Trump-Biden: A great lesson in communication

Presidential election, the first Tuesday in November every four years. So says the Constitution of the United States. That day, in theory, puts an end to the great communication lesson of each of the constrife parties: the blues versus the reds, elephants against donkeys, Republicans vs. Democrats.

But this year hasn't been the case.. Voters haven't wanted it that way.. And what had to be a blue tide according to forecasts has become one of the most close battles in political history. With happy ending for Biden / Harris, that's yes.

If you're short on time, I'll sum it up for you in a minute:

Communication lesson, I agree, but good or bad?

It would be very easy to say that the blues have done well and the Reds have done it wrong. I think there have been successes and mistakes on both sides and that what has been fought is a great battle for the best story.

On the red elephant part, Trump's business and TV showman experience, the idea of the plot with the Chinese virus, protectionism, the denialism of the pandemic and something he could turn around: your own Covid contagion. I've come to think if its contagion was a show designed to remove iron from the virus and create a super-man.

On the blue donkeys side, experience as Biden's vice president, its temperance, your patience, and letting Trump drown with his own lies, without raising your voice. Support, something late, by Obama. Your respect for the virus and your criticism of pandemic management. On the negative side, the concept of “Blue tide” could have had some opposite effect than expected: encourage greater Republican vote and relax Democratic participation.

True, in the end biden has won, but not for a “Tide”, let's not forget the 70 millions of votes to Trump, the biggest Republican support in history. Giving the elections for winnings in advance based solely on demoscopy is something that future candidates will have to weigh.

When the media denounces manipulation, Do they also manipulate?

Another communication lesson is left to us by the media, who have clearly taken sides by one or the other candidate. Fox and the pro-conservative media group, playing Trump speaker. La CNN, New York Times and the pro-Democratic media group, more than supporting Biden, have denounced Trump's lies, even quantifying them (23 up-to-date)

Trump's Wall of Lies
Trump's Wall of Lies

There is even a page in Wikipedia, well-referenced, who tracks Trump's false aformations.

That said,, I was surprised that some TV channels cut off Trump's live broadcast when Trump announced voter fraud by Democrats. That, in my opinion, it's censorship. If anyone wants to lie in public, you'd better do it and drown like that inside your own mud. The twitter case is different: this social network simply warned that the content of Trump's tweet was not verified.

Tell me where you're reporting and I'll tell you who you're voting for., And how you are

In this polarized society, we inform ourselves by reading those media that tell the truth that we want to hear. It's hard for someone on the right to read a left-wing medium to complete their Perspective. And vice versa. It's not about empathizing, but to have a broader vision.

This causes a nonsense in the form of a loop: you'll totally disagree with anything the politician who's in your ideological antipodes does or says, even if it's a reasonable thing to do. And you'll agree and support anything your spectrum politician says., even if it's a niceness. That's polarization. And it's serious. Divide the world into two sides and force to extreme positions. And everything, All, it's the fault of mismanagement of communication.

Farewell to the Ohio Curse

These elections have also broken the prophecy that whoever won in Ohio won the election. Biden lost in Ohio, and has won the election.

If you're a curious person of music, you still remember the song."OhioCrosby's ", Stills, Nash & Young". In April 1970, Nixon announced that the Army was preparing to invade Cambodia, still in the midst of the Vietnam War. ⁣

Young Americans, Tired, they took to the streets in protest, ⁣

And in Ohio, Nixon got out of hand. At Kent State University, the National Guard fired at its discretion against 2.000 Young. Result: 9 Wounded (one of them with permanent paralysis) And 4 dead young men, ⁣

Should we take sides?

It is not forbidden to express political opinions. Commitment is a value, if you rush me a fortress. We should be able to express ourselves, and not just to curse what we think is done wrong, also to thank you for what we think is done well.

The problem is polarization, and the loop. If you say something that could hurt my beliefs, maybe I don't want to work with you.. And the other way around. It's hard to talk about politics without getting "wet., in the end all they want to know about you is what your label is. And it doesn't matter that you have a broad look, Perspective, or try to understand each other's reasons.

On the other hand, humor, as I mentioned in his day, doesn't always marry politics well. There will always be those who are offended.

A tough winter is coming for Trump

I don't want to take credit for Trump.: has been the most voted Republican candidate in history. What I didn't have was facing the Democratic nominee who has won the US vote record for the US vote. U.S.. Trump's credibility isn't his only problem.. Losing his immunity as president, causes are opened up for non-payment of taxes - among many other things- in their companies.

Accepting defeat will be difficult for Trump. You may need to see several times one of the best concession speeches in history. That of the now-defunct John McCain.

Winter is coming, Mr. Trump, and you are fired. Happy week!

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8 thoughts on "Trump-Biden: A great lesson in communication”

  1. To this day, it is not yet known who has won. That's a fact.. And let the media say who has won, without waiting for the end result, it is again a great mistake on the part of the #massmierda who again leave in the sight of all the little seriousness and the burden of sensationalism to which they favor. In addition, they can't be the ones who give victory to one candidate or another, should be the polls, right?

    Among the other what they make clear is that the political class should disappear already, by corrupt mainly. It is impossible to improve the personal brand of the political class and the media. Its base is not in favor of the evolution and prosperity of people.

    I certainly really liked the reflection you've made about having a broader view, nurture from sources on both sides to complete the perspective. Something that's easier for us because it's not about our choices.

    We must keep waiting before pronouncing the winning candidate. The two options are not too good and patience is an intangible value and a mistake not to put it into practice among adults, Media, companies and personal brands ?

    • Hello Mireya, you're right in the precipitation of each other for putting a winner before the total count. The economy of care is pressing, and the first to announce anything seems to take a special prize. If there's one thing we're clear about, it's that victory shouldn't be given by eer the media or the courts, but the votes, the polls. Thank you for writing!!!

  2. I fully agree with Mireya, Guillem. In this case, even though some media outlets were desperate to announce “Your” winner and cut off any voice that would counter it or put on suspicion (even if it was Trump himself, And I'm not a trumpist), the rest of the mortals read and critically sensed (And I have you as such) we were bound to mesura, equidistance and waiting for the 100% of the scrutinized and the judicial pronouncement, if that were the case.

    With regard to positioning yourself or not, everyone is free to do so. In my case, I consider myself political but apartidist, I don't believe in any political party anywhere in the world. I am political as a committed citizen with postgraduate studies on governance. I believe in civil society formed and informed (that's what my doctoral thesis was about.). And the big problem I see is the great polarization of the political debate, decisions, labels. And what's worse: the moral burden of good (if you think like me) and bad (if it's from the other side). Who in their right mind dares to have a moderately sensible opinion if exposed to the hordes of one or the other? To insults, disqualifications…

    And sources where to inform yourself without manipulation or setarismos, it's not since they're in short supply, is that you have to dig to see if you get a medium or journalist who doesn't get carried away by their ideology or interests. Objectivity and truthfulness are extinguishing goods… :(

    • I don't think anyone votes for the ideal party., but to the acronym in which you can identify some trusted politician, a little utopia, but something you have to hold on to. Regarding the Trump/Biden campaign, I agree that some mass media have entered a dangerous game of censorship and precipitation. We'll see how this all ends.. Thank you for writing, Francis!

  3. Hello Guilllem,
    When I read your posts always with notebook and pen because you don't leave me indifferent. The post we refer to today has been global news for many days for everyone and as you say great communication lesson. I hadn't heard about red elephants vs blue donkeys why do they identify with those animals? I agree that polarization is serious and a detail that divides does not une! because it forces you to create extremisms and that's not good, Truth? The good thing is to be able to create an inspirational conversion between people that inspires and strengthens relationships even with positions found.
    According to the fact that commitment is a value and for me also a strength I actually have in my PERSONAL DAFO, proud I'm proud of her by the way ;))!
    You say humor doesn't marry well in politics because there's always going to be anyone who's offended, okay. ! and I add that humor also does not house in times of crisis because you have to be very good to apply it and that no one is offended. I remember about your post about humor, what they send you about Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! the witty or witty one who shared it is good because it drives everyone's responsibility for covid, No?
    In short, and ending my comment .. I've already commented that Trump doesn't accept defeat and as you rightly say I should see John McCain's speech from which I highlight the words: Congratulate, love for the country, Perseverance, Respect, Feeling, pride and aware; for my fundamental details in every relationship we have for success.

    A hug,


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