Starting over

Starting from scratch after a bump… ¿Impossible task?

Will start from scratch happened to you? You can spend?

I've encountered some cases of people who, After a blip in his career, they consider Starting over. Personal brand management we often talk about change. When someone searches for a new approach it may be due to many factors.

Causes that lead us to start from scratch

  • Dismissal. In this case I would like to recall that when a person involuntarily terminated his career in an organization, you are fired from the organization, not of the profession. Often occurs syndrome “I'll break all” leading to decisions not always appropriate. We must deeply analyze the reasons for dismissal, you may have no connection with the skills and achievements.
  • Dissatisfaction with career development . It occurs when a person realizes he was wrong career. Example: a person studying economics, and spent two years working as a consultant realizes that what he does not like. It's not the company's fault, simply that the vision and values ​​themselves are not aligned with the “job description”.
  • In environments “contaminated” (Interior dismissal). Be watching the clock, lose enthusiasm for work, leave a few minutes before the hour. It is not a problem of the type of work to be done. The Interior dismissal It has to do with emotional stability, with living with greater than or equal to no chemistry.
  • Uncertainty. In a recent post I discussed automation risk professions. If you are an insurance agent or accountant you will have seen that many of the tasks you desempeñabas now can manage software, CRM, an app. The risk of uncertain future is there.
  • Disease. Many people ask Starting over after suffering a disease that could be related to job stress. Heart problems, depression, some cancers… It is common to seek a new life, even at the expense of giving up income or other benefits. There is something very important at stake, more than any employment or entrepreneurial project.
  • failed entrepreneurial project. Maybe the most frequent case. Among entrepreneurs, raise your hand that you have not had one or more failed projects. In this, and experience, I can only say that every failure is a lesson that indicates the ways in which we must not return. Get up and insist.
  • New skills acquired. I comes to mind coaching. Many people I know have been trained in coaching as a parallel activity to work and ended up starting a new project from scratch. Or even changing department within the organization.

Starting over 1: Overcoming self-pity

In most cases the reason for the change is involuntary, a period of self-pity occurs. Not worth for anything, this is not my, there is no place for me. Curiously, This is a time instead of looking for answers, we keep asking questions. As if we did not believe in the diagnosis.

I declare myself a fan of the series Suits (the key to success). In a passage of the 7th episode of the 4th season I found a reflection in this sense that I leave here. Lasts less than a minute, but it contains an idea which helps to understand how to overcome self-pity:

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) It is a professional transit time. You will see one of your customers, someone who overcame a blip, and asks what was the key to success. The employer created a new concept called “fantasy baseball”. To get there was essential to stop questioning to start finding answers. But that was not all, and most importantly.

The employer supports their values ​​change, professional maturation process that led him to put forward human relationships that the economic benefits. I understand is it not a benefit to be surrounded by people with whom you share goals and values?

Starting over 2: Our personal brand carries scars, can not it be a different way

Starting from scratch is not an impossible task. The scars of our past experiences are pure sap for the future. We must assume that it is never too late to start again. True, always analyzing what is the engine of change and what will be the fuel that will drive our new life.

If that's not motivation enough, Cheer up listening to the great Willie Nelson and On the road again.


Guillem Recolons and Enrique Rueda

20 August 2017

I dedicate these lines to my friend Enrique Rueda, someone who never trembled pulse to start from scratch, delude new projects, and I do always from from humility, The humanity, with respect for the values ​​and enthusiasm for life and friendship. It's a shame you are no longer in this world, Doc. The world needs more people like you. eternal embrace.


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8 replies
  1. Joel Pinto
    Joel Pinto says:

    Hello, Guillem

    I believe that, it is difficult or impossible, we all think that at some point we may occur, and not to maintain a negative attitude towards things but simply to be prepared. I remember from my early years in management training, the instructor always told me that “good managers are those who plan for good times, because that can do everyone. Really good, plan for bad times do not take them by surprise”

    And I think that today there are many professionals who are in good jobs and this will create a sense of stability that inevitably leads them to professional stagnation.

    dismissal, a downsizing related to an important economic climate, sudden illness, are all conditions that we can change the rules of overnight.

    Are we ready for change?

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hi Joel. I guess you're never quite ready for change. The truth is that, as insinuating, everyone remembers Santa Barbara when it thunders. I took almost 10 years as a consultant and personal branding amazes me the tacticism and lack of strategic will to prevent situations of change. Thank you for writing!

  2. Javier Thomas
    Javier Thomas says:

    I really liked the entrance. Thank you for writing down the challenge to start dese zero. So I am now and I have been reflected in your post.
    Also thanks to Andrés Pérez Ortega I have thrown me writing a blog that I have named Desde Cero.
    a greeting.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Well done Javier! The blog is an excellent way to project your value proposition and be found. Andrew and I, among others- are great evangelizers from publishing blog. Thanks for write!

  3. Frida
    Frida says:

    Hi Guillem, We are here with my husband, starting from scratch, what you never expected, the work stoppage in the life of one, more common today than before, but no one is prepared for it. There are no more again rearm and today more than ever there are more opportunities than before to do, but not everyone knows, I few months ago I discovered online that several of you, and I still. I see the great opportunities that can give us Personal Brand, and manage our own working life and to do what we love, and besides all that I share with all, add value and make a better world!!! Believe me I am delighted and has fallen in love with what the Personal Brand, and that is why today I'm working on it, to leave again, but with a different perspective on things, of life and our profession, finding our talents, passions and learning from all of you., then deliver the best of us to others and grow as many others who need to know that today more than ever you can work on what we like.
    I am with several projects and one of them also started my blog, following all advice I knew I was on the right track. A if those who still do not dare tell them: “Get up again, mind!! Q can now more than ever to show the world what you do best”.
    thanks Guillem!!! Greetings from Chile!!!

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hello Frida! You do not know how glad I am that personal brand management has been a boost in your career! Really yours if you start from scratch, but with a positive energy enviable. I'm with you: before a fall, get up again and again.

      Greetings from “the other side”.

  4. Emi Collados
    Emi Collados says:

    Thank you very much Guillem, If I have time I want and I would run the workshop, Ponte course in Value. write today, is to share that if you can leave a bump or pit, That is the first step, the second step, when you regain confidence with humility that did not get to integrate face of adversity and the third step, cultivating continuous improvement to expand your personal brand, the result of many hours of work by many people but that would not be possible without one. I hope I have been able to express everything I wanted to arrive. Happy day. Thank you for creating #Marca Personal # and help carry it out #Ponte Valor #. I discovered on the Internet and give thanks for it.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hi Emi, a place “green” my virtual house. If you are in a hole you know you can go, It takes time, but arrives. We are happy to help you get in value, do not hesitate.

      Thanks for write!


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