Happiness after dismissal

Es un tópico hablar de despido y depresión, de fases de luto, de indefinición, desorientación, Crisis. Como hubiera dicho Louis Van Gaal, “siempre negativo”. But, ¿Qué pasa con el lado positivo del despido? ¿Por qué nunca se habla de personas que han descubierto que existe una vida mejor tras un ERE? ¿Qué hay de todos aquellos que, de la noche a la mañana, han descubierto que eran auténticos Entrepreneurs? ¿Por qué insistimos tanto en tapar nuestrosFailures? ¿Hay vida tras el despido?

Como no podía ser de otra manera, comenzaré con un caso que creo conocer bien, el mio.

El caso GR. La vida comienza a los cuarenta

Foto tomada en mi funeral publicitario, In 2004

El qué

Cuento con el privilegio personal y profesional de haber experimentado un despido, lo que fue la palanca de lanzamiento de una nueva vida con más sabores que sinsabores. Con más destellos de felicidad que de tristeza. Si hoy me dedico al personal branding es gracias a lo que aconteció a finales de 2004.

El cómo

I started my career very young. My first payroll, un contrato de prácticas en la agencia de publicidad BBDO weather, is dated January 1979. I had 16 years and studied at night. I understood then that the environment Communication, TheCreativity, la publicidad y toda la locura que conllevan se convertirían en miprofesión.

And so it was. Spent 11 años por J. Walter Thompson, luego por Bassat & Ogilvy y luego por Saatchi & Saatchi. In total, A 20 years in the international advertising agency's environment, working for big-budget advertisers and global brands. Behind those 20 years I wanted to taste the taste of being part of the shareholding of a company, así que acepté la oferta para dirigir la agencia barcelonesa Altraforma. It was the year 1998 and the experience couldn't get off to a better start.

Me sentía a gusto, works with the same intensity or more, weekends, some nights. But he works "for me.". A little piece of the result (if I don't remember a bad 15%) it was mine. In 2000 And 2001 we managed to place the agency in ranking places reserved for very large groups. We were a hottie.. We receive many offers to buy from multinational groups. Circumstances caused none of these offers to be accepted (cracking mistake) and that in 2003 se avistaran signos de desaceleración. I lost a client, some unwelcome dismissal, things that happen in the best families and that are often overcome.

But something happened that would mark my life forever. Unknowingly, me instalé en la “zona de confort", in that brain zone that prevents you from seeing the need to change the way you do things. Some adverse circumstance in my family environment may have influenced my mood, but out as it may in September 2004 I reached an exit agreement with the agency's majority partner. Euphemisms on the sidelines, I got fired from the company. Let's be clear, Please. I sold my shares and left in December of that same year, after a Christmas party that became my publicity funeral.

In January, 2005, and thanks to some advertiser who didn't want to get rid of me, I started my own business, Lateral Consulting. Lo de lateral venía por la influencia positiva de Edward de Bono y su “Lateral thinking”, a book that should read to babies in the crib.

There I discovered that I could trabajar como un burro y ser feliz. The pressures were my pressures, nobody set me goals, I wore them by myself. Unknowingly, ideé mi propio personal branding plan. In 2007 acepté una oferta para gestionar en España el negocio de TVLowCost, a young French agency that broke molds and opened subsidiaries around the world in two years challenging large multinationals with its philosophy. The invention didn't work here., which gave me new parameters to know what not to do, but fortunately my business with Lateral Consulting worked well.

In 2007, from Lateral, empecé a trabajar en proyectos de estrategia y comunicaciónorientados a personas, professionals. Political, Entrepreneurs, people who had been dismissed... I didn't know yet., pero mi buena amiga Linda Reichard un día me dijo que lo que yo hacía se llama “personal branding".

Earlier 2010, hand in hand that would then be my current partner, Jordi Collell, we attended a day in Madrid about personal brand captained by the sherpa Andrés Pérez Ortega, and in October of that same year we opened SOYMIMARCA.

El porqué. Key learnings.

Happiness exists. You just have to go get it.. And that's achieved by overcoming fears.

Risking is key. If you don't risk you can live reasonably well on a living wage, but it will be difficult for you to work with the right degree of motivation.

You can live with less. Many people are closed in the band to undertake for fear of not reaching the levels of retribution they had working as employees.

Think big. Think big. If you have a good idea, put resources, don't be stingy. There's no idea it's thriving without a decent investment.

Surround yourself with the best. So far the topic. But I mean surround yourself with the best people, of people you can trust with the keys to your life. Despréndete rápidamente de quien no comparta tu grado de entusiamo por el proyecto, will become a toxic agent.

Make a plan. Your plan. Follow a script. And you see adapting it according to the circumstances. Don't close yourself to course changes, But keep the fate. And remember, como dijo el poeta griego Constantino Kavafis, that the important thing is not just to get to the destination, but learn from the journey without forcing the journey.


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