Personal Brand, success and envy management

Fortunately, I don't find myself among the tribe that doesn't digest other people's success. Unlike, when I see progress from a competitor, my first reaction is to congratulate you. The second is to understand that I must constantly improve so as not to be off-hook. No envy. And the third is to have him/her at future events related to my profession (in this case, personal branding).


However, I think in humanity this behavior is not the usual. The usual is the appearance of envy in the form of contempt for other people's work or ignorance (if I don't see it, doesn't exist).


How can the professional who takes a step forward, who succeeds, manage the envy of others?

From the point of view of personal branding, understood as personal brand management, I write down some ideas that can help harmonize, soften and, especially, normalize the situation for the graceful person and for a better understanding of their surroundings:
  1. Act guided by our personal values, don't want to like everyone. Let's remember that Gandhi had as many friends as he had detractors, and also Donald Trump. An over-acting to try to satisfy everyone can be counterproductive and generate false future expectations.
  2. If a successful success has involved a team of people, we should thank you personally and publicly. From a company, For example, on internal communication channels and also on external media such as social and professional networks. Treating personal success as a result of a collective effort can help convey the idea that this is a collective success.
  3. If this is an improvement in the professional category, manage it as a co-branding to three brands, one's own, the people who make up the nearest team and the organization's brand. Carrying it with a certain dose of humility. For example, on a professional network like Linkedin, by drafting the professional category change, turn off notifications. This way we will avoid appearing on the timeline of all contacts with the change. At the professional headline, leverage to draft a value proposition, not a charge, including the team and the brand. For example, imagine someone promoted to head of diversification. In that case we could write something like “Generating growth opportunities in new markets with the unbeatable team of the (Company or Brand) Xxxx”.
  4. Have beware of what is published on the most personal networks, like Facebook or Instagram. They are the ones that can arouse the greatest rumors and envy. Adopt minimalism could be a good technique, and in this sense, less is more; don't exaggerate the communication of success or expect someone else to do it would be appropriate.
  5. On hybrid networks like Twitter, project a kind of cross-cutting leadership, based on community support, it's right. For example, don't appear in a solo photograph, better with people.
  6. If we have our own blog, we have a chance to build a Story about the company, your brands, Achievements, Equipment, Vision, act like a true brand ambassador, a publicly trusted transmitter with greater power than advertising or PRRs. The same thing, on social media that take precedence in the brevity, it's hard to manage. In case of absence of own blog, there is Pulse, Linkedin's blog. In such a case it would be interesting to validate the content with a colleague, superior or friend before posting so as not to hurt susceptibility.
  7. Finally, don't do any of the above if it violates the Values Personal, although I'd rather understand that if it's a deserved success, the above recommendations will not look like something counter-natural.

Popular saying says envy follows merit as shadow to body. Happy week!

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8 thoughts on "Personal Brand, success and envy management”

  1. What a good article Guillem, wise advice!! They are simple to implement, but sometimes out of carelessness or lack of time we forget.

    Thank you so much for helping us be better!!


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