Are social networks must be censuring employees?

Article originally published by me in Puro Marketing

¿Censoring social networks? Although many may seem commonplace, limit access to social networks among employees of a company begins to look like something rancid practice. We are entering the era of marketing 3.0, values-based marketing where the benefits of exchange between businesses and consumers are functional, emotional and spiritual. Internal access to information is as important as access to external information, so any censorship involves networks censoring information. We think that our contacts in the various networks we provide selected information and value that otherwise would take days to find.

What if your company professionals feel good and want to share their experiences?

Let's be clear, They talk about the company we like it or not, así que en este caso se plantean dos posibilidades.

  1. Give elements to do, from motivation to training and tools.
  2. “Caparles” el acceso a las redes sociales y esperar de brazos cruzados a que hablen bien de nuestra compañía en sus ratos libres.

Alternatives to censorship network access:

  • design a stylebook and good training plan about the benefits of using social media, ventajas que deberían ser personal and corporate (one thing does not work without the other, don’t forget).
  • Embody social media plan communication strategies, Business and HR, Recalling the basic principle: Markets are conversations.
  • put a community manager the good in your life: must manage and monitor talks on all networks, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube…
  • To size: research on the response stakeholders on the state of the conversation about knowledge and commitment (engagement) de nuestros profesionales.
  • Detect a los profesionales que muestren una mayor facilidad y dominio de la gestión combinada de su marca personal con la corporativa, and propose them to be brand ambassadors.
  • Putting brand ambassadors as head of corporate blogs or departmental, online customer service… That will encourage other professionals to participate more actively.

In an environment “inbound marketing” branding is on the side of people. Censurar las redes sociales a los profesionales solo traerá desconfianza y cerrazón. In the XXI century, la apuesta es por navegar en un océano abierto: if the sailors are well prepared, se pueden alcanzar más destinos que en un mar cerrado.


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