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Everything you wanted to know about Personal Branding and not afraid to ask

Isn't it?. We are not born taught. I would have liked to find something like this when I started the Personal Branding, Personal Brand…

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1. Does this takes a long time? (that I do not have)

Time is the great fear of humans. Few people are willing to accept to be removed to put. Remove what does not bring us to adopt what can help is a rare exercise, and healthy again.

Conscious and integral management of personal brand carries a certain first year of dedication. It's time to meet, know where we are , understand where we can get (personal strategy) and put things into question to make it known to the world (visibility).

Like any new discipline, until they became familiar with the mechanics spend time. If one is engaged in fund you can lay the groundwork in three months. If the commitment is lower, We would talk a year. And then? That's the best part, maintenance is a matter of a few hours a week, perhaps three.

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2. Is this for when I lost my job?

I guess the saying "everyone remembers Santa Barbara when it thunders" is familiar. Personal branding is a strategic competition, no tactics. If you have worked well your brand, you may never shine for you, and if it does, You have exit routes.

Answers a simple question: It's easier, look for work while you work or when you have no work? No more questions, Lordship.

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3. Of course, then is it to advertise my products and services?

Not quite. it is not about you. It is about creating value to your customer or stakeholder. If you have what they need to solve a problem or detect an opportunity, we are making progress.

Of course there will come a time when, after capturing the attention of your customers, you must explain how you contribute VALUE, and that can itself be a catalog of services or products.

It is about sharing insights and contents that have the ability to change the perception of your customers about something, provided through a powerful value proposition, relevant and differentiated (there is nothing).

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4. A personal brand do you have, it is created, is constructed?

Anglos often use the term build your personal brand (Build your personal brand). My personal opinion is that we are not brands (Sorry to contradict, Tom Peters), or create, We build or manufacture our personal brand. Personal brand, is as values, They not come standard but enrraizan from early childhood.

Leave a mark. leave mark. Everything leaves a brand, what we do and what we do, what we say and what we are silent. The key, and one of the important parts of personal branding, It is to know what that mark we leave on others. It is a principle of self-knowledge that will allow us then to know if that footprint we leave is aligned with our goals or not.

Summarizing this issue, brand and we are able to manage, maximize, boost personal brand, always after a process that includes a phase of self-knowledge and a strategy (where I am + where I want to go).

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5. Why should I manage my personal brand?

There are numerous reasons. Not long ago I published on this blog a post titled "23 reasons to get in value”. But being more synthetic, underlined the six main reasons for managing your brand:

  1. Control. If you do not control your, You are going to let others who do. Taking the reins is always advisable, and more in digital environments, where it is relatively easy handling.
  2. Value. Brand's Value, Brand value is. Our value proposition acts as a magnet that can attract stakeholders (interest groups) who have unresolved problems or opportunities for detecting, and that they are within our reach.
  3. Values. The value proposition alone may not be enough. Differentiate with relevance should be complemented with the help of our Superpowers, Our values, that make us closer to the project shall be settled in.
  4. Spokesmen. We are all ambassadors for one or more brands. If you work for someone else, the brand or brands represent an organization. If you are self-employed, You represent you or taught you created. It is a responsibility that requires learning and certain protocols.
  5. Find job, improve our position in an existing job or undertake. For any of these three facets, personal brand management is an essential ally.
  6. Ser option elected, preferential. It is a consequence of a process well managed brand, definitely, one of the objectives of personal branding.
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6. being employed, Does it make sense for me personal brand?

I guess you already know that employment for life has expired. Even in Japan. But beyond the "attachment" to a job, yes, personal branding for professionals as an employee of an organization it is useful for many other reasons:

  1. It is perceived as a unique and valuable specialist.
  2. break the crystal cealing, a term originally referred to the difficulty of women to access top management positions, but now it could be extended to people of any stagnant sex or stopped by an insurmountable wall superior.
  3. Career planning, a responsibility that was once companies and is now the sole responsibility of each professional.
  4. Align the EVP (employee value proposition or employee value proposition) with the proposed corporate value.
  5. Act as a brand ambassador, moving market value (customers), attracting new talent (employer branding) and improving the effectiveness of communication (employee engagement).
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7. Being manager why should I manage my personal brand?

You might think that you've reached your professional destiny. And Now the work is more complex: stay there. Leo The country that Otto Walter (consultant) He conducted a study on "Toxic bosses", with thousands of employees of all sectors and professional categories about which were the most irritating behaviors that had suffered from his superiors. Concludes "the 49% of respondents he denounced the "disrespect" as the main scourge from the controls. "Prepotency", chosen by a 37%, "Management incompetence" (29%), "Lack of support for the team" (28%) or "absence of humane treatment" (25%) complete "this picture of the horrors. A challenge.

your responsibility for team leadership cries a management plan and not just your own brand, but from professionals in your charge. double work.

The management process of a personal brand management as we know it Executive Branding, and the basic difference with a process Personal Branding It is this dual responsibility and a chameleonic symbiosis with the values ​​of the organization, vision and mission.

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8. How soon will I see results in a process of personal branding?

Million Dollar Question.

I think you already suspect what the answer: the results will come sooner or later based on the investment. I have had clients who have taken personal branding as a new competition soft on its agenda and others who have thought that six consulting sessions would bring them results in a few weeks.

What is investing? Does it refer to money? Investing means taking time to acquire new competition, It is like acquiring a habit. But who tells you they are 21 deceives days, it is not true (unless they are 21 days without sleep and with total dedication). It also refers to money, what fool anyone. If you hire a good consultant or mentor personal branding help you, acortarás you will accelerate the process and the outcome. If you also accounts a budget for graphic design, Web programming, management and content curation, network management, tracking KPI's, because you're going to accelerate, definitely.

From experience in this (I took from 2007), time to see results range from 6 months for highly motivated and 2-3 years old for those who lead a more relaxed pace. When we compared to what it took to build Rome, We speak reasonable deadlines.

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9. ¿El personal branding es marketing personal?

Es marketing personal, but it is also much more than that. Branding is a very broad umbrella brand, among which is the marketing tools. All of identity would in a field between psychology (ideally) or coaching, away from marketing.

In my talks I usually raise the following simile: Personal Marketing is what I say about me. Personal Branding is what others say about me. Even if you think there is little difference, there is a gap between one and the other. Our goal, the main objective of personal branding is the recognition of others and their subsequent choice of our people. In a nutshell, who are the others who we "sell".

marca personal no es personal branding

10. Is any personal brand is the same as personal branding?

If I translate the question into English, would "Is personal brand the same as personal branding?”. obvious. Isn't it?. The gerund branding indicates action. The personal branding It is the process of managing our own brand, whose main steps are self-knowledge, and visibility strategy. Personal brand (marca personal) the outcome of that process, in the form of emotional footprint we leave on others.

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11. How I can know what my personal brand?

You should not worry too much what others think of us. But it would be nice to know what we know we know. This is achieved by asking, asking feedback.

Ask feedback It is an art. To enter fully into the issue, I recommend the book Smart Feedback of Jane and Rosa Rodriguez Trunk sisters with Naomi Vico (Lid 2017). But as formats that can be at your fingertips, I detail some:

  • DISC, a great self-image test that measures concerning the Decision, Interaction, Serenity and Compliance. You owe ask a coach so you can share the interpretation of results.
  • evaluation 360 A very common test in companies, which among other things measure your behavioral competencies.
  • Emotional Intelligence Test, it gives you a percentile that measures your ability to move better in environments front office (high percentile) or backoffice.
  • Brand archetype test. It gives you information about your archetype, the pillars that form and adjectives that best define you.
  • public Rating. The app lets you ask Guudjob feedback to anyone in your contact list.
  • Test 90º. It is homegrown. Ask your inner circle (20 people) What do you think I am competent? What do you think I can improve? Do it through a Google Form, the results are of great value.
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12. Will my personal brand begins in social networks?

Isn't it?. I could extend much, but as we do not start building a house from the roof, We not begin to manage our brand from social networks.

Before we know what our brand (the previous question), which would be the foundation of the house or self-knowledge. After this phase we work out our personal strategy (the structure of the house), It is including target, purpose, value proposition, business model, positioning ... And in the final phase, communication work plan (coating and roof of the house) that will include thorough job message, target audience and, supposed, channels off and online (among which are social networks).

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13. How does brand management personnel with career management?

The only person responsible for managing your career are you. It is not the company for which you work, as it might be several years. One thing is that companies provide training, and another thing to be responsible and guardians of your destinations.

Personal brand management, known as personal branding, is a necessary competence to shore and manage career. Specifically, working depth business model lets you know in which areas we are well and what we need to strengthen.

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14. To what extent should expose my private life?

It's a multiple choice question. I explain. I never will force anyone to explain publicly what he does in private if you do not want. But I'll tell you the advantages you can have, so that the offset against the drawbacks already known.

This issue is related to the values ​​and networking. Values ​​because those who do not know we can not know our values ​​if we only show our professional competence side. Networking because if I do not intend any contact with new stakeholders (stakeholders), I must not expose anything.

as advantages, we know that our personal activities transmit values. A broker / a background is someone disciplined, zealously self-improvement, culture of effort, lover challenge. A volunteer / a which helps poor or elderly poor is someone solidarity, concerned about sustainability, altruistic, humble, ideal for teamwork. A / a guitarist free time is a sensitive one for art, music, possibly good equipment component. Player / a chess denotes patience, follow the rules, ease of calculation alternatives, self esteem, need to achieve, impulse control ...

You decide what you expose, to whom and in what ways.

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15. Does personal branding is for everyone?

Isn't it?, of course not. It is only for those who are willing to work hard for self-knowledge, to define a path, to make themselves known appropriately and with a compelling value proposition, to work for foreign recognition through problem solving. To leave a mark on others. Is only for those who are willing to invest in itself and add value to others.

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16. Do you have room for personal branding in the company?

It is curious that the creator of the term personal branding, Tom Peters, think of it as a related competition Figure employee intra-entrepreneur. His concept Me Inc, o YO, S.L. Then, over the years and the emergence of blogs and social networks, the term independent professionals associated, autonomous, knowmads…

Some time ago I published a post titled Personal Branding in organizations which portrays how the personal branding in the company can help:

  • Empower managers and other professionals and place them in the center of the mark (your people are your brand). This is accomplished through executive programs branding and personal branding.
  • Connect more effectively to the organization with its external stakeholders (customers, contributors, providers, public opinion, Potential customers…) through programs Employee Advocacy programs or internal brand ambassadors, with evident advantages towards the company using as leverage trust that generate the most technical profiles, but also with clear benefits for employees.
  • As a result of the above, attract the best external talent by programs Employer Branding. let's remember, is the first priority for the company and its professionals are aligned, and only then you can find the best talent.
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17. What requirements must meet personal brand consultant (personal burner)?

  • consultants / trainers project a strong personal brand, both offline and online, and the market are recognized as benchmarks
  • consultants / trainers with experience consulting and training in holistic personal branding (self-knowledge, strategy, visibility)
  • consultants / trainers with experience as employees and managers in organizations. What is known as professionals who have been in the line.
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18. Is necessary a blog to manage our brand?

Not at all. but it helps, and a lot. I owe this blog (with long boring 10 years of life) which many of my clients have contacted me. It is a digital home. Of course, you can write to places like Press (Linkedin blog), but do not forget that the house is not yours. That you can not have a section about me, portfolio, FAQ, Contact…

I have tried many times the benefits of blog, you're not working or employed. I invite you to read Personal Branding and Blog Do inseparable? to become more aware of the advantages of this format.

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19. How I can formarme in Personal Branding?

As the consultant and friend says José Miguel Bolívar, spare time, what is lacking is focus. You have different forms based on time (focus) and budget.

  • Books: If you're starting, I recommend you "Personal Brand for Dummies"Andrew Perez Ortega, “El reto"Paul Adam, “Desmárcate"Xavi Roca, “El mapa de tu talento"Arancha Ruiz or"How to sell your personal brand"Raquel Gomez. If you want to inspire in people who have raised their own brand, I advise "Marca eres tú"Eva Collado Durán and"Un café con Chan"Ami Bondia. If you already know the concept and want to be a pro, definitely "Expertología"Andrés Pérez Ortega is the choice. If you want to dive deeper into self-knowledge, I would try to "Who are you"Laura Chica, “Tu futuro es hoy"Written by Laura own Alcaide and Francisco Chica"Smart Feedback"Rosa and Jane Troco and Naomi Vico. If you want to expand on strategy, I suggest "Tu modelo de negocio"Clark, Osterwalder y Pigneur. If you want visibility tools, test "Your visibility plan"Neus Arques y"You have the OIR"Andrew Perez Ortega.
  • Blogs: Feedly enters and places the word "personal branding" or "personal brand" and subscribe to the 10 or 12 blogs that will appear first. Forgiveness do not you know Feedly? be, be, is ...
  • Consultancy: There are many good consultants / as personal branding in Spain / Latin America. I would not fit here. When you recommend one, Look for it in their own social networks and blog (if it does not have, I discard it) and make sure it is personal branding specialist, not someone who has it as a service. Shies away from using the term "Personal Branding 2.0". Prices depend heavily on cache consulting consultant and methodology employing. Not the same process 3 one sessions 15 or a monthly mentoring permanent.
  • Training: The best formations are the companies that hire for your professional. I hate to say, but that's how it is. A two-day workshop can afford not everyone, and less with specialists good. In university education there are several postgraduate courses in digital marketing including personal branding course. Among them, yes, Degree in Social Media and Digital Marketing UPF Tecnocampus (presential) and Master in Marketing and Social Media at the University of Vic (online). I say that the possibility of Graduate Studies is also in Personal Branding of Blanquerna / Ramón Llull, although 2017 and 2018 They have not been maintained and the link is broken graduate..
  • Online courses: There are many, although the quality is disappointing. Fortunately, in January 2018 Udo and the great mentor Andrés Pérez Ortega They presented the course "Design your personal brand strategy step by step“. affordable and highly recommended investment.
  • congress: In Spanish, There is a congress, yes, Personal Branding Lab Day (PBLabDay for friends) which is already preparing its fourth edition 1D 2018. In Portuguese and Spanish, this PBEX Brazil, Personal Branding Experience, which is usually done in November. Besides that, I subscribe to alert Google "Congress personal brand" because they point out events to consider.
  • videos: there are thousands. It's hard to choose. I like Google Actívate of Claudio Inacio, es autobiographical and inspirational. He too TEDx Slope Bailiff Arancha Ruiz, yes, TEDx Fundesem Andrés Pérez Ortega y, If you let me, yes, TEDx Lleida William of such Recolons.
  • Wikipedia: After a period of chaos, I managed to edit the page in June 2018. Here you have it: Personal brand in Wikipedia. A lot to do but at least now is not a mass of inconsistencies.
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20. When you end a process of Personal Branding?

you suspect, true? It does not finish. Well, I lie, just at the time of transfer. Not our personal brand, which it acts as a legacy when we're not.

That does not mean you do not know people who have decided to end the process. They are a small group that has formed and does not see him the advantages and disadvantages yes. I respect, in the world must have all. A process of personal branding is a training process, as he stated Socrates, "I only know that I know nothing". Training is something inherent in our life. The day we stop enable us to create value.

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