The brand ambassadors of the house: the bridge of trust

Guillem: Let me ask you a question, Nancy: Who do you trust most, in an influencer who recommends a product or service, in a convinced user, or the expert who created it with you in mind (the brand ambassador of the house)?

Nancy: Good question, Guillem. For me the ideal is the combination of the "Brand lover" or "Brand advocate" with the utmost knowledgeable and expert of that product or service, what we know as the Brand Ambassador of the House or "employee advocate".

Guillem: To help our readers understand the difference in profiles, we're going to define better the Motivations, behaviours and communication skills from each group of brand spokespersons.

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The three types of brand ambassadors

The external brand ambassador 1: the influencer profile

It can represent a brand, Always in exchange for financial remuneration. Your scope of communication is important, because they are usually people with a strong level of influence and with very large communities. They're attractive to the brand. Maybe your weak point is your ignorance of the service or product. David Ogilvy said, "The consumer is not stupid, she's my wife.", and consumers are getting more and better informed to let themselves be convinced by someone solely by their fame.

The external brand ambassador 2: The brand lover Or brand advocate

Unlike the previous, your motivation is the positive experience with the brand, product or service. They are convinced that it is the best brand, they recommend it naturally to his friends, Family, Colleagues... They're gold for brands, sometimes they're not easy to identify because they use word-of-mouth more, And they don't always use social media to project their recommendations. Their communities are small (compared to those of the influencer), But credibility is very high, And Make more than influencers.

The brand ambassador of the house: the employee advocate

He's the in-house brand ambassador.. The Brand Ambassador of the House he's a professional deep connoisseur of the product or service. It's him technical expert, a profile that includes R&D, Marketing, Sales, Production... and who knows more than anyone the advantages of using the product or service. They are qualitative influencers and experts, Their communities are small, But its ability to multiply the scope and "engagement" of corporate communication is proportionally the highest. They're the nurses and doctors at the hospital., are the engineers and mechanics of a car model, is the designer and guide to a tourist route, is the architect and also the specialist real estate salesman. One by his technical knowledge, others for their knowledge of the motivations and needs of your customers.

Your first clients are inside home

So says Richard Branson: the first convinced is who has tested and improved the product before launching it to the market. And that's the highest transmitter of public trust, above advertising, public relations, promotions. Person-to-person communication is unbeatable. And today there is the perfect ecosystem for a person inside, A Brand Ambassador of the House, communicate with a prospective outside customer, convinces you, reassure you, assure you in your decision.

The ebook "Employee Advocacy: The power of the house's brand ambassadors" is here

Nancy: Guillem, what information does this Ebook we've worked together since Integra Personal Branding with you?

Guillem: After a Prologue and a Introduction, we can delve into the Context that favors the implementation of Employee Advocacy programs, with very clear statistics. Then they are analyzed one by one Advantages programs for both the organization's professionals and the organization's own brand. Continue with the Content program, in a workshop between 12 And 16 hours long. Analyzes key data on the ROI or Return investment. And it ends with the keys of the When, How, where and who you can implement the programs.

Employee Advocacy ebook by Guillem Recolons

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