Why the combination of Employee Advocacy and Social Selling is unbeatable for the company

In this blog I have often discussed the employee advocacy, the momentum of in-house brand ambassadors. A few days ago came to my hands a magnificent article of Scribble, a software platform, that fuses two disciplines such as Employee Advocacy and Social Selling, and more than just refer it, I've decided to translate it so I don't lose nuance. The original title is Why Using Employee Advocacy & Social Selling Will Help You Attract Buyers. I hope it's useful to you..

Employee Advocacy and Social Selling to attract customers

Today's customers have higher expectations than ever before. Gone are the days when buyers responded to calls to cold calls and emails mass. Gone are the days when it was easy to click the Banners Advertising. Gone are the days when just having a presence on social networks it was was enough. Only the smartest and most personalized messages will reach and influence today's customers.

Needless to say, potential customers don't accept a single generalist message. They want a message tailored specifically for them, and they want to hear it from someone where they can Trust. But, how can you create custom messages at scale? How can you build trust with both potential and current customers? How to get them involved with their content? That is where employee advocacy can be a big change.

Employee Advocacy and Social Selling how are they different?

More and more companies are training their employees to act as internal brand ambassadors on social media: to share marketing messages, increase engagement and boost sales. This form of marketing has christened the Employee Advocacy Marketing.

The employee advocacy allows people to approach their own social networks and expand the reach of the company's communication. It's a cost-effective approach to increasing brand awareness, boost potential customers, improve website traffic and develop revenue opportunities.

On the other hand, The Social Selling or social sale refers to the use of social media and blogs (social media) by sellers to interact with potential customers. They can interact with them throughout the purchase process, allowing relationships to be fostered and questions answered. This helps speed up the purchase cycle by encouraging customers to make it the supplier of their choice.

The employee advocacy is broader and includes all employees who participate (Marketing, customer service, human resources, You, Etc.), while the Social Selling is to allow commercial equipment to sell through social sale. In both cases, The employees are considered the company's most important asset and you can measure the impact of your activity on income.

Thanks to information and technology, their buyers are much more informed than they were and have become more autonomous. They expect more from companies than ever before. To live up to this challenge, companies must adopt social sales through the employee advocacy to identify, Understand, attract and build relationships with buyers.

Benefits of Employee Advocacy and Social Selling

With the Employee Advocacy and Social Selling, representatives can:

1. Attract new buyers:

Building a list of quality customers can be complex. But when done correctly, The social selling can help you attract potential new buyers. By constantly share content and add value, sales reps position themselves as industry information resources, and build trust by showing potential customers that they understand their business.

2. Better understand customers:

To learn in depth about their customers and sectors, sellers are better equipped to position their products and services in each customer and, turn, increase your chances of success. Social media is a gold mine of information, and a strong platform for Employee Advocacy and Social Selling that will make it easy for commercials to listen to their buyers online.

3. Follow customers throughout their purchase cycle:

It's not just about selling. It's about guiding shoppers from the beginning of their journey until they become customers and beyond. It's about allowing sellers to maintain relationships and add value, regardless of where buyers are in the purchase process.

4. Reaching buyers on their own channels:

Your customers rely on multiple types of communication channels, like email, social media and mobile messaging apps. A robust Employee Advocacy and Social Selling platform enables your teams to have conversations with buyers on key channels and on all devices.

5. Measuring sales developments in the social sphere

A platform Employee Advocacy and Social Selling allows you to easily determine the effectiveness of your team's social efforts. In this way, can improve your sales process, saving your commercials time and increasing the effectiveness of your conversations with buyers.

The goal should be to build relationships using social media to sell more. Usually, sellers and social sellers supply and discuss the content, which creates opportunities and prospects, generates revenue and increases the value of customer life.

Does it really work?

Then, The Employee Advocacy and Social Selling really help you earn more than traditional methods? The answer is clear: Yes. Sellers who use social media outper get over their peers. The 78% social sellers sell more than their peers who don't use social media.

Why is that? Shoppers use social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter to find solutions. Bambu has discovered that the 84% executives use social media to support purchasing decisions. Social sellers can become front-line experts and gain influence over purchasing decisions by publishing relevant content and engagement with social media shoppers.

Then, Are employee Advocacy and Social Selling for you?

If you are considering this approach to help you create a genuine commitment to society and drive sales, take a look at this chart and determine where it lands:

Employee advocacy

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