Ideas to break the fear of being visible (1)

After the 8th edition of the Personal Branding Lab Day, Personal Brand Day, Dedicated to breaking the fear of being visible, with the slogan "Dare to show your brand", I extract here some of the ideas that stood out in a very fresh and interactive "conversations" format.

The event had a bittersweet point because everything went very well, but we couldn't count -temporarily- with our inspiring muse Alicia Ro, an important part of the soul of this event.

This is an important year, are fulfilled 25 years of the inaugural article of Personal Branding (not of the personal brand, that has always existed) by Tom Peters, titled "The Brand called You".

And back to the title, What I can assure you is that yesterday, besides being a great day of emotions (Many were catalyzed with the hashtag #TeQueremosAli and with the introductory video), There was content of enormous quality and practicality for those people who need to jump the barrier and break the fear of being visible.

Think. If you don't contribute, you don't matter, But if you contribute and we do not find you, Your effort falls on deaf ears.

I have organized this content into several installments to make it more digestible. I start with the first nine speeches.

Here's a video trailer for 1 Minute (in Spanish):

Here's the most complete audio version in the episode 100 of the podcast Everything leaves a mark on iVoox, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast And Spotify.

Go out with whatever you have, you'll get better

Andrés Pérez Ortega He opened the congress with this recipe, Simple but effective, very focused on what in design thinking is known as "Minimum viable product": Go out with what you have, you'll get better

There he reminded us of his Beginnings as a YouTuber (ye I met him like this) in that he didn't even use a microphone, Recorded on an 8mm camera, and that he overcame his introversion to give messages of great value to professionals and companies that led him, next to his blog, to be the "father" of the personal brand.

Here you can listen Andrew's intervention.

I know of those who raise their hand and persist

Ami Bondia continued with good ideas. He told us that his 12 years her curiosity drove her to Raise your hand and ask, ask, ask. That helped her develop her communication skills.

He recommended those who are afraid of public exposure take theater classes., and be very persistent in making dreams and projects come true. Only in this way did he achieve, After much insistence, be part of Alejandro Sanz's press officer team and appear on national television.

Here you have the conversation with Ami

If you don't know, Learn. If you don't have time, Seek help

Paula Fernández Ochoa He followed up with good advice to break the fear of being visible, Among them these imperatives that make things very clear: if you don't know, Learn, and if you don't have time (Classic excuse) Find a professional to help you.

He also advised that we keep our private plot if we are afraid to expose it and that we stop trying to please everyone., since that is the best way not to please anyone.

Here you can listen to Paula

Create brilliant projects with people you've met on social media

Laura Chica, dubbed in YouTube chat as "the life-changing writer", acknowledged that the publishers of her books chose her, as well as the content, for their communities on social networks. And the most surprising thing, that now the brand of his books is ahead of his own brand.

Recommends taking to social media, Enjoy the moment, and encourage their creation Construction projects with digital acquaintances, Why not?

Here you can listen to Laura.

Personal branding is an essential competence of the S professional. 21st

I have heard this phrase many times Eva Collado: Personal branding is an essential competence of the S professional. 21st. Too bad that many managers still do not internalize it.

Eva gave excellent reasons to break the fear of being visible. For example, for freelancers, He said that the fact of having worked well his personal brand in social networks prevents him from doing commercial action., Projects come to you alone. And also that their Books He wrote them knowing he had an important support community..

Here you will listen to Eva.

No magic, There's Action

Some people hope for some miracle to achieve the advantages offered by the visibility of the personal brand. The psychologist and coach Elena Arnaiz He said it without nuance and out loud.: No magic, There's Action

Putting your talent into action is Elena's recipe, which also recommends improving your network, surround yourself with people with glitter, Enjoy the trip, and very important, Understand that in your vulnerability is your greatest strength.

Here you can listen to Elena.

Get to know yourself better and start doing small things

The also psychologist Fran Segarra, alias, "The Humanizer", talked about his interview podcast Human Talks as an element of consolidation of your personal brand. He highlighted the networking narrative of the podcast format.

Fran encouraged those who are afraid to be visible with simple idea: You have a lot to gain, Little to lose, No one is going to crucify you. And as a good lover of introspection, encouraged us to Get to know each other better and start doing small things

Listen here to Fran.

Don't want to please everyone

Paul Adam, Transgressor as a good rocker, He wanted to break a spear in favor of those who have not yet taken the step of daring to show their brand. He told them not to worry, that until they have faith in themselves they do not.

This inner dialogue is accompanied by following one's own intuitions and a golden advice.: Don't want to please everyone. It is impossible and not recommended. The love for rock is not universal.

Listen to me here to Paul.

Manage your victory folder.

Neus Arqués, masterfully interviewed by Francis García Cedeño, I knew this edition was a tribute to his book."Imposters and great". As for personal branding, Sometimes we put too much weight on brand, when the key is "personal".

Neus treats "The Victory Folder" a treasure box where you keep positive comments to turn to in times of difficulty. Francis recalled the Neus sentence that would summarize this congress: "Talent that is not seen, is lost".

Listen here the interview with Neus

In future installments, I will continue to summarize the essence of the rest of the interviews and the 27 Golden Minutes, that in this edition shine more than ever. And of course, I will finish with the master post of Professor Vladimir Estrada. Thank you for being here. I look forward to seeing you next week. Meanwhile, If you want to see the complete 8h marathon, Here I leave it:

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