No corporate vision no employer branding worth

Just over a year and a half ago I gave a training for one of the world's great consultancy. For me, corporate vision, The purpose, is essential in terms of personal branding and employer branding.

The thing is, that company's vision, In 2016 booted with a “be the leaders in…”. Everything is said. Leadership can never be a vision, in any case it would be accepted that it was a business objective.

Another of the great ones starred in another similar episode. A niece of mine worked there, and when I'd been working at the rate of 15 hours a day, they proposed a small promotion. It was about a little more money, a pinch more responsibility and much more time. She wondered why? and the only answer he could get was “to make the CEO richer every day”. He left., Of course.

I am currently providing training for another major, Hey (formerly Ernst & Young). Its corporate vision is this: Want build a better world of work, fairer, equitable and sustainable. I know these words Building a better working world may sound like mere statement of intent. But the level of commitment goes beyond that; is incorporated into the brand, inseparably. And not only that: there is a site specific and monographic about the purpose EY in the world. Start with a magic question: Where would you start if you wanted to change the world?

EY logoAnd as the movement proves to be walking, from HR. EY HH are promoting personal brand management (personal branding) of its people without any prejudice and anomaly at full screen and with the tag #I BuildEY. I am immensely fortunate to be part of an exceptional group with Laura Chica, Eva Collado, Francisco Warden And Alex Lopez, we are all working in different formats to reinforce the brand of the professionals of this consulting firm.

The big difference is that there's a north, a destination point, A WHY (as defined by leadership expert Simon Sinek in his Golden Circle). And that makes things easier. EY members know they don't work just to make money or create a career plan: behind there's something higher: sustainable energy, support for refugees, transform communities, change supply chains, advancing digital change, improving urban mobility…

All of this, alongside the fact that the company makes public its commitment to personal branding, undoubtedly set up one of the best operations employer branding I've seen in years. If we add to that that many of its managers are Social (active and proactive on social media), we would say that there are powerful reasons to choose EY as an inspiring destination.

One of the jobs I like best, because of its difficulty, is to help professionals draw their purpose, his vision, Your WHY. Often they remain thoughtful, And I tell them, would you feel comfortable making your own the vision of the company you work in?

The personal branding in the company doesn't start with the employer branding, begins with a Vision that is more than just a set of meaningless words. If the vision is achievable and inspiring, the company will have great internal brand ambassadors who will attract the best external talent. People trust people, let's remember that.


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11 thoughts on "No corporate vision no employer branding worth”

    • Thank you Xavier! Coming from you I take it seriously. Occasionally, in our profession, we have a stroke of luck, and I've had it with this company, their people and an amazing team. Thank you for writing!

  1. Hello Guillem, when you indicate that what you like the most.. because of its difficulty…it's his why. You mean why his personal brand?

    Another question. and those who take the vision of their company as their own.. what reading do you do?

    Curiosities that have come to me read ey's example.. I'm already interested to know more about them.

    A hug,
    Laura Corral

    • Hello Laura! When I talk about helping them with their WHY I don't mean why they should gestinate their brand as to what their vision is, its professional purpose, the reason they get up every morning.

      Those who take the corporate vision as their own are professionals 100% Aligned, what we call a symbiosis. It's a case that's often, and that's not negative at all. In fact, before we go to work for an organization we should wonder if our vision and yours go online, or at least, don't collide.

      Thank you so much for writing!

  2. Excellent idea. When the organization's vision is humanized and no longer abstract, gets it to transcend its people. Words make sense, partnering them with a better world; causing the business to generate an engine that ignites passions and, in a common campfire that illuminates our workday.

  3. Your (Very) Good question, Guillem, gives to reflect and reflect: “would you feel comfortable making your own the vision of the company you work in?”. And in another order, the arrival of the Purpose at the brands, won't it be a more (and now very fashionable) that can powerfully influence the employer brand - which even in some cases goes in the opposite direction to the company's business model -, rather than a true foundation from which to focus business and build a true company culture?

    • Thank you Peter Paul! I don't think there's a danger like the one you're reviewing.. I see it more as an opportunity. Deep down, no one lasts long in an organization whose values are contrary to one's own. A greeting!


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