people or robots?

You want to humanize your brand? avoid automation (1)

today Internet, social networks and applications offer many possibilities to manage some comfort "the conversation" digital. These managers time help us to monitor interactions in different social networks, and I must humbly acknowledge that some tools are wonderful in terms that give us the possibility to plan a few days view contents. Between these, my queen is Hootsuite, definitely.

¿O Plan robotizar?

Planning distinction between content and robotization of responses. One thing is the use of tools to help us to create a weekly planning of content in different networks, as it the Hootsuite Tweetdeck, and quite another to create automatic responses without knowing who are answering and if you mind much or little that person your message prefabricated. ¿O Plan robotizar? The answer is a: humanize your brand.

Today we talk about Twitter

Twitter is a great example of planned standard response pathway MD (direct message). Detail-type answers:

1 Follow me on another network: "Thanks for following us! We have a surprise waiting for you at – via @unfollowersme” We'll see, We're on Twitter, Why the hell you want me to follow you on Facebook? Is not it interesting enough what accounts on Twitter? Who is @unfollowersme? That name is scary. If you do not have interesting things on Twitter, leave and return to Facebook.

2 Follow me on my blog: "Hello. Take a look at my blog think you'll like my post on productivity ;-) 1Hug" Are you not able to show your value proposition out of your blog? Do you really think that now will click to your blog with an automated message that you have sent me nothing I have returned the follow? Why do you suppose that I care two can fuck productivity?

3 Thanks for follow me: "Thanks for follow me. Living is sharing. Good day. Thanks for following me. Live is to share. Have a good day”. Certainly he has advised you a good coach. good vibes "everywhere". Too bad you do not say "thanks for following, Guillem ... "because then believe me you've bothered to know who answer. What of the two languages ​​is that if you do not understand each other will understand, but this is solved, also- knowing who you answer. Nice try, but not stop being a robot.

4 Increase your sales: "Learn to increase sales of your products and / or services using Digital Marketing, We are Google Certified Partners ". Too bad accents, ¿no? If you are targeting Spanish-speaking audience, It would be nice accents consider how I'll believe you're going to increase sales if you know not communicate as God commands?, and on the other side who told you that you want to increase sales?

5 They follow me and leave me to follow: “5 people unfollowed me on Twitter, thanks @useqwitter for letting me know. Did I say something wrong?” This is one of those who called my attention, because normally the subject does not realize the automation and this message (shitty, excuse me) It is exposed to view all. Above it you're in Villanueva del Pardillo and the message is in English. Respondiendo a la pregunta “Did I say something wrong?” No, You have not said anything wrong, You've just left this tweet fucking ruining your reputation.

What protocol used then?

The human. Answer me having learned who I am and if I'm interested in what you offer. Adjust your value proposition to what I might need. Mention my name or my company. And eliminates all applications that explain your life without you knowing about it (N5 case). We are in the era of personalization and values. If one thing nor the other are robots, and a robot can not answer anything.

The next day I talk about Linkedin, whose automations generate "Pearls" award. Happy day!

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