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Sense, purpose, view, mission and personal brand. Review of the book "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl

I do not intend to discover anything new on a work that was published in 1946 and it is deservedly one of the best-selling books of essays World. My intention is to try to establish, as far as possible, parallels between SENSE, yes, purpose, the vision, mission and personal brand. personal brandingIt is easy to empathize with someone who has gone through the ordeal of surviving almost miraculously- several concentration camps by his Jewishness. Get into the skin of psychiatrist Viktor Frankl (1905-1997) without having passed through Auschwitz it is not possible in theory, but thanks to his amazing story in psychological key to life in campus you can you move the worst years of Nazism and may try to understand the reactions to life prisoners, of the Cemetery (name of the ascended prisoners who collaborated with the SS) and soldiers responsible for the daily life of these facilities destruction and death.

Man's Search for Meaning mixture autobiography, a psychological test and a theoretical appendix on logoterapia, understood as the science that seeks the "logos" (sense). It is highly recommended, and the only question I ask myself is why the hell did not I would have read before.


It would be wrong to conclude that summary people who have found a meaning to their lives better support the weight of reality and existence, however hard it may be. But there is something of that in reading the book and conclusions. The meaning of life responds, According to Dr. Frankl, al “Why”. In other words, Why we are here?. Is it possible to live life without finding a reason to support it?. Many prisoners lost the meaning of life after losing their loved ones in the gas chamber, typhus or any of a thousand reasons people killed.


The purpose, at least in the guidance given to the term personal branding, respond more Where?. Where we want to go? The purpose I would be more in line with a vital goal, with a destination, and there is less important meaning. Losing a loved one would not have to blur a purpose.


Vision responds to for what. It remains as largoplacista as the meaning or purpose, but here introduces what burners We call the summary of the value proposition. What was I able to help others? To compose vision often retrospective technique is used, consisting picture your own epitaph.


The mission has to do with the way and we will use the provisions in the backcountry. Greek poet Constantine Cavafy the spoke that the meaning of life was not marked by the birth and death but by the way, by crossing (in nautical terms his poem "Journey to Ithaka" talk that it is important not reach the destination -the Island- but experience and knowledge acquired during the voyage). The mission would then respond to how, our values, skills and the way in which we carry out on a daily basis.

Returning to book Frankl, Perhaps the best summary is in this paragraph that I provided in its literal form:

When you accepted the person as a unique being, irreplaceable, then the responsibility arises in all its transcendence that man takes to the meaning of his existence. A man conscious of his responsibility to another human being that awaits him with all your heart, or to an unfinished work, You can never throw your life away. knows the why of its existence and will be able to withstand any how.

Would border the perfection that those of us professionally personal branding could help to answer these four questions to our customers: why? where? for what? and how?. At least we tried, in that attest. When it gets, We are facing a potentially unrepeatable, unique, solid basis, Transcendent and responsible.

thanks Dr. Frankl for giving meaning to so many lives.



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10 replies
  1. Lola
    Lola says:

    Dear Guillem, does 20 years one of the people I most admired in life gave me the book Frankl. Since then he became one of my favorite books, to which I return every so often to re-read and re-situate(me). I congratulate you on your post highlighting those points that are what really makes this one of the text that has marked so many lives, as you say. Thanks for sharing, to work and remember what gives meaning to our lives and makes us unique.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Dear Lola, to see your comment I have gone to get the book back because I remember that on the back was still the price tag: 12,90€. How about? A life lesson that can be converted into bedside book of our existence by 12,90… Are there better investment? A greeting and thanks for writing!

  2. Eva G. Abadal
    Eva G. Abadal says:

    appreciated Sr. Recolons, although I am profanes in this personal brand, your review has made me understand the central idea that all people need a compass in the form of questions to help us set a destination, a road and, as Frankl says, A because (the sense). I congratulate Review, one of the most original I've read one of the classics of existentialist psychology.

    My idea about personal branding was closer to the banal, something else related to the image or reputation. I see I was wrong and I'm glad to know that is closer to a “life management”. Best regards,

    Eva Abadal

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hi Eva, I do not know if “life management” It sounds very high. But in any case what is certain is that personal branding is not to be in social networks. That may be one of the steps taken in the visibility of a brand, but not part of its essence.
      Thank you for writing!

  3. Francesc Segarra
    Francesc Segarra says:

    Hi Guillem,

    Excellent article! For professionals who work under the concept of personal branding, we have a duty to convey the most important and fundamental part of a process of personal branding must begin with a deep introspection. Yes, besides, professional is involved in this process of introspection, practically “therapeutic”, You should work fine its powers in this regard. If not, can cause real damage.

    A greeting!

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      thanks Francesc! as warn, almost inevitable encroachments- self-styled characters “experts” who only work the personal brand from social networks hurt, No doubt. Fortunately, end customers know to separate the wheat from the chaff, but occasionally it is fine that some remember the need to deepen into being before going to work no personal brand strategy. I am delighted that our profession is enriched with professionals who know where the foundations of the brand are. a greeting!


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