Gains relevance, contributes to import and build long-term relationships

In a short-term world, who makes a difference is who thinks 5 years seen. If you're there, you're in the platoon upside down, Congratulations.

Today I treat the second of the trends 2021 I wrote down in December. In the previous post, I tried the first trend, the need to self-management our business model.

If you're short on time, I'll sum it up for you in a minute:

Crisis of relevance, syndrome deja vu

One of the symptoms of the care crisis we suffer is, Precisely, a crisis of relevance. In many cases, what we see, what we read, what we experience, we've already seen it, read or experienced before.

The deja vu holds up because the same ideas are going around, with small modifications, and with superlative headlines that invite us to read them, until we realize they're the usual.

Some confuse curing content with plagiarism. And for the 20s, that one way or another, we've all created content with a familiar idea in the subconscious.

Relevance is Value, contribution of value

The different definitions of relevance have in common four words: Importance, Relief, significance and transcendence. Not bad. But I consider that there is a cause-and-effect relationship between value and relevance: if it gives me value, it's relevant, important and even transcendent.

And if it's relevant, we care

As a result of this relationship, it has an effect between contributing (Value) and import, some think that importing is secondary in professional relationships. Error. Professional relationships are also personal, and that has its implications for the future.

Contributing means adding value to others. Importing is that that value translates into a long-term relationship. And here's the key to a strong relationship. If your relationship with your customers is a single "sale", maybe you don't need to contribute especially but just cover a primary need, Functional.

But if you need your customers to repeat experience, you need to contribute, and especially matter, be in the mind and at the top of the customer's choice.

Example: you see a very attractive announcement about an online course. You buy it, because it covers a need for that moment. You do the course, but it's very impersonal, very standard, says what everyone says. You don't repeat, you don't recommend, and you pass the page. You don't care., it's not part of your preferences, and you might even think you threw away the money.

It happens to people the same thing as services, products and brands

Experience determines everything. And if the experience isn't really relevant, we won't count on that professional anymore.

That's why relevance is important, to make it matter and that it generates a long-term relationship.

The value proposition seeks this relevance. But also, if we achieve a unique value proposition, we will achieve the most sought after tandem: differential relevance or the relevant difference, it doesn't matter the order.

Our difference with products and services is that people convey values, and in this sense it's easier to differentiate ourselves, but to do that we have to lose the fear of transmitting how we are, what's our emotional DNA. No fear.

Gains relevance, contributes to import and build long-term relationships.

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Here's the expanded version of this article on my podcast Everything Leaves Brand on iVoox. You can also hear it in Spotify Or Apple Podcast. Happy week!

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2 thoughts on "Gains relevance, contributes to import and build long-term relationships”

  1. Good afternoon, Guillem

    Why not say it? I loved the post once again, and I've felt identified as a seller profile that I have because: gaining relevance and contributing to import by building long-term relationships is what good commercials should do.
    Talk about the experience and that's what the customer has perceived when we've visited, when we've called him, ? have we helped you in your need or problem ?

    A strong hug,


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