Ms. Carme Chacón, don't be in a hurry

Yesterday the Minister of Defence and “presidency” by the PSOE, Carme Chacón, unveiled us at a press conference that he will not run in the primaries that his party will organize to choose candidate for the general election scheduled for March 2012.

Source: Wikipedia

We haven't spoken on this side-thinking blog in a while., But today, And with this news, it's a good time to do it. The Minister, I imagine that well advised, has applied the side thinking in its purest state to decline his candidacy. Vertical or logical thinking would have encouraged her to present he/she, where he had certain chances of success in front of a congress.

But Chacon knows that whoever wins the primary “will burn” vs. pp next March. Why have such a short life?. If she's not a candidate, let's think the minister has barely 40 years just completed (Pisces, By the way), and has a lot of time ahead. His lateral strategy is clear: let time pass. There's no hurry. First you have to wear out those who face the PSOE for the next four or eight years, and then the ground will be ready.

Very skilful, Minister.

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