Identifying a profile that invades the network: the #iDiot

#iDiot Ignorant Digital Infamous Opportunist Cheating

It's reasonable to think that if there are parasites in real life, let's also find them on the Internet. The problem is that in real life they are easy to detect, in the digital world not so much. Some tools are needed, some pay, to discover the #iDiot.

Your main way to grow in the network: Follow thousands of people, wait for your “follow back” and then stop following them. Thus, your balance sheet is always positive, with many more followers than followed.

They don't follow you because you can add value, they do it for a matter of mathematics and misunderstood personal vanity.

The acronym #iDiot created a few days ago in Mexico with Nancy Vazquez, Alan Urbina And Johnny Durán in the moments of relaxation after the Personal Branding Experience 2018.

The crazy obsession with getting followers at all costs, the DNA of the #iDiot

Greek myth says Narcissus fell in love with his own image reflected in the water and died as he approached to self-kiss. It was a revenge of the goddess Nemesis for narcissus's ill-treatment of maidens who fell in love with him.

That's what can happen to #iDiot keep collecting followers. A few months ago I wrote a post entitled The Follower Obsession. The article referred to the need to create communities related to a value proposition. If I sell training programs for companies, With 50 new followers a year who met the profile would have enough. It's what Carlos Rebate, in his book Influencers, defines as the 1.000 true followers, those who would be willing to hire you.

Detect and delete each #iDiot

I've always been tempted to denounce every #iDiot I've encountered. It's not a question of doing it by legal means, it's about paying them with their own currency. First of all, stop following them. For that it is necessary to identify them. On Linkedin or Facebook it is not the case because the follow-up must be mutual. This applies especially to Instagram and Twitter,

My colleague Cláudio Inécio proposes in his post How to know who's s still following you on Instagram? the tool IG Analyzer (Ios) to detect #iDiot mass and stop following them.

On Twitter there are several apps. I haven't found any outstanding. For now, ManagerFilter, with limitations, it is the most intuitive to detect and remove #iDiot.

Public scorn?

The next step might be to create a public list of #iDiot, something that helps users and social media avoid these kinds of digital parasites. On the one hand, would help users not to fall into the trap. And on the other hand I would prevent social media from giving a “Notice” for bad practices. I agree, what they do is not illegal, it's just ethically reprehensible. But people who demonstrate counter-values deserve my contempt, and I guess yours too.

Let's clean up the garbage network. I was surprised to see people who didn't imagine they would stop following me. I see them often and they give me a smile. Now I know that is false.

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