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8 Steps to find a good job

If you consider yourself an impatient person I recommend that before reading this post you hire a few sessions with a psychologist to solve the problem. I tell you that patience is the key number 8 to find a good job, it's the first.

I trust that you have not missed Part 1 of this series "If you do not you manage, The manage your enemy”, to 2ª "They do not valued professionally as you belong”, the 3ª "Be a leader in my market”, in 4ª "Progress in the organization"And the 5th"Start over”.

Many of the clients I have tried in recent years in consulting personal branding They are seeking work, well as victims of the crisis, I will be, or by first entering into employment. I'll be honest, This is not easy, and less if you are not willing to give up earlier perquisites as wages, schedules, contractual stability and working conditions. It is also complicated when the candidate has passed the barrier 45/50 as, unaccountably, our world does not value the experience. And it is complicated at all if your beliefs are too limiting and does not allow you, for example, contemplate the possibility that what do you work.

The staff branders, Nonetheless, We can do a lot for those who want to find a good job, And fortunately, despite the difficulty, if the candidate opens his mind the story ends with a happy ending.

Personal branding will not find work but the work finds you

If I had to sum it up in one sentence, I would say the personal branding will not find work but the work finds you. It sounds strange? it's possible, but it's real. Branding works a lot on professional recognition, so it's not unusual that after a period working effectively personal branding your name to a set of values ​​and value proposition is associated (not to confuse) that match what a headhunter or an investor looking ande.

The problem is that many arise Where do I begin? So, in my experience, I detail some of the steps I would take to reach a successful conclusion. If you do not agree with others that you've been able to read of other professionals, do not be afraid, That's why we go.

Paso 1. Be patient. Many people fall by the way lack of patience. I can not remember who said that success is based on stress, insist, insist.

Find a good job calls for a commitment from 8am daily. If you are in a hurry, I recommend you directly hire a staff brander, or in this case to a career counselor. You acortarás the process without losing effectiveness. If you have time, or if you've run out of money, keep reading.

Paso 2. It defines five companies in which you want to work or business model to develop on your own.

a la carte It looks like the Magi. If you wish to work for others, defines the five companies that you like and where you think you can bring value according to your previous experience, Studies and desire. In case you want to work for you, search 5 success stories you see your way possible to structure.

This step is essential, since it will depend on the next steps. If instead of finding a good job just you want to find work, skip this step.

Paso 3. Autoconócete. Finds out what is your current private and public brand.

You may think meet the 100%, but I remind you that your personal brand is what others see in you, not what you think you. Are we?

In the field of private label you can collect opinions of your close circles (friends, family, former colleagues working, excompañeros studies, customers, suppliers ...) with a couple of simple questions: What do you think I feature? and what do you think could improve?, but also take advantage to ask how you see me working in company X?

In the area of ​​your public brand, Check that you know Google, know what professional networks such as Linkedin. Definitely, Control your current online reputation, so anyone would be placing your name on the network.

Here you can already make a first self brand, and included a DAFO personal.

Paso 4. Defined objectives and messages

Clearly the goal is to find a good job, but it is to seek a broader objective, a purpose: vision work: What legacy would leave yours? Once worked vision, compose your mission. If the sight of a doctor is to actively contribute to improving our health, Its mission will help us in every preventive aspects, curative and palliative. Compose your values, the principles that will guide you in your performance. Work your business model, the simplest is to Alexander Osterwalder, a sheet called Business Model Canvas. And later on, with the business model, view, mission and values, compose your professional message and its variations (elevator pitch, perfil a Twitter, phone presentation, CV, …).

Paso 5. Scrutinizes 5 companies that you have defined.

analyzing, Discover why are appealing for you. Discusses his vision, mission, objectives, strategies. Analyzes communication. Discover gap, the gap have reserved for you in which you will provide knowledge that will grow and improve them if fit- its appeal to its public.

Paso 6. Believe it or share valuable content for 5 companies you have chosen and make yourself known.

If we are building a house, this is the roof. Many start around here without having cemented its mark, and hence their efforts to find closed doors. How to create or share valuable content? At this point, I assure you that literature abounds.

On one side is the content and secondly the medium in which share. Content for the ideas is to have an international list of references (all have) and closely follow. They also work well Google Alerts, but now no longer they work for real affinity but because the source content pays (press agencies ...). I like a lot Twitter, where you place keywords and appears a world of content.

As for the media, if you dare with a blog, do not hesitate, It is the best option if you are a consistent person. If you prefer less committed options you can share links on social networks (Linkedin, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook) or you can share your presentations on networks such as Slideshare or Issuu.

Paso 7. Start working on networking with key people in the 5 Business.

Now that you have already set a reasonably good public brand, is the time to contact form nonaggressive with people who make up the core of your target audience. Use the environment in which you feel more comfortable: contact through known, using networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, sending a letter (and nobody does, except to send CV's), I attending business events ... I leave it to your discretion, but take care 8 Daily hours.

I can not promise anything, but if you spend patience, effort and passion, You will see results. Do not expect a miracle and you hire the company of your dreams in three months. This is not going well. But the idea is to get within one year.

About me Guillem Recolons

Convinced that everything leaves a mark, I help companies to better connect with their stakeholders through personal branding programs (personal brand management) and employee advocacy (internal brand ambassadors programs).

Partner at Integra Personal Branding and Soymimarca, I also collaborate with Ponte en Valor, Brandergizers, MoreThanLaw, Noema Consulting, AdQualis Human Results and Quifer Consultores.

As lecturer, participated in the Graduate Social Media of UPF and UVic, in various programs at IESE and ISDI, among other. Advertising man, Master en Marketing. Grade student of Humanities.

My DNA comes from advertising 20 years in agencies: BBDO, J.W.T., Bassat Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, Altraforma and TVLowCost among others.

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