The 5 stages of a compelling personal message


I remember my time in J. Walter Thompson a process that analyzed the purchasing system of a product. It started with the need, followed by the search, the test, comparison, buying, experience and repetition (if the experience was good).


imageObviously, The “buying system” was very complete and sophisticated in a large investment -- buying a home, of a car- and much simpler in the case of an impulsive purchase product, like ice cream (it's hot, I go through an ice cream kiosk and buy).

Is the purchasing system applicable to people?


In a way yes, but I will point to logical changes derived from the more emotional and lasting character of the human condition. And since people aren't buying items (I agree, slavery has not yet completely disappeared, but we talk in generalistic terms), we will focus on the EFFECTIVENESS OF PERSONAL MESSAGE.

Distingo 5 steps to calibrate that a personal message heats up and is effective:

1. Notoriety. I know you?
2. Affinity I know what you offer?
3. Lace Do I need what you're proposing?
4. Choice. Are you better than your competition?
5. Loyalty Do you keep your promises?
Next week we go deep into the stage 1, Notoriety.

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