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How fortifying our strengths

A few days ago he spoke of how to weaken our weaknesses, in what was the start of a series of articles on personal DAFO. Today it is the turn of the strengths What to do with our strengths? How to strengthen our strengths?

Types of personal strengths

  • What differentiates us from others. Definitely, what we do best
  • Skills and competences (hard + soft)
  • Levers that have helped us to assume goals
  • Address book. Why not, You read well
  • Our core values

If the weaknesses we need to identify our kryptonite, with the strengths we need to know what Superpowers we (always figuratively).

We identify our superpowers

To identify our strengths there is nothing like ask for feedback, but while we manage and receive are some questions that we can do:

  • What was the project we have better highlighted and what the basis for success?
  • Teaming What has been the role that best has given us?
  • When we met an insurmountable obstacle, What "superpower" we used to overcome?
  • What are the strengths that others recognize me?

Validation phase

It's time to ask feedback. One way of asking could this:

As part of an exercise I'm doing on my personal brand, I identified that I think are three of my strengths: fortress 1, fortress 2 and strength 3.

What do you think are my greatest strengths?

I would not use the Facebook wall for a question like. Tampoco what preguntaría in abierto in one red as Twitter or Linkedin. We can do it in three ways:

  • Via email
  • Via Google Form, with the advantage that it can be done anonymously (recommendable).
  • Other formulas type app Survey Monkey, whose user experience is very good.

Action Phase

Once received the feedback, and answers to questions we have done in parallel, we should create a list of strengths, find ways to communicate and, of course, try to capitalize to the maximum to become part of our professional recognition.

Listarlas it's simple. I might include those highlights that we can draw recommendations that have made us throughout our career here (and academic).

You communicate it's key. Where? our CV, in our elevator pitch, in our bio Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin extract ... and -how not- in our personal story.

capitalize It is more complex. If we work in a large company, put the radar to offers of jobs that require these strengths. Small business or are unemployed action is slower, since many of the bids do not reach the labor market, so it will be good idea to think about creating a blog and be constant in publications.


When we work our staff DAFO is not enough to identify our weaknesses or strengths, we need to validate and create an action plan aimed at, by perplexed as it may seem, It weakens our weaknesses and strengthen our strengths.

References: PWC, TheMuse, SWOT personal brand Soymimarca

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3 replies
  1. Carlota M.
    Carlota M. says:

    Thank you for this article, and the above weaknesses. Discover the same is an essential part of our personal development. Greetings from Mallorca. Carlota

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Thank you very much Carlota. We tend to think that the DAFO applied in companies applies to persons, Which is a mistake, since companies do not have good or bad habits, limiting beliefs…
      Thanks for write!


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