From Human Resources to Human Resources

I wrote a while ago, on the occasion of the launch of "Expertology", the second book about personal branding Andrés Pérez Ortega, that humans no longer want to be resources.

Humans don't want to be resources

Every time I read "Human Resources" or "Hr"I get invaded by the same feeling about that central idea: humans don't want to be resources. What the world needs is human resources. And here comes Personal Branding.

The Tuitero @jordibonhomia I was challenged a few days ago: "look I've turned this personal brand thing around, but I dare not explain what is? with conviction". I wanted to avoid the classic definitions and answered: "your business strategy based on the value you bring to others". Looks like he liked it., because he did RT (Retweet).

The key is Humanize

If we merge both ideas, we could be inspired to find new definitions for this department, and work for example with proposals such as "Person Brand", "People and Value" or "People Resources". As it looks, in all three cases I replace the word "Humane" with "People", because in the end this department is about that, people. Instead we could say that in a context of personal branding of company, one of people's functions is "Humanize"the organization and its corporate brands.

And putting all the ingredients together, you could think of a department that would work in a double context:

Encouraging people to define their individual and team business strategy and on the other hand analyze their value contribution, not just your field of activity in the organization (hard skills) but in their ability to represent corporate brands with maximum proximity and efficiency towards stakeholders (soft skills).

Human with resources

If this scenario is met, we wouldn't talk about human resources but about human resources. Some organizations have already taken small steps in redefining their HR departments and are moving towards "talent management", or much better, "Department of People and Culture" or "People and Values".

I must admit that there was already a major improvement when the old name "Personnel Department" was changed to HR, but it seems the time has come to integrate the philosophy of branding into the organization, and in that has a great responsibility the manager of that department but also the general management and the presidency.

We entered the age 3.0, the values. Our challenge as professionals is no longer just functional, it's communicative and spiritual. The challenge of organizations is to integrate these professionals to transmit the values of their brands in a direct way, committed and sincere. Humanization 3.0 it's starting. forward the human resources!

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3 thoughts on "From Human Resources to Human Resources”

  1. No doubt, the contribution of the Personal Branding in the organizations has come to change the organization of the departments of “Hr” from its own strategic base. Change employees to collaborators. Select on the network, by conversation and by projects. Collaborative culture in selection processes (define the employees the contributor profile needed by the department themselves? What madness!) Stop “retain talent” to empower him and make him free, and a long etc..
    Thank you for your reflection Guillem.
    A greeting!

    • Thank you, Francesc. It's a long way, and I know that many HR managers are doing the job. But CEOs are afraid, an unjustified fear of losing talent, when talent is already losing it by inaction.


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