Executive Branding. It all starts up

Why Executive Branding?

Promote the development of personal brand management is a benefit for the organization and for the managers themselves: It is the soul of Executive Branding. The organization achieves more effective spokespeople and empathic, values ​​alignment, greater communication range and clear improvement in confidence towards stakeholders, both internal (equipment, steering committee…).

With the program Executive Branding, managers benefit from an improvement in their self-knowledge, depth work on its value proposition, a profile management own brand, better understanding of internal and internal communication tools and, of course, greater visibility and medium term, greater recognition.

And the best, activated cross leadership as the changemakers or change managers, acting as an example to their teams.

VUCA, an environment that is problem and opportunity

The program Executive Branding treats personal brand management in the current (and it seems that future) volatile environment, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (V.U.C.A.).

One of the powers of the director of the XXI century is the detection of informal and cross-leaders in the organization. These are professionals who do not hold a particular responsibility, but exercised de facto and informally. Are the the changemakers or future managers. The Executive Branding It has a close relationship with the management of cultural change in the organization.

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  • profiles

    Executives from all areas of the organization and responsible for managing cultural change

  • Duration

    6 hour sessions either in-company, remotely or instead agreed

  • Benefits

    Improved self-confidence, the value proposition, in the message. Creating plan internal / external communication, digital working tools and personal learning environment