The brave president David Cameron

The brave president

Although I usually publish weekends, today 24 June 2016 we learned that British people have decided to leave the EU in a referendum known as "Brexit”. The truth is that the margin has been little, but enough. Those who think a decision should thus have a qualified majority, I tell them that the rules are what they are and the parties accept before starting the game.

The driver of Brexit has not been the British Prime Minister David Cameron, but it has been the Cameron himself who has argued that the possible departure of their EU country submitted to referendum, like it did with the possible Scottish independence.

Coherence, dignity

Cameron played the position and with the Scottish referendum, an example of advanced democracy in countries like Spain have much to learn. Finally he won the "brit" option and the Scots remained. Had it not been so, David Cameron had resigned. Today we know with certainty.

The reputation of the resignation

A few hours of knowing the result of Brexit, Cameron has called the press before the 10 Downing Street to announce his resignation, as he campaigned for staying in the EU.

Leadership, transparency, coherence

The resignation is not the end of a political career. It is the end of a charge, a mandate, but not in a political career. It has little to do with a cease. The resignation is a personal decision made freely with the guide values ​​which have imbued us from small. Cameron has committed hundreds of errors throughout his career (and perhaps is the most media Brexit), but he has been faithful to the three values ​​that should underpin the career of every professional of politics: leadership , transparency, coherence. To give a comparative, the resignation would amount to a problem of reputation, and an end to a problem of personal brand. The first is salvageable, the second is very difficult to correct, because it affects pillars values.

cochina envies

As a British citizen I can not feel anything but a healthy envy for the British and mature democracy. I can not get to imagine the Spanish prime minister doing something similar to what he has done Cameron. In Spain the vast majority of political professionals have associated the resignation at the end of a career. And perhaps not only the beginning. Cameron eligible for higher political office even when he has left behind, time will tell, but his dignity remains intact.

the 26J

A few days before the Spanish elections 26J, a repetition 20D 2015 in which political leaders were unable to agree on a political and consensus government, we have learned through daily Public which has been a planned plot from state agencies to discredit the leaders of the Catalan independence movement, a kind of Brexit but internal key.

Unworthiness, lie, handling

A listener in the office of Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz It has allowed to know in detail where a frame intended wear and smear the independence movement (known as process) at the expense of creating false information about advocates of this movement, using official bodies such as the Crown Prosecution, and with the knowledge of the president himself Mariano Rajoy.

But of course, Fernandez and Diaz and Mariano Rajoy are Cameron: not resign. To be like Cameron need to have political DNA, and be faithful to the three pillars of leadership values, transparency and consistency. Let me ask, Do you think our president even championed one of three?

Spain is different

Here governing immunity. Anything goes. And not only that, Fernandez Diaz defends attacking form (illegal wiretapping) on the bottom (The conspiracy). What confidence can give us an interior minister who can be spied in his own office? Is not this the man who should ensure our safety, giving the wretched example of failing to ensure his own?

Here anything goes, and campaigning. Only a week ago, Albert Rivera was dispatched to taste manifesting in Seville "the Catalans face we start to speak Castilian or Catalan in Catalonia”. And nothing happens. My wife, Catalan DNA, He has never spoken Catalan in Barcelona or elsewhere: and never in 50 years no one has said anything, no one has looked bad, no one has insulted and no one has left the face. Demagogy is part of the brand of political, I get it, but not to be confused with lying.

Here our leaders are not Cameron. We have a brave president; and opposition candidates are far from it. A shame. And you want to know the worst? The voting will follow them 26J.

If you have not already read, takes a look at this post Andrés Pérez Ortega from today on personal and political mark. Y, above all, Do not miss the final video.

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