In another life, ask yourself to be male (The women of my life)

The International Women's Day, a day that should not exist, since it claims a no-brainer: capabilities, women's competences and rights in equality and equity with men.

And we celebrate it – each in their own way- because there is still much to be done. I celebrate with this Post, this is my banner, today I deal with the gender gap and the women in my life.

If you're short on time, I'll summarize it in this video:

How is the courtyard? Much more needs to be done

Focus 2030 presents a compilation of the main data sources on the six Action Coalitions of the Generation and Equality Forum: gender-based violence, justice and economic rights, autonomy over the body and sexual and reproductive health and rights, feminist action for climate justice, technology and innovation for gender equality, and feminist movements and leaderships.

I highly recommend you, A lot, that you read the article: Where to find data on gender inequalities in the world of Focus 2030. And I advance you 30 data from that article that will shrink your soul (whether you are a woman or not):

  1. 51 millions of women and girls live in countries without a single female minister in government, and more than 650 millions of girls and women in 64 Countries (including Spain) have never had an elected head of state or government.
  2. Only one 28% of STEM research staff (Science, Technology, engineering and mathematics) are women.
  3. The 80% of people displaced by the climate crisis are girls and women.
  4. In 2019, The 16% of teenage girls were forced to marry before the 18, in front of the 19% In 2012. At this rate, will be needed 100 more years to eradicate child marriage.
  5. In 27 Countries, married women are legally obliged to obey their husbands, and in 16 of them face sanctions if they do not.
  6. The 31% of women have experienced violence from their partner, and the 27% of women think it is justified for the husband to assault his wife in circumstances such as:
    1. If it comes out without warning
    2. If you neglect children
    3. If you argue with him
    4. If you refuse to have sex with him
    5. If you burn the food
  7. In 88 of the 180 Countries, women cannot work in certain professions under the same conditions as men, and in 24 countries need permission from their husbands or legal guardians to work.
  8. In 125 Countries, women are more likely than men to feel unsafe walking alone at night in their own neighborhood.
  9. In 2021, the WEF estimates that they will be needed 135.6 years to eliminate gender inequalities in the world. In 2020, estimated that they would be needed 99.5 Years : the Covid-19 pandemic has delayed the achievement of equality to one more generation.
  10. Around the world, one third of women and girls have experienced physical and/or sexual violence. Less than 40% has sought help and, Including, only the 10% has gone to the police.
  11. Of the total number of women victims of homicide in 2012, The 50% were killed by their partners or relatives.
  12. In 67 Countries, domestic violence is not a crime.
  13. At least 200 millions of girls and women have undergone female genital mutilation.
  14. In 2019 women represented the 50% of the world's working-age population, and only the 39% of the total labour force and the 28% of managerial positions.
  15. In 2017, The 34% of women from 15 To 24 years were unemployed, studies or training (NEET or Nini generation), in front of the 10% of young men.
  16. Worldwide, The 21,7% of women of working age are in full-time unpaid care, in front of the 1,5% of men
  17. Worldwide, the wage gap between women and men is 18,8%.
  18. Women have only three-quarters of the legal rights granted to men in terms of economic security, professional growth and work-life balance.
  19. In 100 there is no legislation that requires equal pay for work of equal value.
  20. In 41 Countries, daughters do not have the same rights over family inheritance as their male siblings, and in 43 Widows do not have the same inheritance rights as widowers to inherit the property of their deceased spouse.
  21. Of the 500 companies that generated more revenue in 2020, Fortune 500 reveals that only 14 of these 500 are run by a woman.
  22. In 47 of the 50 countries studied, there are fewer women than men entrepreneurs.
  23. The 43% of men and the 42% of women believe that a preschooler will suffer if his mother works.
  24. The 21% of men and the 16% of women think that a college education is more important for a boy than for a girl.
  25. The 37% of men and the 26% of women think that men are better than women in company management positions.
  26. The 63% of men and women consider that being a housewife is as satisfying as doing paid work.
  27. The 37% of men and the 30% of women think that, when jobs are scarce, priority must be given to men to access employment and to dispense with women.
  28. The 37% of men and the 36% of women think that, if a woman makes more money than her husband, this is likely to lead to problems.
  29. Men are four times more likely than women to have advanced knowledge in information and communication technologies (Tic), as for example, programming.
  30. Recruiters at Silicon Valley tech companies estimate that applications for technical positions in artificial intelligence (AI) and data science have a lower percentage of women than 1%.

In another life, ask yourself to be male

More than one woman has told me more than once "in another life"., ask yourself to be a man". And it's sad.. If there is another life, I accept whatever comes, I fear that the embryo is not given the privilege of choosing gender, place, Family, expectation of the future...

To the 30 points exposed must be added biological factors. In some cases, endometriosis becomes an ordeal during the period, to give an example...

We carry female biology as standard

In the introduction to the book "If you don't contribute, you don't matter" I start like this: 

Biologically, all people are born females. Starting at 6 weeks of gestation, some embryos are revealed thanks to a gene housed on the "Y" chromosome, where testosterone intervenes to change the sex towards the male in some of the cases.

You see., every human being has a feminine origin, and perhaps that explains why, miraculously, humanity has not yet immolated itself.

The women of my life

The women of my life, by Guillem Recolons

Here I leave you an incomplete list - I would lack space- of the women in my life, the ones that have influenced me the most and continue to influence me (even if some are no longer).

  • Alexia H. Anything is possible, Fighter, nonconformist, Travelling, experience finder, discreet, sophisticated (Colleague)
  • Alicia R. Flow, Energy, Transparency, rigor, humour, Authenticity, Empathy, Voice, look, Communication (Colleague)
  • Anne B. Earthquake, Joy, life, strength, boldness, own style, impudence, laughter, lots of laughter (colleague and friend,+1998)
  • Ana J. Responsibility, work capacity, loyalty, goodness, Joy, good taste (colleague and friend)
  • Ana R. Illusion, Joy, Ideas, generosity, Troublemaker, montapollos, light in the dark (Friend)
  • Anabel F. Possibilism, strength, minimalism, Connection, Joy, Music, resistance, meringue (Colleague)
  • Arancha R. Balance, nonconformity, willingness to grow, willingness to create, letters and sciences ((Colleague)
  • Berta R. My female alter ego, always my girl, my raison d'être, Legacy, my greatest source of pride in this life (Family / daughter)
  • Carme G. Joy, irony, sagacity, Intuition, assertiveness, pragmatism, life, Hedonism, friendship (Friend)
  • Cèlia H. Generosity, Seny, companionship, Connection, work capacity, self-demand (Colleague)
  • Cristina T. Glue, Connector, Troublemaker, bon vivant, reader, super-culer (Friend, +2014)
  • Elena A. Resilience, Focus, vital joy, Connector, Gore, brilliantine, talent and action without limit (colleague and friend)
  • Eva C. Impulse, Energy, contagious laughter, well-spun irony, Connector, earthquake, courage (colleague and friend)
  • Francis G. Value, Resilience, Leadership, proactivity, loyalty, Connection, generosity, Impulse (Colleague)
  • Helena C. Music, complicity, Hedonism, meticulousness, Humanity, constant search for light (partner and friend)
  • Ilana B. Professionalism, Energy, courage, Leadership, Passion, sensitivity, adaptation (Colleague)
  • Izaro A. Diversity, Inclusion, strength, comprehension, work capacity, Purpose (in the process of friendship)
  • Laura Ch. Life, Joy, Listen to me, Passion, smile, mysticism, Reflection, Travelling (Colleague)
  • Linda R. Fun, citizen of the world, bon vivant, Travelling, Authentic, discreet, cat (colleague and friend)
  • Maria M. Passion (as described by Antonio Gala), Resilience, strength, stubbornness, the great engine (Family / spouse)
  • Martha B. Happy, Committed, discreet, Connector, madwoman, Active, Pretty (colleague and friend)
  • Mercè G. Music, My dear, food, peace, complicity, Responsibility, Fidelity, clan (family/grandmother +2008)
  • Monica M. Strength, rigor, Connection, continuous learning, criterion, assertiveness, peace (Colleague)
  • Nancy V. Vitality, opening, courage, Connection, illusion, Leadership, Passion, active listening (partner and friend)
  • Natalia R. Amiability, Responsibility, Resilience, Love, humour, calm, smile (Family / sister)
  • Neus A. My model, the person I would have wanted to be if they were a woman, seny and rauxa, the word just (Colleague)
  • Naomi V. Joy, strength, push, constancy, Learning, Energy, Connection, rigor (colleague and friend)
  • Olga R. Earthquake, Passion, yin and yang, confectioner, familiar, Kindly, Energy (Family / sister)
  • Olga V. Seny, pragmatism, friendship without cracks, Responsibility, bon vivant, booming voice, authority (colleague and friend)
  • Paula F. Reborn, pragmatism, Happiness, strength, super-energy, the big smile (colleague and friend)
  • Rachel G. Familiarity, friendship, Connection, Listen to me, inner strength, Leadership, Music (Colleague):
  • Vicky A. Love Provider, protection, Responsibility, Security, life lessons, common sense, comprehension (Family / mother)
  • Ylse R. Connection, Energy, strength, resistance, Learning, Kindness, Passion (Colleague)

They have all helped me to be a better person, to understand the world in a different way, to acknowledge my mistakes and to be true to my purpose: help draw futures.

I hope you liked this post. You can listen to it on a podcast (more staff) In Apple Podcast, iVoox, Spotify And Google Podcast.


Imposters and great / Neus Arqués

Imposters and great

This week the book is now available in bookstores "Imposters and great" by my dear fellow writer Neus Arqués (Alienta, 2022). The subtitle of the book is sensational and explains the idea of the imposter: "for others to see your talent, you have to see it first.".

I made a breakthrough two or three weeks ago, but after reading it, I think it is a must-read text for all women (and many men) who think they do not add value and maintain a silence detrimental to their professional careers.

I love the review made by my colleague Arancha Ruiz de Impostoras y estupendas: "A book for talented women, I mean, for all women: a book that teaches that personal branding is not to posture but to grow and collaborate"

Personal Branding for Outstanding Politicians / Carolina San Miguel

A few weeks ago, the expert in personal branding and political marketing, Carolina San Miguel, released his first book Personal Branding for Outstanding Politicians: Marketing and communication keys to not being a white label politician

Personal Branding for Outstanding Politicians

Carolina was deputy spokesperson, Deputy Mayor, and directed several areas such as urbanism or entrepreneurship in the municipality of Benicassim -Castellón- During 10 Years. After that journey, she began a new stage as an advisor and mentor to political candidates to help them find their differential value proposition.

The book contains four parts: personal brand, personal branding in politics, small-scale political communication and online communication in politics. You can find it on Amazon.

I must say that the world would be a different place if the people who govern us read and applied the knowledge of a book like Carolina's.. Congratulations!

And to finish, I leave you link to the free ebook 41 branded women (2021) and I leave this video, a masterpiece by John Lennon that he never saw published. Dedicated to all women:

Stock Photos from Valentin Agapov / Shutterstock

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