Start from scratch after a pothole… Impossible task?

Start from scratch has it happened to you? can it happen to you?

I've come across some cases of people who, after a career bump, they are raised start from scratch. In personal brand management we often talk about change. When someone seeks a new approach they may be due to many factors.

Causes that lead us to start from scratch

  • Dismissal. In this case I would like to remember that when a person unintentionally ends his career in an organization, gets fired from the organization, not from the profession. Often occurs syndrome “I'm going to break it all” that leads to not always adequate decisions. The reasons for dismissal must be thoroughly analysed, that may not be related to skills and achievements.
  • Dissatisfaction with career development . Occurs when a person realizes they have run wrong. Example: a person studies economics, and when she's been working in a consultant for two years, she realizes that what she's doing doesn't like. It's not the company's fault., simply that your own vision and values are not aligned with the “job description”.
  • Working in environments “Contaminated” (internal dismissal). Being looking at the clock, losing the illusion of work, leave a few minutes before the hour. It is not a problem of the type of work to be done. The internal dismissal has to do with emotional stability, with coexistence with superiors or equals with those with no chemistry.
  • Uncertainty. In a recent post I tried professions at risk of automation. If you're an insurance or accountant you've seen that many of the tasks you've performed now can be managed by software, a CRM, an app. The risk of uncertain future is there.
  • Disease. Many people raise start from scratch after suffering an illness that could be related to work stress. Heart problems, Depression, some cancers… It's a common thing to look for a new life, even if it's at the cost of giving up income or other benefits. There's something very important at stake, more than any job or entrepreneurial project.
  • Failed entrepreneurial project. Perhaps the most common case. Among entrepreneurs, raise your hand to anyone who hasn't had one or more failed projects. In this, and from their own experience, I can only say that every failure is a lesson that indicates the ways by which you don't have to go back. You have to get up and insist.
  • New skills acquired. Coaching comes in mind. Many people I know have trained in coaching as a parallel activity to their work and have ended up starting a new project from scratch. Or even switching departments in the organization itself.

Start from scratch 1: Overcoming self-pity

In most cases where the reason for the change is unintentional, there is a period of self-pity. I'm not worth anything., this isn't my thing, there's no place for me. Curiously, it's a time when instead of looking for answers, we keep asking questions. As if we didn't believe in the diagnosis.

I declare myself a fan of the series Suits (the key to success). In a passage from the 7th episode of Season 4 I found a reflection on this sense that I leave here. It lasts less than a minute, but it contains an idea that helps you understand how to overcome self-pity:

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) you're in a time of professional transit. He's going to see one of his clients., someone who overcame a pothole, and asks what the key to success was. The entrepreneur created a new concept called “fantasy baseball”. To get there it was essential to stop asking questions to start finding answers. But that wasn't the only thing., not even the most important thing.

The employer admits a change in their values, a process of professional maturation that led him to put ahead of human relationships that the economic benefits. I understand, isn't it a benefit to be surrounded by people with those you share goals and values?

Start from scratch 2: Our personal brand bears scars, it can't be any other way

Starting from scratch is not an impossible task. The scars of our previous experiences are pure sap for becoming. It has to be assumed that it is never too late to start over. That's for sure., always analyzing what the engine of change is and what fuel will drive our new life.

If this doesn't motivate you enough, encourage yourself listening to the great Willie Nelson and his Orn the road again.


Guillem Recolons and Enrique Rueda
20 August 2017

I dedicate these lines to my great friend Enrique Rueda, someone who never had his pulse shaken to start from scratch, get excited about new projects, and always do it from humility, humanity, from respect for values and enthusiasm for friendship and life. It's a shame you're not in this world anymore., Doc. The world needs more people like you. eternal embrace.


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8 thoughts on "Start from scratch after a pothole… Impossible task?”

  1. Hello, Guillem

    I think, difficult or impossible, we all have to think that at some point it can happen to us, and not by maintaining a negative attitude towards things but simply to be prepared. I remember my early years in management training, the instructor always told me that “good managers aren't the ones planning for good times, because that can be done by everyone. The really good ones, plan so bad times don't take them by surprise”

    And I think that today there are a lot of professionals who are in good jobs and this creates a sense of stability that inevitably leads them to professional stagnation.

    A dismissal, a staff cut related to a major economic situation, an unexpected illness, are all conditions that can change the rules of the game from day to day.

    Are we prepared for change?

    • Hello Joel. I suppose you're never quite prepared for change. The truth is that, as you insinuate, everyone remembers Santa Barbara when it thunders. I've been almost 10 years as a personal brand consultant and I am amazed by tacticism and lack of strategic will to prevent situations of change. Thank you so much for writing!

  2. I really liked the entrance. Thank you for writing the challenge of starting zero. So I am now and I have been reflected in your post.
    Also thanks to Andrés Pérez Ortega I have thrown me writing a blog that I have named Desde Cero.
    A greeting.

  3. Hello Guillem, here we are with my husband, starting from scratch, what you never expected, unemployed work in one's life, today more common than before, but no one is prepared for it. We must reassess onesefies no more and today more than ever there are more opportunities than before to do so, but not everyone knows it, me a few months ago I discovered several of you online, And I follow them. I see the great opportunities that the Personal Brand can give us, and manage our own working lives and be able to do what we love most, and in addition to all that, share it with everyone, bring value and make a better world!!! Believe me, I'm delighted and I've fallen in love with what the Personal Brand is., and that's why I'm working on it today, to start again, but with another perspective on things, of life and our profession, finding our talents, passions and learning from all of you., then deliver the best of us to others and grow to so many others who need to know that today more than ever you can work off what we like most.
    I'm with several projects and in one of them I also start my blog, following all his advice I knew he was on the right track. A if those who still do not dare tell them: “get up again, Encourage!! Q Today more than ever you can show the world what you do best”.
    Thank you Guillem!!! Greetings from Chile!!!

    • Hello Frida! You don't know how glad I am that personal brand management has been a boost in your career.! Really your thing if it's to start from scratch, but with an enviable positive energy. I'm with you: in the face of a fall, you have to get up again and again.

      A greeting from “the other side”.

  4. Thank you very much Guillem, if I have a chance I want and I'd like to do the workshop, Put in Valor course. Writing today, it's to share that if you can get out of a pothole or well, that's the first step, the second step, when you regain with great humility the confidence that you failed to integrate in the face of adversity and the third step, cultivate constant improvement to expand your personal brand, fruit of many hours of work of many people but that without one it would not be possible. I hope I've been able to express everything I wanted to get.. Happy Day. Thank you for creating #Marca And helping to carry it out with #Ponte in Valor #. I discovered you on the Internet and I thank you for it.

    • Hello Emi, a pleasure “See” for my virtual home. If you're in a well you know you can get out, takes time, But it arrives. We'll be happy to help you put yourself in value, don't hesitate.

      Thank you for writing!


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