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A few weeks ago I threatened to announce a novelty in the form of a podcast. The time has come, and I'm happy to announce the release of "The voice of my brand", the new program that Celestino Martínez and I have created to enhance the voice of your personal brand.

If you're short on time, I'll tell you in a minute..

The moment of truth for your personal brand voice

The ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) which translated into The Christian is literally Moment Zero of Truth, it's essentially that crucial moment when a person makes a decision regarding your brand..

Well if you allow me the license, and already set to create acronyms, the PMOT, that as you already imagine, is the Moment of Truth Podcast, moment of truth of a podcast, What is it, basically, when he sees the light.

Two weeks ago I started 2022 celebrating the 1st anniversary of the Todo Deja Marca podcast, a possible space for freakies of personal development and personal branding. There I threatened you: I notified you of a joint project with my podcaster friend Celestino Martinez,  podcast creator Retail Update and the famous hashtag #sevienelaturradelpodcaster

Well, today my heart does not fit in my chest, that project is already here, and today is a cause for celebration for the birth of THE VOICE OF MY BRAND, the new podcast created hand in hand (micro to micro) with Celestino Martínez.

The nerves of the first day

I leave here the conversation that Celes and I had, and that you can listen to in full version in my last chapter of Everything leaves a Mark.

Guillem: Uy, what nerves.... Hello? Don Celestino Martinez, Are you there, in person?

Celestino: Hello Guillem! I 'm, am...

Guillem: I don't know if it happens to you, but I'm with the excitement of the first day of school, You know, that indefinite point between illusion, Anger, Depression, rush, let's endorphins to a thousand...

Celestino: I, the truth is that I have a combination of tranquility and illusion. On the one hand the tranquility that, Finally, after so much work, the podcast is presented and. On the other hand, the illusion of sharing it and seeing if it is useful to those who will listen to it.

Presentation of the new podcast "The voice of my brand"

Guillem: Good Celes, do the honors of presenting in a 30" elevator pitch what the new podcast is"The voice of my brand" and what is its main solver.

Celestino: The voice of my brand is based on the fact that the podcast is a perfect means to get the value proposition of a personal brand to its audience and the opportunity that anyone can start theirs. And the main solver is that, from our experience preparing our podcasts and taking them forward, we share practical keys with the listener that help them save time, money and energy in the implementation of your podcast so that as soon as possible, you're talking to your potential customers.

Context favors podcasting

Guillem: Remember that Statista chart I passed you the other day?? This graph confirms that the podcast is at its best.. Today there is 600 millions of listeners and in three years it is expected to almost double, exceeding one billion people. What do you think?

Statista Podcasts continue to gain followers

Celestino: The truth is that, even though I'm a big consumer of podcasts it's a figure that impresses me. There are very few social networks or content platforms with so many users. On the other hand I am very happy that more and more people discover this format that has so many interesting things.

Guillem: Hey, before we tell in detail what the Voice of My Brand, Do you remember how you and I met??

Celestino: Yes, Of course. We met on twitter because I followed Soymimarca since its inception. And one day I called you on the phone to propose a collaboration. Eit would be the beginning of a friendship that lasts more than ten years. At that time, in addition to sharing experiences, chat and have fun, I've also mentored you, to consult you some decisions of my personal brand.

Guillem: Look at what life is and the paths it takes. I was once your mentor and now you have been mentored to me with podcasting.. Well, so as not to give much turra with personal things, what went through your head when you set out to create a duet podcast like "The Voice of My Brand"?

Celestino: Well, we explained it in the pilot episode. Very occasionally, I write a post for soymimarca and I had been thinking about writing a post about podcasting for personal branding for weeks but I could not find time. Meanwhile, in those morning conversations we have while we do sports, we were sharing experiences, so it occurred to me that those conversations could be had in front of our microphones..

Guillem: Who will "The Voice of My Brand" be for?? What profile of person do you think can grow with this new podcast?

Celestino: I think that the profile that can get the most out of The Voice of My Brand is that of a person who is managing their personal brand and who is already creating their own content or is interested in creating them.

Guillem: And for explaining the first contents, Do you think we have here what will be heard in the first six episodes??

Contents of the new podcast

Celestino: Yes, Of course. In the pilot episode we explain what is The Voice of My Brand and in the episodes that go from 1 To 5, we tell the listener what possibilities a podcast has for their personal brand, why now is the time to start, where to do it, what is the most important thing you have to do before you start and then we help you make the first decisions, which are the choice of equipment and format.

Guillem: Well, well to you, you're hearing this, We inform you that The Voice of My Brand is now available with the first four episodes on iVoox, Apple Podcast and Spotify, you just have to search for "The Voice of my Brand" and subscribe from your favorite platform to not miss a chapter. Celes what do we leave ourselves?

Celestino: The truth is that we have few things left to tell anymore. Perhaps I would recommend that you listen to the episodes in order., Because, at least at first, each episode leads you to make some decisions or do certain actions that you will need to take advantage of the next episode. I would also like to say that we are putting a lot of love into sound design and editing., always looking for the highest possible quality and also, as the listener will see, the occasional surprise at the beginning of each episode.

Guillem: And another thing, the only platform that allows interaction, Today for today, is iVoox, so if you want to give us feedback on your experience, something you can not imagine how we would appreciate you, Remember, better listen to us in iVoox and thus discover the voice of your personal brand.

Celestino: And you know, if you want to enhance your personal brand through your own podcast, The Voice of My Brand is now available on your preferred podcast platform. We listen to each other!!!

Here you can listen to the episode 55 of Everything leaves a Mark, titled "Discover the voice of your personal brand" in iVoox, Spotify, Apple Podcast Or Google Podcast.

And here you have the podcast The Voice of my Brand

The Voice of My Brand" in iVoox, chapter zero

Here you have it in en Spotify

And here "The Voice of My Brand" in Apple Podcast

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