Your digital identity is not created, reflects



I deal here digital identity from the point of view of our personal brand, not techniques to verify our identity on the network. This, therefore, won't be about records, Key, blockchain... It goes from identity in the most metaphysical and personal brand-related sense.

Clarified this point, I must confess that this post is the result of the tiredness in reading and rereading articles that speak incessantly to us of "creating" our digital identity.

If you don't have much time, here's a video-summary of 1 Minute (in Spanish):

Personal brand is perceived identity, for yourself and for others

Let's not forget that our personal brand it's something we left, not that we believe. The creation of a brand is in the field of branding, And if you create a personal brand from scratch, will be the mark of a character.

So identity is already, already exists, it's there, is perceived by one and the others. And digital is a medium, as is the real world of atoms, flesh and blood.

There are businesses like Amazon that have created their identity from digital and then are reflecting it on the real. But people are not business. Our identity is, or it should be, A.

Reflecting identity in the digital environment is difficult, but we don't start from a blank folio

In formations, many people ask me why isn't it enough to hit a button to move our identity into the digital world? I also wonder.. But it is so, a button is not enough. You have to work.

The advantage is that you don't have to create that digital identity, you have to reflect it. Creating it means we'd be manipulating or distorting reality, creating an environment Matrix. Here it is what is to be as faithful and authentic as possible.

If a person projects an image into the digital environment different from the one projected in real life, is misrepresenting your personal brand.

3 key steps to reflect your real identity in digital identity

  1. Show yourself how you are
  2. Show yourself how you are
  3. Show yourself how you are

Why didn't you expect it to be so simple? Well, it is.. You may need an expert to help you get digital environments up and running: social media, Web, Blog, email, work in the cloud, Productivity applications... Outside the technical aspects, the rest is called coherence.

A while ago I wrote a post titled Show yourself how you are, in person, on paper and online. That paper can take it all up isn't true.. If you lie on a RESUME, you're exposed to no more opportunities to deliver your resume. It's like lying in an interview. It's like lying in "the digital.". Remember, your digital identity is not created, reflects.

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9 thoughts on "Your digital identity is not created, reflects”

  1. Show yourself how you are, I think that's a very good piece of advice, (digital as in other aspects of life). But I would add, that projection of identity should be “measured”. It is better to be remembered by small hits than by a big failure.
    A greeting.

  2. “Digital Identity is not created, reflects” ;-) How right you are, Guillem!!!

    like the “Personal Brand is not created, it's managed” (Personal Branding).

    What a mania with CREATE an I as a “off-line brand” or like “brand online” it's NOT authentic. We like how little we like how we are??? Gentlemen, let's worry more about SER on and off some good people and professionals and not so much about APARENTAR ;-)

    Happy day to you dear Guillem and your entire community!!!

  3. Hello Guillem

    Good post, good video. I'm firmly convinced that brand there's only one digital and offline. We can choose where to be: digital and offline + only offline but what we can't is be just online (because we're not credible, the creation of characters we leave for movies or cartoons)
    So good and should be well: be ourselves and show ourselves how we are with our essence and marking. Always respecting, education and coherent. Long live the INtantRON ;)


  4. Congratulations on the post and for teaching me more about personal branding.

    I loved this perspective, especially the great advice of “show yourself how you are”, that's what I try on my social networks, that they are a faithful reflection of me and my personality.

    Magnificent summary


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