The ten most important trends 2013, by JWT

Leo in ads Marketing News something I think is essential to better understand the functioning of our society. The study is published JWT, one of my soul agencies, and worth taking a look.

One more year, JWT launches its study "10 trends 2013”, result of a quantitative and qualitative research developed by JWT Intelligence.

Many of the trends report reflect how brands and businesses are driving, drawing and neutralizing its omnipresence in our lives through new technologies and also how consumers respond to this constant push. Another important issue is health, present in two trends that examine the growing awareness of the impact of stress and happiness are on welfare.
1. "Play" as a competitive advantage

Adults back to their childhood and embrace the idea of ​​"play" again without rules. In a time when people feel they may not have time for activities without specific goals associated, there will be an increasing tendency to be aware that unstructured time without power late goals imagination, creativity and innovation as a competitive advantage.
2. The era of Super Stress

Stress is inevitable, and reasons to be stressed multiply. We are approaching the era of Super Stress, and is becoming a concern from the medical point of view. Because, the governments, companies and brands will increase their efforts to reduce it. An example of this example, It is the brand The North Face with a campaign that encourages consumers to escape to nature, if only for a weekend.

3. Smart objects

Everyday objects evolve increasingly devices "Smart" that offer more features. With the change of operation of these objects, comes new ways to interact, in which we enjoy more and get more profits. The brand Oakely, for example, revolutionized ski goggles, incorporating GPS, and a mini-screen where you can see your speed, altitude, and distance.

4. Augmented customization

Measure and collect data from consumers is becoming easier and cheaper. At the same time, consumers increasingly generate measurable data than ever. Thus, Brands are increasingly able to predict customer behavior, know what you need or want, and accordingly, customize offers and communications accurately.


Our smartphones are transformed into portfolios, keys, health consultants and more. a breve, will be as our fingerprint, our identity all in one device.

6. Explosion of the senses

In the digital world, where experiences are virtual and online, stimulation of our senses becomes an experience Premium. The marketing will focus on new ways to stimulate the senses and shoot, while consumers seek products and experiences increasingly powerful. Dunkin’ Donuts, the famous coffee franchise, already exploring this idea with technology throwing coffee flavor on public transport, whenever the tinkling sounds brand.

7. Everything can be a store

Shopping is no longer just go to the mall. It goes beyond an activity that takes place in physical stores or online. Thanks to mobile technology, any place can be a sales channel and brands increasingly seek creative ways to sell their products. There are several examples to support this trend as the Pop Up Stores or purchases via QR codes as shares in Tesco Metro in Korea or Walmart and Mattel in an underpass in Toronto.

8. Power exchange

People increasingly more services or favors exchanged and expanded to all kinds of areas such as hospitality, The education, tourism or transport. Sharing platforms or collaborative consumption as Airbnb, the web has put on the map a 22.000 Spanish properties offering accommodations, are real competition to traditional hotels allowing consumers to find a room at a good price and experience under the philosophy "I do not buy what I need; I share what I have ".

9. privately public

In a time where we have our life exposed publicly in social networks, There are people looking for unconventional ways to incorporate a private space in their lives. Not about rejecting social media, but to find better ways to define our digital identity and at the same time enjoy all the benefits.

10. Happiness and health, hand to hand

Happiness has become a fundamental part of welfare, because the idea that a happier person is a healthier person and vice versa. Many brands are capitalizing on this trend and are becoming part of your communication.

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    Excelentes recomendaciones, a ponerlas a trabajar en este 2013 que pinta duro pero sin duda lleno de buenas oportunidades. Articulazo! Thank you very much!


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