Do you have a millennial spirit?

Neither all millennials behave as such or all previous generations (Generation X, Baby Boomers...) behave so differently than a millennial.

Last Thursday the Broadcast and Audiences and Arena Media team (Havas Group) presented the VII wave of the Social Media Observatory dedicated to Millennials, and I find it interesting to break the belief that millennial attitudes are unique to his generation.

Who are millennials?

I guess you know that., but these are the people born between 1980 And 1996. In that fifteen-year-old strip today we would find those who have between 19 And 35 about years. To compare with their generations, this picture is enlightening:

Generation Born between Age in 2015
Silent generation 1928-1943 72-87
Baby Boomers 1944-1964 51-71
Gen X 1965-1979 36-50
Gen Y Millennials 1980-1996 19-35
Gen Z <1996 <19

What are millennials like?

  • Optimistic
  • ambitious
  • Idealists
  • Tolerant
  • Social
  • Connected
    • They can't live without being connected
    • They only disconnect one hour a day
    • They check their cell phone compulsively
  • Multitasking
  • Give brands more feedback
  • Share experiences
  • More global
    • Many have trained outside their country
    • Travelling is your favorite activity
  • Consume fewer traditional means, more internet and mobile
  • They are children of the crisis, have learned to survive
  • They attach a lot of importance to work, a scarce good
  • Inserts in the digital world
  • Seek constant stimulation
  • They're looking for quality content

How millennials connect?

Laptop Smartphone Tablet Desktop PC





Greater 30





What social networks do you use?

Millennials outpersell their previous generations on ALL social media and digital platforms:

Millennial average social consumption
Source: Media Arena

For the rest of the information here I hang the full presentation of Arena Media, although perhaps what would stand out is the absolute preference for video as a king of communication format. Video or death.


The Millennial Spirit

I'm on the border between baby boomers and generation X, but many of my content consumption guidelines are identical to millennials'. I know it's not the same with everyone in my generation., but the truth is that there are none of the networks before seen where I don't act with some frequency (admitting I'm a lousy Snapchat user).

Where I find an abysmal difference is in the references, that's where my millennial spirit distances the most.

Millennial influencers, Arena Media Observatory
Millennial Influencers

I confess., I agree with very few millennial references, and some even don't know who they are. This painting is far from The Rollings, by The Beatles, by Pink Floyd, by Natasha Kinsky, by Kim Bassinger or the series “Dallas”. But I use the media in a similar way, so I consider myself an imperfect fusion of baby boomer, generation X and millennial.

Millennial photo by

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