Personal Branding and Personal Marketing Is it the same?

The confusion between the personal branding and personal marketing Exists, and it has its logical point. It comes from the same confusion between branding and marketing.

I myself was the victim of this confusion. In my time as a publicist, most companies went to branding companies for a logo, not for a brand strategy.

If you're short on time, here's a one-minute summary:

Personal marketing saved Paul Adam's life

Personal marketing saved my life. Paul AdamLooks like a pompous headline.. In fact, it's the first book of my colleague and friend Paul Adam, which he posted in 2011 and that I had the honor of prologaring. The exact title in the first edition was “Personal marketing saved my life”.

Oscar Vega, advertising and marketing professional, recounted his moment of transition to what he called "personal marketing.". An autobiographical narrative that showed the projection of marketing towards people as a new "modus vivendi" of the protagonist.

Back then, Soymimarca had only a year to live. And Paul wanted to be Soymimarca's man in Valencia. Adapted brand identity, the logo, Colors... but he didn't call it personal branding, personal branding or personal branding. He called it personal marketing..

By the way, the book -short reading and highly recommended- is available in a new edition of 2013 renamed "I'm a crack: personal marketing saved my life".

Personal communication saved my life

A parallel story, but what happened 6 years before Paul's. In January 2005, After 25 years in the world of advertising, I printed a change in my life: I moved into the wonderful world of personal communication.

Guided by a greater purpose than to make the shareholders of my previous agency richer (of which I too was a shareholder), I set out to change. Years later, defined is purpose as "helping to draw futures", and so I explained a TEDx talk titled "Small Data".

Change I don't know if it saved my life, I think possibly in advertising he would have suffered a heart attack. But I do know that I started living off it, And I keep doing it.

There's only one nuance. Seen over time, I would say that neither Paul was personal marketing nor my thing was personal communication. True, In 2005 personal branding was not known in Spain. Neither Neus Arqués nor Andrés Pérez Ortega had yet published "And you, what brand are you?" and "Personal Brand" respectively.

But then, what is personal marketing and what is personal branding?

In a simple definition, personal branding is the one who handles the management of the PERSONAL MARK in its entirety, and that includes personal marketing, which is the set of strategies to make ourselves known, or make our brand known.

And even that has nuances, so I've turned to two professionals of obligatory reference:

Personal branding and personal marketing are needed: The case of Andrés Pérez Ortega

This is how Andrés Pérez Ortega defines in this post your idea of personal marketing:

Visibility, the notoriety and marketing of your Personal Brand is just one of the phases of that positioning strategy. It's not the first or most important. In fact there are many people who have left their mark throughout history and who have not bothered to divulge it (maybe because others already did it for them). But it's true that if you want to make an impact so they know you, consider you as an option to consider and finally choose, you'll have to work hard to communicate what makes you valuable.

Andrés is a personal branding expert, but we've also met him thanks to his personal marketing. Here's your first “Pill” personal brand video, June 2007, or if you want, the year 12 Ac (before the Covid):

Personal Branding and Personal Marketing seen by Ivan Diaz

In case you don't know Ivan Diaz, is the soul of Branzai, for me and for the whole blogosphere the best blog about branding, and also the soul of Grávita, one of the best (although no older) branding consultants.

I asked Ivan about that difference.. And his explanation seemed clear to me, Impeccable:

Branding Personal is the way to define your position in front of those around you to be part of their lives.

Personal Marketing is the way to make that a reality. The way we have to show what we say we are

Don't you think it's great.? There's no better one than the other., it's just part of a process. You can't drive personal marketing without first working on defining what makes you import others. That's why sometimes certain people's messages appear dissonant, lacking in essence, of purpose, Empty: have started the house by the roof.

Two ways to understand the hero's journey

The simile of the "hero's journey" is interesting, proper to the story, to define that difference between personal branding and personal marketing.

I tend to say that personal marketing is when you talk about yourself, So what personal branding is the process that allows you to add value to your interest groups. If this process is successful, you get recognition by others.

A very recent example:

Branding: When a friend sends me a screenshot of a college course in which my colleague Victor Candel puts me as an example in videos on the IGTV channel:

Marketing: When I take advantage of that branding result to do self-promo:

So synthesizing it, personal marketing is talking about you, and personal branding is getting others to do it. The difference is due to the saying "from the saying to the fact". So marketing is what you say and Branding -in my opinion- it's the result of what you do.

At an online conference held this week (I treat below), my colleague Nancy Vazquez translated my vision of personal marketing and branding with the hero's idea:

In the case of Andrés Pérez Ortega, the branding part came to me when others talked about it. Others made him a hero, and that came to reinforce and put more value on your personal marketing. I hope the differences are clear to you.. Remember, before talking about you as a hero, worry that your customers are.

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An online personal brand conference that points to the 2nd edition

This week, between the 4 And 7 May 2020, the first edition of the congress has been held Personal Online Brand. At the end, something else 90 assistants in direct rigorous could see 28 presentations in the form of short 15 Minutes + 5 minutes of questions.

I'm nobody to talk about success or failure, here the interesting thing has been the feedback received, And it's been good. True, a lot of content, that's why a lot of those who attended will be able to take advantage of and review the 28 Videos, along with other materials, at no added cost, in a online course we'll be launching in a few weeks.

Thanks to Nancy Vazquez, Alan Urbina and equipment Integra Personal Branding for organizing communication and transmission. And to Anabel Ferreiras E Isaac García Merino for mobilizing the Dominican Republic and Anabel in particular for presenting the congress. And to Helena Casas, colleague of The Human Branding, for helping me get started with the web. And thanks to tod@s for the content. Thanks also to GNP Insurance from Mexico and REMAX Dominican Republic for your essential support. Living is amazing, and doing it in a good house is fantastic.

Guide to creating your ONLINE ACTION PLAN (Book)

Guide to creating your action plan online: 6 easy steps for your organization to, Finally, grow onlineSix easy steps to finally get your organization to, grow online… That's how he captions his new book/guide, fresh out of print, entrepreneur and entrepreneur Montserrat Peñarroya. I confess I just got here., so I haven't finished reading it. But after watching it calmly, I see it'll be for more than just reading it.

The Guide to creating your action plan online (Editorial 3iSIC, 2020) is full of strategy exercises and action plan so that when you finish reading it, Simply, Get it going. Billing more over the internet is a problem that Montse has been able to turn into an opportunity throughout his life, creating its first online company in 1998, Yes, you read well, before Facebook, Linkedin… and the same year Google was founded.

This, dear readers, Promises. Back to personal branding, Montse is a guarantee of professionalism and this book is a beautiful example of personal marketing.



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