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I wrote a while ago, with the launch of "Expertología”, the second book about personal branding Andrés Pérez Ortega, that we no longer be human resources.

Humans do not want to be resources

Every time I read "Human Resources" O "Hriःः"I am overcome by the same feeling about the central idea: human resources not want to be. What the world needs is human resources. And here comes into play Personal Branding.

the tuitero @jordibonhomia I had questions a few days ago: "Behold, I have given this turn of Personal Brand, but I dare not explain what is? with conviction ". I wanted to avoid the classic definitions and answered: “the business strategy of yourself founded on the value you bring to others”. It seems he liked, as it made RT (retweet).

The key is to humanize

If we combine both ideas, we could inspire us to find new definitions for this department, and work with proposals such as "Mark Person", "People and Value" or "Resources for People". As seen, In all three cases I substitute the word "Human" by "People", because at the end this department is that, of people. Instead we could say that in a context of personal branding company, one of the functions of people is "Humanize"The organization and its corporate brands.

And putting all the ingredients together, You would think in a department that would work in a double context:

Encourage people to define their individual and team business strategy and secondly analyze their value contribution, not only his field of activity in the organization (hard skills) but in its ability to represent corporate brands with maximum efficiency and proximity to stakeholders (soft skills).

Human resources

If this scenario is true, We not speak of human resources but human resources. Some organizations have already taken small steps in redefining their HR departments and are moving towards "talent management", or much better, “People and Culture Department" O "People and Values”.

I must admit that there was already a significant improvement when the old name of "Personnel Department" was changed to HR, but it seems time to integrate the philosophy of personal branding in the organization, and it has a great responsibility the manager of that department but also the general direction and the presidency.

We enter the era 3.0, the values. Our challenge as professionals is not only functional, is communicative and spiritual. The challenge for organizations is to integrate these professionals to transmit the values ​​of their brands in a direct way, committed and sincere. humanization 3.0 it is starting. forward the human resources!

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  1. says:

    Definitely, the contribution of the Personal Branding in organizations has come to change the organization of the departaments of “Hriःः” from the same base strategic. Change used by employees. Select network, by conversation and projects. collaborative culture in the selection process (What employees themselves define the partner profile required by the department? That madness!) Stop to “retain talent” to empower them and make it free, and etc..
    Thank you for your reflection Guillem.
    A greeting!

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Thanks to you, Francesc. It's a long way, and I know that many HR managers are the work. But CEOs are afraid, unjustified fear losing talent, when talent are already losing inaction.


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