The person as being unrepeatable

Sense, Purpose, Vision, mission and personal brand. Review of Viktor Frankl's book "The Man in Search of Sense"

I don't mean to discover anything new about a Work which was edited in 1946 and that's deservedly one of the best-selling essay books in the world. My intention is to try to establish, as much as possible, some parallel between THE SENSE, The Purpose, vision, mission and personal brand. personal brandingIt's not easy to empathize with someone who has been through the terrible experience of surviving - almost miraculously- to various concentration camps because of his Jewish status. Putting yourself in the shoes of the psychiatrist Viktor Frankl (1905-1997) without having passed through Auschwitz is not possible in theory, but thanks to his impressive psychological-coded account of life in the kampus you can move to the worst years of Nazism and you can try to understand reactions to life prisoners, of the Kapos (name of ascended prisoners collaborating with the SS) and the soldiers in charge of the day-to-day of these facilities of destruction and death.

The Man in Search of Meaning mix an autobiography, a psychological trial and a theoretical annex on logotherapy, understood as science seeking "logos" (Sense). It's more than recommended, and the only question I ask myself is why the hell wouldn't I have read it before.


It would be a bad summary to conclude that people who have found meaning in their lives better bear the weight of reality and existence, however hard it can be. But there's some of that in reading and findings of the book. The meaning of life responds, according to Dr. Frankl, "to"Why". In other ways,, Why are we here?. Is it possible to live life without finding a reason to support?. Many of the prisoners lost their sense of life by losing their loved ones in the gas chamber, for typhus or any of the thousand reasons that killed people.


The Purpose, at least in the orientation given to the term in personal branding, would respond more to Where?. Where do we want to go? The Purpose would be more in line with a vital goal, with a destiny, and there is less relevance the sense. Losing a loved one wouldn't have to blur a purpose.


The vision responds to the For what. It remains as long-termist as the sense or Purpose, but here he introduces what branders we call the summary of the value proposition. How have I been able to help others? Drafting the vision often relies on retrospective technique, consisting of imagining your own epitaph.


The mission has to do with the road and the provisions that we will use in the journey. The Greek poet Konstandinos Kavafis spoke that the meaning of life was not marked by birth and death but by the way, by the journey (in nautical terms his poem "Journey to Itaca" speaks that the important thing is not to reach the island - the destination- but gain experiences and knowledge during the journey). The mission would then respond to the How, to our values, skills and how we conduct them on a day-to-day basis.

Back to Frankl's book, perhaps the best summary is in this paragraph that I provide in its literal form:

When it is accepted to the person as an unrepeatable being, Irreplaceable, then in all its transcendence arises the responsibility that man assumes in the sense of his existence. A man aware of his responsibility to another human being who awaits him with all his heart, or in the face of an unfinished work, you'll never be able to throw your life overboard. Meet the Why of its existence and will be able to withstand any How.

It would be perfect that those of us who are professionally dedicated to the branding staff could help to answer these four questions to our customers: Why? Where? For what? And how?. At least we tried, That's where I attest. When you get, we are potentially faced with an unrepeatable being, Only, solid-based, transcendent and responsible.

Thank you Dr.. Frankl for giving meaning to so many lives.



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10 thoughts on "The person as being unrepeatable”

  1. Dear Guillem, Ago 20 years one of the people I've admired most in life gave me Frankl's book. Since then it has become one of my headline books, I return from time to time to reread and restitute(I). I congratulate you on your post highlighting those points that are really what makes this text one that has marked so many lives the most, as you say yourself. Thank you for sharing, by working and remembering what gives meaning to our lives and makes us unique.

    • Dear Lola, seeing your comment I went to look again for the book because I remember that on the back cover was still the label with the price: 12,90Us $. What do you think? A life lesson that can be turned into the headline book of our existence by 12.90… Is there better investment? A greeting and thank you for writing!

  2. appreciated Sr. Recolons, although I'm desecrated in this personal branding thing, your review has made me understand the central idea that all people need a compass in the form of questions that help us set a destination, a path and, as Frankl says, a why (sense). I congratulate you on the review, one of the most original I've ever read from one of the classics of existentialist psychology.

    My idea about personal branding was closer to the banal, something else related to the image or reputation. I see I was wrong and glad to know that it's closer to a “life management”. Cordial greetings,

    Eva Abadal

    • Hello Eva, I don't know if “life management” sounds very loud. But in any case what is certain is that the personal brand is not about being on social media. That can be one of the steps in the visibility of a brand, but they're not part of their essence.
      Thank you so much for writing!

  3. Hello Guillem,

    Great article! For professionals who work under the concept of personal branding, we have a duty to convey that the most important and fundamental part of a personal branding process must begin with a deep introspection. If besides, the professional is involved in this process of introspection, Practically “Therapeutic”, you should work very well your skills in this regard. But, can cause real wreckage.

    A greeting!

    • Thank you Francesc! As you warn, the meddling - almost inevitable- of self-calling characters “Experts” who only work the personal brand from social media do harm, there's no doubt. Fortunately, in the end customers know how to separate the grain from the straw, but from time to time it's okay for some of us to remember the need to dig deeper into the being before launching into any personal brand strategy. I am glad to know that our profession is enriched with professionals who know where the foundations of the brand are. A greeting!


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