strategy, message and communication. Top it gives us two prologues, the first sublime of Lluís Martínez-Ribes (must be read) and the second mine, conclusions, Epilogue and an annex handy with a checklist of personal brand is placed.

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Loas few more 200 pages make "Desmárcate"An excellent manual Personal Branding for those who want to start on this and seek a light reading, weekend, to wonder many things and start with a plan. But like all manuals, It used to go asking if we are doing things right.

It is not for me to reveal the content of "Stand out", I hope you do with it or, if you have the opportunity, Xavi meet in person presentations is doing the book. What I dare you to do is play the preface signed by me as an appetizer of a text you, probably, help you out of the pit.

Disassociate is not a luxury, it is a necessity

He has always liked to surround myself with mavericks. And Xavi Roca is one of the great, of those who have no qualms about sacrificing comfort for exploring new routes to help fill their hungry spirit of new experiences. Personal branding and personal branding are lucky; It is one of the routes that the author explores not only dominates but unsubtle.

One of the classic creative tools that proposes the Maltese thinker and psychologist Edward de Bono in his book "Lateral thinking" is the revision of assumptions. Xavi Roca's book dismantles many of them, and does so with the support of an unusual solidity and literature that defines very well mark its author.

Daring with a book on personal branding after Neus Arques, Andrés Pérez Ortega and a few others have already done so in Spanish can only be work of a madman or someone who has new things to bring to the world of personal branding. Or someone who meets both conditions.

The contribution of this book is multiple, and it is summarized in two main pillars: On the one hand referents using, that they are rich, extension and implacable precision, and, on the other hand, practicality, with examples, Shortcuts, suggestions and hints for using specific tools, in order to handle them successfully.

Many see personal branding as a fad, but reading this book, written by a Strategist (capitalized), It will be clear that, call it whatever they call, personal branding is here to stay.

And if the book is great, the epilogue is the icing on the cake. This is a set of end reflections that perfectly complement theory.

this consultant, professor at the University of Lleida will surprise you in this book, it's more, desmarcarte will help you and lead your own personal brand. In an increasingly global world numerous and, disassociate is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Xavi Roca is generous enough to explain how, I aprovechémoslo.

Plus? If you want to get something before buying it in this link You have a forward to the first chapter. Plus? For only 8 € here you can buy the book online.

By the way! Thursday 4 February 2016 Xavi Roca presents “Desmárcate” in Barcelona, on The book house, Catalonia Ramblas 37, at 19h. Of course, I will accompany, We will wait for you!

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