#Fail the worst of The Personal Branding in 2018

The worst of the worst

If a few days ago I tried in this blog of the best of 2018 in personal branding, it is also convenient to know the worst to understand the obstacles to overcome among those who work in personal brand management.


Journalists who seek the easy headline and do not investigate the Pros of Personal Branding (that doesn't sell) but the Cons. That has happened on many occasions in 2018. Perhaps the most epic was the one titled “The personal brand scam: A long-term suicide“, published in a regular of the yellow press and signed by someone who wanted to obtain contrary testimonies exclusively. Then it became known that the answers of the interviewees were manipulated.. The article deserved the revulsion of a good part of personal branders, in a collaborative post published on Soymimarca title “The suicide of personal branding“.

If we have two ears and only one mouth maybe it is because before speaking we should listen.


Experts in Seo are positioned as experts in anything and appear in the top positions of personal branding search, personal brand...

Andrés Pérez Ortega dealt in one of his posts this matter. Why in a Google search about personal brand specialists do not come out the specialists in personal brand? Instead, those who have “Positioned” the keyword “personal brand” even if they don't have the slightest idea. The Worst, is that they also boast about it, as if the clients of a consultancy or training in personal branding were stupid.


Professionals who treat personal brand management as a whole when they only master one of the parts. That is a custom that is being imposed.. A Photographer not a personal branding expert, although he will surely grasp like no one else the essence of a person.

A coach can master important aspects of self-knowledge, an indispensable diagnostic phase in personal branding, that needs to master aspects of strategy and communication to achieve “the WHOLE” of the personal brander. The same goes for a image consultant, that can bring out the best in a person in the outward appearance, but you will hardly develop a business model around a solid value proposition.


You can't pretend to be a personal brand specialist without projecting a good personal brand. Every day I receive several follow-ups and contact requests from “personal brand experts” whose name I had never heard of. I agree, we all deserve a first chance, but don't you think the word “expert” is somewhat premature?

The Worst It's just, entering their profiles, you don't see that they have a site (Web + Blog), you do not see that they manage their social networks in a professional way and for more inri, you don't see value contribution. Some time ago I dealt with this same topic in the post A personal brand teacher with no personal brand?, and I see that things have not improved much.


A few days ago he interviewed me Mario Lopez-Guerrero for your magazine TWENTY. He asked me what was the worst., what I saw with greater pessimism in the personal brand environment. And do not hesitate, it is the short-termism. I wrote to him:

“Politicians thinking about next year's election rather than a better future for people. Statements set on fire, absolute lack of empathy. Journalism focused on tweeting and not on the analysis of the why of events. Companies that prioritize financial results over their long-term vision and their treatment of their people (and then they pay for it, and very expensive). Overall I think The short-termism is the cancer of society and personal development

Personal brand management is not spared from this disease, and that causes a new generation of super to emerge influencers twenty-somethings selling immediate success (that for them is not to consolidate a business model in the future but that we gain thousands of followers).


I dealt with this issue a few months ago in the post Personal brand, success and envy management. If we do not rejoice in the successes of our colleagues, we can hardly expect your support when we launch a new project.

None of us are better or know everything about their professional discipline. We are obliged to collaborate, and for me that has been one of the best experiences I have lived. Instead of competing, we see ways to improve, instead of being envious, we see ways to surpass ourselves.


I agree, not everyone can create, but you can innovate, cure… At last it is necessary to resort to blatantly plagiarize what other. I usually say that if you imitate the brand of another you project the brand of the other. You either distinguish yourself or you go extinct. Or as Andrew himself says, “if you're one more, you'll be one less”.

There are many tools today to know if a text is a copy. In this link of wwwhatsnew you can find 4 websites to detect plagiarism.


A few days ago in this blog about an interesting specimen, the iDiot. The iDiot creates communities on the Internet by massively following thousands of people and then unfollowing them when they have obtained the follow back.


Under the principle of a misunderstood influence, many companies try to attract experts in different areas in exchange for visibility. A visibility that is usually promised. An example: a portal manager asks you for a specialized article of 1.000 words in exchange for visibility.

And I don't know about you., but I to write a post of 1.000 words other than plagiarism, I need many hours, maybe even a whole day if I want the writing to add a lot of value. That should be remunerated., and NOT with false visibility, with money. Time is gold, and that of the one who writes in a blog, Also.

Violation of privacy

It is one thing for me to freely decide to tell you my life through stories from Instagram. And another, very different, is that I allow someone to trade with my data without my consent. The Facebook of 2018 has hit rock bottom. Yes in 2017 were the Fake News, the platform this year will be held accountable for illegally trading our data in bulk.

I recommend reading El País Facebook shared sensitive data of its users with more than 150 large companies.

We are helpless in the face of that violation, and perhaps our best weapon is the abandonment of platforms that destroy our privacy. You have to take the step.

The shape above the background

At last, I It is astonishing that many professionals are selling things as transgression like any value proposition.. Exit in all images with gestures Irreverent not a solution to lack of content. Notoriety, on its own, does not sell. Needs courage, of relevance.

That thing about “if you don't know what to say, say it singing” is part of the past. Now, if you don't know what to say, embrace silence and spread valuable content from others. Go, what we know as curating content.

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