The NUDGE philosophy gives us a new idea for car parks

In March 2009 (see post) and also in June (see post) we're already talking about philosophy “of the push” Or NUDGE making things easier for citizens.

This time we come back with a proposal around the public car parks. The idea, formulated by a reader of the book “Nudge” it's based on paint narrower the parking spaces at the entrance to the car parks. Then, Progressively, widening the squares as we move away from the entrance. The people, to avoid discomfort, would park further away from the entrance; here's a first advantage: walk a little more (it's always good for your health). There would be a second: disabled places would still be close to access, But now they would be better surveillance.

You can go around the idea: Given that in Spain the parking spaces are quite narrow (public architects still think we all drive “600”), simply keep those places around the accesses and create wider squares away from the accesses.

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