Why you need to manage your personal brand

Need to manage your personal brand? It's a recurring question., and even though you're on a true believer's blog of matter, I'll try to clarify, with the help of Eva Collado, doubts so you can make your own decision.

If you have little time, I invite you to watch this one-minute video summary:

Reasons to don't manage your personal brand

Just as there may be reasons to manage your brand, there are also so that they don't. Some examples:

  • You've reached the end of your career professional, you just want to retire in peace and run away from the worldly noise, leaving no legacy behind.
  • Your job is to don't exist, to go unnoticed. As an MI6 agent.
  • You think your company will keep your employment until you retire.
  • Out of ignorance, you think that brand thing is kind of esoteric, a scam or consisting solely of a social media presence.

Reasons you need to manage your personal brand


As the marketing expert rightly states (not the cook) Ramón Freixa, "if you don't say who you are, others will say what you're not". Many people don't have control of their brand digital (and also not the real), which can bring them a lot of trouble, either by absence (if they don't find you, they don't count on you) or by poor presence.

If you do not say who you are, They tell others what you are not. Ramón Freixa

Leaving personal brand adrift means missing opportunities to be chosen in a process, one of the key goals of staff branding (understood as managing your Personal Branding).

Value Management

A career is closely tied not to who we are, or what we've studied, nor our experience. Is Linked to the Value that we are able to contribute, to that value proposition that puts the customer in the center and makes them grow, be better, whether it's a company or a person, Ngo...

At the end, if they do not contribute, you don't matter

Recognition comes after what we do, not from what we say. So, Value's proposal should be anchored in that we show to achieve, and ideally should provoke the recommendation of the beneficiaries of that proposal.

Values: The secret to best networking

The best techniques networking will fall if we are not able to show how we are, what moves us, what binds us to other people. With Values we have two big challenges:

The first is Detect, know what are the three pillar values that underpin our code of ethics and our relationships with others. That's what I'll talk about in a few weeks..

Values are not explained, transmitted

The second is Transmit Properly, and you get that with facts, not in words. Explain that you're an "empathetic" person, close and commour" is very nice, but it's declarative. You need to prove it., And that asks for images, videos, external testimonies…

We are more credible brand ambassadors

Maybe no one gave you a badge or a badge, but as a person I already assure you that you are more credible and reliable than a corporate brand. And you're the one who can do the best. humanize and convey its purpose, your mission, their Values.

Entrepreneur: Do you know that your people are your brand?

Work as an employed person or self-employed, what you share will always have greater credibility than an abstract reality (though rich in meanings) called brand. You're a spokesperson, You are the best Ambassador, and it doesn't matter your rank. For the brand's customers, you represent the brand. Wear it with pride... or you need a change.

Managing your career

You've known for a long time.. The responsibility for managing your career is yours. Not the company (that can help in some respects) or anyone but you. A strong personal brand makes it easier to aspire to the best job, Keep, Grow, facilitates change when it's right...

It's as important to be good as it is to be. Rubén Montesinos

Career managers are clear about this: it's easier with someone who projects a clear and valuable personal brand than with whom you decide anonymity. In the 21st century, as it says Rubén Montesinos (alias No working dead), it's as important to be good as it is to be.

The reasons you need to manage your personal brand on Social Media, by Eva Collado

I've asked my colleague Eva Collado Durán something she dominates like no one else. The reasons for managing your brand on social media. Eva is a human capital consultant, Lecturer, blogger and author of "Marca eres tú” (Rasche, 2015) Y "El mundo cambia, ¿y tú?” (Alienta, 2019). Here are your reasons for managing your brand in the social media environment.

The choice of companies

It's not a trend, it's a fact that companies are increasingly betting on people with a powerful fingerprint. They know that those people with a world of rich relationships can also exercise networking and social sales brilliantly.

E-recruiting, or nethunting: is now networked recruited

That's right, many companies are betting on direct network recruitment. The CV has gone from paper to digital, a Social RESUME. And the current reality is that if they don't find you, discard you.

If they don't find you, discard you.

Social learning

As a professional, you should know that a high percentage of learning is networked. It's known as social learning. Not having a consolidated social media presence means missing the train from staying in permanent beta state.

MOOCs (free online courses organized by universities), courses, Webinars, knowledge pills on YouTube/Vimeo, streaming on ALL social networks, infographics, university online... are just a few examples of the possibilities offered by the network.

Definitely, and to conclude this collaboration with Guillem, I leave you a reflection that I hope will give you what to think:

In the networks you show yourself, and in real life you show

The result of personal branding

All of the above reasons, added to others that you can read in the post 23 reasons to get in Value, make your choice easier. We could simplify it like this.: the best result of managing your personal brand with success and consistency is the choice. And remember, success is as important as constancy.

I will complete the parts of the personal branding process through the Iceberg Personal Brand category. Eva and I hope you've been helpful in reading. Have a nice week!

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Annex. Monetizagram: A workshop hit

monetizagram barcelona feb 2020

It is precisely with Eva Collado that we have attended Monetizagram, Instagram's monetization workshop taught masterfully by Pedro Rojas and Maite Serna. A surprise. Fast-paced action. Useful tips. First strategy, then tactic. Examples. Ideas. To do's. Practices to avoid. How the Instagram algorithm. Good roll in a hurry.

And nothing is intuitive. It's all based on The Plan Company's experience with large customers, medium and small. A great investment.

If you missed it, there will be more, and now the book is available Monetizagram (Editorial Lid, 2020), with all the details of the workshop.

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