The express personal brand of Professor Jesús Neira

The Minister for Equality, Bibiana Aido, condecorando Jesus Neira

We know that creating a strong personal brand is a matter of time and patience.

When not given neither one thing nor the other can happen what happened with “the brand” Jesus Neira. It was created in 24h and 24h destroyed in. A marca personal express usually not interesting.

Neira defended a few years ago a woman was being mistreated. That cost a hospital eat, which exceeded. From there, Professor received countless awards and honors for courage. Esperanza Aguirre He appointed him president observatory against violence Gender in Madrid. We had the man and the brand, a reference value and values ​​for many of us.

Suddenly, appear tics strangers who think that perhaps we do not find -saving the distances- a case “Tiger Woods” the Spanish. From hero to villain in a few hours. Among the tics there were intemperate attacks on the Constitution 78, the PSOE (murderers, I call them), the daughters of Zapatero…

And the colophon, They are caught driving your vehicle with an alcohol level three times the maximum tolerated. goodbye hero, goodbye brand, reference goodbye. It was nice while it lasted. Now Aguirre wants not see or picture, and people away from their side.

Let's see, Let's not fool ourselves: We all drank more of the account once. But there have two things in mind: the first is not to drive, at the risk of your life and that of others. And the second is that if you are also famous, You can not go overboard in public never. It's the price of fame.

Worst: Neira does not recognize his mistakes. Your personal brand is already in tatters. Seek your name on Google: it is difficult to find the links gave glory.

Here we have the chronology “express” facts about Neira: It is dizzying

09-08-08 A teacher is in danger of death for trying to stop a beating from an abusive to his wife

08-04-09 Jesus Neira will leave the hospital on his birthday, 8 months after the assault

16-04-09 The Equality Minister delivered the Grand Cross of Civil Merit Jesus Neira

06-05-09 Jesus Neira returns home after being operated for a pacemaker

06-08-09 Neira, operated satisfactorily implantation of a prosthesis in the brain

21-08-09 Jesus Neira leaves hospital “Felicísimo” and ready to face the trial Door

11-09-09 The PSOE de Majadahonda angry with Jesus Neira by telling a joke ZP

16-09-09 Sanchez Dredged record her daughter, Neira and Fernando Arrabal for new program

17-09-09 Professor Jesus Neira receives a tribute from the College of Philosophy and Letters of C-LM

06-10-09 Neira door denounces alleged threats by the judge investigating the attack

13-11-09 Neira is now chairman of the advisory board of the Observatory against Gender Violence

22-02-10 Jesus Neira feels “disgust and shame” for bail her attacker

23-02-10 Neira defends his right to apply for gun license after testifying before the judge

29-03-10 Jesus Neira accused the PSOE of having a history full of “barbarities and murders”

31-03-10 Jesus Neira will go on trial for triple the alcohol limit in a control

03-09-10 Convicted Neira 10 months without a license and a fine of 1.800 euros for drunk driving

03-09-10 Neira tripling the rate of alcohol permitted, if only drank “half a glass of wine”

06-09-10 Jesus Neira: “I am ethically irreproachable and I will not resign, to Impeach me”

06-09-10 Jesus Neira, from hero to villain

06-09-10 Aguirre will suppress the Observatory against Gender Violence headed by Jesús Neira

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4 replies
  1. Eva Lafuente
    Eva Lafuente says:

    Le felicito por el artículo, que supera con creces lo que ha escrito la prensa profesional. Además de estar bien documentado, analiza con rigor el ocaso del héroe al instante que quizás todos hemos querido ser.

    Coincido en que la peor parte es el no reconocer sus errores. Eso nos indica que efectivamente, este hombre está incapacitado para la función pública.

    Best regards.
    EL (Santander)

  2. Guillem Recolons
    Guillem Recolons says:

    Gracias E.L.
    Creo que es interesante advertir a los que aún no han invertido en marca personal que Roma no se construyó en un día. La marca personal requiere tiempo e interés, por no hablar de cariño.
    Si me permites el símil, el caso Neira sería el de un especulador inmobiliario que no prevé la crisis y se encuentra con un agujero financiero fatal en las narices.
    ¿Sabes lo que sería un reto profesional? Aceptar el caso Neira como trabajo de reconstrucción de marca personal. Un reto muy cercano a una tesis doctoral.
    Gracias por escribir y por tus palabras; ya quisiera yo escribir la mitad de bien que un periodista.

  3. celestinomz
    celestinomz says:

    Yo creo que este hombre se convirtió en un héroe por accidente. Visto su comportamiento en estos meses, no es descabellado pensar que nos encontremos con una persona a la que la violencia no le es ajena. Thus, es posible que se enfrentase al agresor más como muestra de su superioridad que por defender a la mujer.

    Recuerdo mi desconcierto cuando su propia mujer, a las preguntas de los periodistas, respondía que su maridoera un poco especial”, así que, no quiero aventurarme más, no creo que la decisión de nombrarle Observador contra la Violencia de lo que sea fuese un acierto, aunque no tuviésemos como prueba más que su violencia verbal.

    Por cierto que, si no era violencia (verbal) los brutales ataques a las hijas de Zapatero (mujeres y menores) que venga Dios y lo vea.

    A toro pasado todos somos Manolete pero la verdad es que este tío siempre me ha dado cierto repelús.

    Como dijo la temporada pasada Joaquín Caparrós, actual entrenador del Athletic de Bilbao: “Here, en dos minutos, pasamos de puta a señora”.

    a greeting,
    Celestino Martinez.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      And, and, no recordaba la frase “Aquí, en dos minutos, pasamos de puta a señora” de Caparrós. ¿Me la prestas para un tweet?

      Llevas razón en la motivación de defender a la señora; seguro que era muestra de superioridad y no solidaridad o compasión. Con las hijas de Zapatero, todos podríamos tener nuestra opinión, pero este tipo actuó al más puro estiloEl Alcázar”, de forma desmedida.

      Thanks for write


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