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You want to humanize your brand? (II) Avoid irrelevance

Last 24 of May He wrote on automation Internet that dehumanize our brand. The post was very focused on Twitter, but before we talk about common automation in other networks such as Linkedin I want to make a stop along the way to talk about the irrelevancy that is invading the network, television and our lives. Irrelevance in messages that can make us automatons of the anodyne, of the insubstantial.

Trending Topics deprimentes

Unfortunately the day's topic or trending topic no longer has much to do with a conversation that is generated in the network. Almost always it has to do with something going on TV. The Twitter account that we see every day how we invade tending topics of things going on TV: it seems that Twitter is the forum who have chosen the channels and the audience to criticize or gossip.

If you like my case- He decided some time ago to flee TV, I again I find information networks with the most stupid and irrelevant.

What political dinner? Sincerely, I do not care

The thing is reaching extremes that some journalists include information relevant zero, worthy of the tabloids. What they had dinner Pedro Sánchez (candidate for president of the Spanish government of PSOE) and Pablo Iglesias (candidate can)? Salad and fish. Ahhh, oye, go headline… And not only that, He is also invited Pedro Sánchez. Well, then the subject and deserves three inner pages and a TT (trending topic). It is sad that supports that call themselves as "serious" fall into these traps. TV is already associated with the concept makes a lot of garbage time, and hence the pundits to succeed than those that draw the best analysis but the most disqualifying and shout.

The irrelevance of the media infects people

The problem is that, that by dint of reading and listening to highlight nonsense we will think that we should follow the same path. And honestly, perhaps we should ask if you plan to dine Pepa cat or if it's raining in your town is a fact that will bring much value to others, and consequently our personal brand.

An old technique: count to ten

A good friend and coworker showed me a few years ago the technique of counting to 10. It is very simple. Before executing an action that may have an impact of any kind, it is wait a few seconds and take some questions:

This information will give (tweet, video, post,…)

It can be useful for someone?

You could even change someone's life?

Could, on the contrary, damage my reputation or that of someone close?

Is it in line with my personal strategy?

Can I help you be positioned as a specialist in my field?

¿Humanize my brand, but without falling into irrelevance?

Fail Ana Rosa Quintana Finland

AR he not counted to 10 before launching this message

case 1: rice to band

For example, Imagine that one day you discover the best arroz a banda you've made in your life. It is a personal information, agree, but that's up to you to become relevant (value to others) about Anodina. There are two ways to comment:

Rice often we're taking us with friends at Bar Pepe.

Before and after rice to band: which prepares Bar Pepe Pepe in Alcanar. unique experience with personal touch.

In the first case someone understand what is going on very well taking rice. Surely it is good, but not excellent, and the message generates little empathy: I do not know where the bar is Pepe.

In the second case there is a valuable information: I speak of a higher band rice prepared by a special person, above and tell me where. I can empathize with this experience, and anotarme on the agenda the data to go someday.

case 2: the politician who meets another politician

This is a recurring discussion when I discuss the issue with customers moving in the policy environment. This is not to use Twitter or Facebook as an agenda, for that you have your blog or website game. It is transferred to your followers and opponents initiatives that can lead to improvements for society. two approaches.

10:00h ready for the meeting with Angela Merkel in the Bundestag

Analyzing Merkel and her team with the advantages for Europe of the entry of Turkey into the EU

The difference is obvious. In the first case it is take heart "care, receiveth me Merkel ", while in the second you're telling me that maybe the entry of Turkey into the EU would benefit in the long run our economy and exports. In the second you're giving me valuable information, in the first you get a medal, and that to me is irrelevant.

Personal branding is given value and relevance

If our value proposition is what makes us different, the relevance of our activities and our message acts as a pillar, as a basic point of support for our brand.

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