Focus or dispersion: a dilemma in managing personal brand

¿Focus or dispersion? A dilemma in managing our personal brand

Yesterday I was giving a presentation on personal brand to a group made up of family photographers at a conference in Barcelona called PhotoForum. I am aware that asking about focus or dispersion implies conditioned response, since the dispersion has negative assessment. But we see that is not always negative.

The issue is that a photographer specializing in weddings asked about whether or not to focus on its service offering, and that invites me to write today about.


Throughout my years as a consultant in Personal Branding (and it goes to 12 years old ), This is lack of focus It has been one of the problems I have more often found in my clients. And it is natural: They do not want to miss the opportunity to "sell" products or services that are in their competence.

But advertising, my life before the Personal Branding, She taught me something valuable: an ad people are only able to retain an idea. A. The briefings of advertising companies they were full of mandatories (requirements) about the 5 important things to communicate in a campaign. And that's not counting that should at least mention the brand 3 times in 20 seconds. Crazy.

Fortunately, advertisers like Roser Reeves They generated a remedy to avoid this dispersal. first USP (unique selling proposition) Reeves's own, then the Saatchi They evolved into the SMP (single minded proposition) and in recent years Alex Osterwalder He did not invent but popularized Value proposal (Value proposition).

The value proposition and focus

One of the advantages that I see the value proposition is working on an axis of maximum relevance to the recipient of the proposal (market, stakeholder…). The value.

Analyze a value proposition, despite the difficulty, It solves many problems not solved or USP or SMP. I explain.

An example. Being the only photographer who takes pictures with green light (for example), It can be a unique selling proposition, but it does not imply value from the time it is easily imitable and very relevant.

On the other hand, be a photographer who has photographed Babies 5 continents and many cultures is a value proposition, since it is more difficult to imitate and is more relevant, because it allows a cultural reading of the portrait could be few more.

Dispersion or portfolio

When he wrote "scatter" I meant to offer more than one service. And that can be a problem because it can remove focus. But if it worked correctly the value proposition, dispersion becomes portfolio.

Example Recuperemos (fictional) multicultural photographer who has worked in the 5 Continents. It is not this person able to portray other people at a wedding, business professionals, babies or children at an early age? What changes in each case are elements of environment: background, light, shades, colors. But there is one common factor: know what is the best version of the person pictures.

What I would scatter -in negative- is a photographer provide legal services to its customers, or a portraitist want to devote to war documentary photography.

An idea, a proposal, various services to implement it

The upshot of all this is that if we have clear value proposition can expand without fear our portfolio of services or products, provided they have concerning the proposal.

Responding to the photographer specializing in weddings, You can offer photography services baby or family photo, since we are under the family portrait in all cases. That's not scatter, It is to enrich the focus.


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  1. Eli
    Eli says:

    Thank you very much Guillem, I loved your presentation. I served much your post, I also found myself with doubt specialize in weddings or families, but I think the value proposition can be the same and as you well say enriching.


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