Will you google your name? Instead, google the keywords of what you do better than anyone else.

Those of us who are dedicated to this beautiful combination of art and science that is personal branding are clear. They're going to find us googled by our profession (example: personal branding expert) and if they find us there they'll google us by name and choose us - or not- by the strength of our personal brand.

In this post, I want to give you some clues to manage your personal brand in a medium as hostile and at the same time magical as internet.

If you have little time, I invite you to see this summary a minute (in Spanish):

Your digital "finding" depends on your specialty and your value proposition Do you google your name?

I've always given a lot of value to the former 10 results that appear in search engines like Google when they put your name there. Today I see that this is important for a second stage. I explain.

If a company is looking for a robotic engineering expert, in a first phase he doesn't give a damn about your name, won't look around, will seek "robotic engineering". That means if you're that expert, you need to make sure you show up on that first page of Google, at least in your geographic area of action when someone searches for that keyword.

How do you achieve that? Working hard, being relevant and besides -- and this is important- valuing what you do. You've got to make it on radio shows talking about it., on expert blogs talking about that, in some press article. Plus, you have to compete with all sponsored ads and the thousands of schools that teach that discipline.

If you also dare with your own blog (highly advisable), talk about your specialty adding value, without adding value your articles will not be read or shared.

For example, I have to worry that They find me in search of my specialties: executive branding, personal branding company and employee advocacy programs.

Second phase: Worry about the name and results it throws on Google

When you've managed to get found for what you do like no one else, which will take a while, comes the name. That's where I recognize that the singularity of the name + surname or surnames help. Calling you Juan Martinez, You've got it complicated, but not impossible. I know precisely the Juan Martinez who has done it.

If you have common last names, it can help you take a look at my series of articles But worst of García I called, II and III where I give some clues to overcome the lack of singularity of the name.

If you finally decide, for example, leave your "Garcia" as a "G." after the name and before the second surname, you'll have to work with that brand name in the real and digital realm. Consistency goes first.

You can google out those links whose results are what I call "digital garbage.". That includes, among others:

  • Links showing your personal data, as a personal phone, personal address...
  • Links to content made by third parties that negatively affect your personal brand.
  • Links on administrative positions in companies.
  • Y, in general, everything you don't want q Be public. For example, the stopwatch time of a competition in which you participated, membership to some club, Etc...

The most effective way to clean up is to generating new value links who go through the trash. Let's think that normally no one looks at the second page of Google results, so that work I'm thinking is not impossible.

Healing and creating content is an accelerator of our personal digital brand

There is only one 1% of people who create content. If you have blank page blocking syndrome, healing content is an ideal solution at your fingertips. It consists of classifying the best content you read or see about a subject, and share them. The important thing here is to add some homegrown, as a summary, a review, or a fusion of content that gives a novel result.

Other personal brand accelerators on the Internet are active presence on digital platforms. Here are the examples of About.me, professional directories, participation in newspaper articles or TV or radio shows, and social networks. In this last section consider not only the classic Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is, YouTube, but also BeBee (professional network very rich in content), Slideshare (network containing PDF content from all areas of knowledge), Pinterest (container of images and videos) etc.

concluding, remember that the Internet is a means more, but very powerful. It allows us to accelerate our knowledge through classic marketing strategies and inbound Marketing. It also allows us to accelerate our recognition (branding) thanks to recommendations from third parties, Reviews... The key is to be consistent, persistent and don't forget that by that channel we can access customers, Projects, job offers that would otherwise be difficult to access. When you Google your name, you diagnose your brand's health status, but remember first to define the keywords you want to be found (and work them thoroughly).

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2 replies
  1. Mirka Plasencia
    Mirka Plasencia says:

    hello Guillem,
    What a good post and yes! I've always heard that to know how we meet and how we are found on the Internet is “googlear” our name and the best that appears on the first page of the wonderful search engine (by the way) because indirectly we're “working” for Google because that's where we want to be there so that we're well.
    But I also tell you that for those of us who have been looking for job opportunities for quite some time and in the process of it we have already developed a personal brand and I have created my own and it is that those who follow me tell me: “I remember you when I hear or say the word detail” that's for me much better than being on the front page of google ( that I'm not there yet and it's not easy because you also have to do important investment work in SEM and do an SEO ). I think if people know us, know our style, we connect and empathize it is very powerful when it comes to finding a job project, we go! the mouth-ear will continue to work forever. In my case it's: I help you improve the results with the details, to more details with our user, potential customer, client, co-workers ARE INCREASING the results and it starts with what I call CCO|trade sentiment CONTACT, CONNECT AND OFFER
    isn't it maybe a good personal branding to be able to get on Google ?

    A hug,

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hello Mirka, as you say there's a lot of work in managing content and keywords ahead. If you complement it with SEM, genial. We already know that Rome wasn't built in a day, and that constancy has a prize. Thank you so much for commenting!


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