24 books to effectively manage your personal brand (2021)

I must confess, before you get your hopes up, you want to read the 24 books to effectively manage your personal brand won't make you an expert in personal branding. The practice, For me, is the other side of the coin, and recognition would be the impetus. Nor do I consider those who have graduated in architecture as an architect until he has successfully designed and erected a few works.

What you can achieve by reading all or some of the books to effectively manage your personal brand that I propose here is to learn how to self-manage your brand by creating your own roadmap with the best of each work.

Throughout my more than 11 years as a consultant, trainer and lecturer on personal branding I will have read about 65 books on the subject or as a reinforcement of the subject. These 24 are remarkable in one of their particularities.

For organizational purposes, the good thing about all this is that books don't compete, but some complete and enrich the knowledge of others. I classify them into the following categories:

  1. Books that draw the context of the personal brand
  2. Good practical manuals to get started
  3. Testimonial books style "that's how I did it, that's how things went for me."
  4. Books to strengthen the area of self-knowledge
  5. Books to complete the strategy area
  6. Books to strengthen the area of visibility
  7. Books focused on employability and career
  8. I also add an annex with other books I've read, ebooks and authors not translated into Spanish.

No more, here I start with book titles to effectively manage your personal brand. For me the reading order is important. I mean, better to start with contexts and end up with hyper-specialization.

If you're short on time, here's a video-summary of 1 Minute (in Spanish):

1.- Books that draw the context of the personal brand

Says Portuguese neuroscientist António Damsio: 

To successfully understand the brain factory of mind and behavior, it is necessary to consider its cultural and social context. And this makes the attempt truly frightening. "The Descartes Error" (1994)

Your future is today

Written by Laura Chica And Francisco Warden. Posted by Encourage. First edition, October 2014. Foreword by Eva Collado Durán.

Laura Chica and Francisco Alcaide have created a simple structure with 40 keys to creating your destiny, each with a dedicated chapter.

Each chapter ends with 5 steps for action and 5 books for action, which means that the book has 200 steps for action and 200 reference books. And I forgot, also with 40 more than inspiring phrases.

The training and experience of Francisco Alcaide in ADE and Laura Chica in psychology and coaching are the key to the thematic richness of the book, that doesn't stick to leadership issues, productivity or networking but goes deeper into issues such as fear, emotional intelligence, Love, Sex, happiness and more.

At the end there is a gift that I not wakefulness to do too much "spoiler". Indispensable.

The world changes, And you?

Written by Eva Collado Durán. Posted by Encourage. First edition, March 2019. Prologado by Laura Chica. Epilogue by Carmen Soler Pagán and Sonia Rodríguez Muriel.

After his editorial christening with "Brand is you" (Rasche, 2016), -and that I try later- Eva has valued her experience not only as a human capital manager but as a great architect of change in organizations, a cultural change that has led to digital change.

Today a professional is not conceived without the skills of the professional of the 21st century, that Collado draws perfectly. Easy outline book, With 5 chapters that start with the domain of the environment and end with a personal brand mantra: if you don't say who you are, others will do it for you.

The book contains the DNA of many professionals who have contributed to the different sections (among those I have the honor of being). 

I can't hide my special affection for this woman., to which I consider a friend of the soul, a huge emotion manager and an irreplaceable professional. This is M.A..

2.- Good manuals to get started

All discipline requires their generic manuals. And on a personal brand there are and very good. None is the same as another, that's the wealth that each author prints.

And you, what brand are you?

Written by Neus Arqués. Posted by Encourage. First edition, 2007, revised third edition 2019. First book on personal brand published in Spanish.

Simplicity or death. So would you sum up this book from the "mother of the personal brand". A perfect manual 20 steps to manage your personal reputation. In this third review, Neus includes the possibility of download a handy canvas personal branding from its website.

Neus invites us to create our "brand notebook" in which to write down progress as the book, very light (170 Pages) progressing. At the end, includes an essential bibliography if you want to dedicate yourself to this professionally.

Ad personam, I will say that Neus is a great communication expert and a prolific writer. The Y You Approach, what brand are you? it's more of a brand than a personal, and in this I look very identified.

I also want to highlight here a book written by Neus entitled Your visibility plan 40+ aimed at those who believe they are no longer so young, and that's an excellent manual for coping with the senior moment.

Get out of here

Written by Xavi Roca. Published by Header Books. First edition, October 2015. Prologado by Luis Martínez-Ribes and a certain Guillem Recolons ;-)

The advantage of having in your hands a book written by someone who has devoured hundreds of leadership books, Change, emotional intelligence, and management is obvious. Nothing is left in the inkwell. And it's also one of the richest reference-rich books I've ever read.

Xavi Roca is a maverick, and that's why he wanted to review some assumptions and confront them with the new reality. I love that the author relates success and happiness to a good personal brand; that helps you believe, and also to create.

The structure of the book is part of the brand, of the seal, the footprint, enters the self-analysis and personal branding phase, continues with communication and gives us a valuable conclusion about man, Earth and moon. His epilogue collects the best of his blog, a little gem.

Personal brand for dummies

Written by Andrés Pérez Ortega (the personal brand sherpa). Posted by Encourage. First edition, March 2014.

Since they're going to talk about you anyway... at least they say what you want.! That's the book's claim., you can't be luckier. I must say that Personal Mark for Dummies is not a manual, it's a treaty. Its more than 420 Pages (with fine print) will make you stop being a dummie. Inevitably.

It is the fourth of the five books published by the "father" of the personal brand in Spain, whose first text "Personal Mark" (Esic, September 2008) was published shortly after the "And you, what brand are you?" by Neus Arqués.

It has an atypical structure but very customer-oriented, based on 6 parts and with 20 chapters in total. It has many external collaborations (thank you for having mine, Master) and graphically it's brilliantly planned to make it very easy to read and follow. In addition to external opinions, it's full of tools, Tips, techniques and warnings of errors.

The challenge. Personal strategy for uncertain times.

Written by Paul Mico Adam. Published by SC Book. First edition, 2016. Prologue by Ginés Marco, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Catholic University of Valencia.

If you're considering reading this book, it's that something worries you. Start reading the back cover. And I agree, this is for mavericks. If you're doing well the way you're doing, read poetry. Paul is a prolific writer. I had the honor of proloating his first book, "Personal marketing saved my life", and has since published (Attention): fifteen more books!!!

Of all, I certainly stay with The Challenge, which could also be called The Route, because it draws a map from survival maslowian to leadership and self-realization. If you're one of those who thinks the plan is that there's no plan, Paul will change the way you think.

As a good marketing professional, Pablo puts special attention to the target audience and their needs to help you design your own strategy. Your vision of making your mark couldn't be more accurate: deliver something to others, and not for yourself. ". To make a mark is to create something available to people that serves, to help"

3.- Testimonial books style "that's how I did it, that's how things went for me."

Francisco Warden he's a great reader, and that has allowed him to publish three.Learning from the best" precious based on the experience of great leaders. In this case we have two authors who tell us about the value of their own experience.

Brand is you. How to improve your personal future through your personal brand

Written by Eva Collado Durán. Posted by Rasche. First edition, 2015. Foreword by Francisco Alcaide. Epilogue by Raquel Roca.

At the heart of Personal Branding Lab Day 2015, Eva took the stand in her red heels to give her lecture. And the first thing he did was announce the imminent release of "Mark Is You.", showing us the cover.

This book is like a diary, but counted as a brand management manual. Eva recognized he himself digital illiterate and when he discovered what's on "the other side" his life changed. For the better, Of course. She's one of the best emotion managers I know., and of the few people who has managed to literally move the offline protocol to the online world. No masks.

I wouldn't define it as a book to learn personal brand, for me is the book to throw himself into the ring, to jump without fear of falling. They say success is 1% inspiration and 99% Perspiration. Well, The 1% you'll find it here, this is the Red Bull of the personal brand, the necessary step to lose the fear of managing your brand and make yourself known to the world.

A coffee with Chan. How to fulfill dreams with Personal Branding

Written by Ami Bondia. Posted by Red Circle Editorial. First edition, July 2015.

Written in the first person, it's impossible not to get carried away by this doctor of journalism with an influential past and present on the TV screen. Sometimes it is difficult to write as you speak. Ami has succeeded. He's run away from marketinian jargon, NLP and coaching to get directly to anyone who pursues a dream (whatever it is). 

The prologue, written by herself, anticipates his second book"Brave's World", launched in 2019 and of which I had the pleasure of accompanying Ami in Barcelona on the day of Sant Jordi, The day of magic, books and roses.

For me there is a key question that prompts you to read the book in a few hours: what would you do if you lived out of your passion?  She managed to work with Chan (Alejandro Sanz), fought to the end. And that changed his life.. This is a manual to learn how to fight... and win.

4.- Books to strengthen the area of self-knowledge

Benjamin Franklin said, "There are three extremely hard things: steel, diamonds and getting to know yourself."

Who are you? Discover your greatest treasure: yourself.

Written by Laura Chica. Posted by Encourage. First edition, June 2013.

Laura part of St. Augustine's phrase "Know. Accept yourself. Get over it" to define the meaning of life. The book is a jewel of emotional intelligence, she herself confesses that the greatest difficulty we find in our emotional development is that we have not been educated to think about how we feel, why we're sorry or how to name it.

Despite being a light book (140 Pages), requires a quiet reading, maybe two. At the end of each chapter includes a section "for thinking" and a booklet of exercises. I'll let you know: as Franklin used to say, this is not easy. But without this we cannot move on to the next step behind self-awareness: strategy.

There are two unforgettable "extras", vitamins for life and #quienerestú in 140 Characters, the first capacity of a tweet. Short and wonderful phrases from authors of all time to better understand how we are.

Smart feedback. Talent Development Conversations.

Written by Naomi Vico, Jane and Rosa Rodríguez del Tronco. Posted by Lid Editorial. First edition, November 2017. Prologue by Santiago Vazquez, epilogue by Andrés Ortega.

I attended the "premiere" in Madrid with the pages of the book smelling of printing. There was a lack of a good book on how to give and receive feedback. It's this. The three authors say that neither today is neither tolerated nor integrated the error. What a reason. That's why feedback is necessary.

Easy-to-read book, impeccable design and divided into five parts: empowering talent through feedback, get feedback, give feedback, learning skills and an exercise book. The latter, helps to put into practice what you have learned through different matrices (Swot...)

I consider feedback to be the indispensable part of our self-knowledge, which allows us to know exactly what personal brand we project and whether it includes an associated value proposition.

The ego is the enemy

Written by Ryan Holiday. Published by Paidós Company. First edition, May 2017.

A book of those that forces you to rethly the way you think. We are often told that to achieve success, we need confidence, But Ryan Holiday contradicts that idea and deals with how we can gain confidence by looking for something bigger than our own success.

I liked it because it focuses the message on others, not in ourselves. The great recipe that Holiday proposes: humility. It's full of stories and quotes, a necessary book.

I'm ready!

Written by Raquel Gomez. Posted by Connect. First edition, August 2019.

"The difference between people who shine and those who simply survive is that the former are better prepared". This phrase appears on the back cover of the book, that came to me signed from Colombia thanks to Joan Clotet

An easy book written by a personal brand teacher, and which is divided into three parts: 1. Getting the best out of you. 2. Get the best out of your environment and 3. Cultivate your personal brand.

In addition, the text is riddled with advice, Exercises, Data, Recommendations, anecdotes and reflections so that in the end "you are ready".

The four steps

Written by Jordi Collell. Posted by Profit Editorial. First edition, October 2019.

An introspective personal brand story, and based on Martin's story, who returns to the people of his childhood after a few years in america. There he decides to run as mayor to improve the lives of his wary neighbors.

Martin is seen as a stranger, so you'll need Don Hector's advice, your former teacher, to walk a tortuous road full of difficulties where you will have to climb four steps. Only then can you reach the top of your personal brand and achieve your goal.

5.- Books to strengthen the area of strategy

Sun Tzu said, "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without a fight". Among the books to effectively manage your personal brand, there can be no lack of strategy, the real roadmap of the branding staff, where elements as important as the purpose are decided, value proposition and business model.

If you don't contribute, you don't matter

Written by someone very familiar to me, Guillem Recolons. Posted by Rasche, first edition, October 2020. Prologated by Joan Clotet.

In fact it's a personal brand manual, but he insists a lot on the keys to identify and project your differential and your value, what I call the relevant difference. For me, that part is the Achilles heel of a good part of the professionals, and that's why I wanted to dedicate a book to it.

The book starts with a story, Natalia's, an aspiring violin soloist at a major concert. From there the methodology of the iceberg of the personal brand is adopted, until we get to the chapter 7, where the various practical utilities of Personal Branding are addressed. As an annex, a glossary of 250 related terms and created by specialists with the dimension of a tweet. And for dessert, A readers' area with exclusive resources to view and download.

Expertology. The science of becoming a reference professional.

Written by Andrés Pérez Ortega. Posted by Encourage. First edition, January 2011.

If you're one more, you'll be one less. That's the almost invisible phrase that can be read at the foot of the cover image. And that's, in large part, the context of the book, next to reading "The brand called you".

This book has a very personal account. I met Andrew personally earlier in 2010. I had already published Personal Brand and had positioned itself as the Sherpa of the personal brand.

In the wake of know him, materialicé, with Jordi Collell, the birth of Soymimarca, the first dedicated agency 100% personal branding. A few months after founding the agency (October 2010) we meet Pablo Adam and Andrés in Valencia to create a project of association of "personal branders". And that's where Andrew brought us, fresh out of the oven, one copy to each of the Expertology, already dedicated.

Unfortunately I lent the book and failed to get it back.. I bought the second edition and gave it to a friend. And recently I bought the 5th edition. Safe investment.

Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation

Written by Idris Mootee. Published by Empresa Activa. First edition, September 2014.

True. Design Thinking was staged by Tim Brown, CEO of consulting firm Ideo. But set to find a complete and inspiring book, Idris Mootee has achieved impeccable work.

The original title, in English is "Design Thinking: What they can't teach you in business and design schools."

You may be surprised to see among my recommended books one that talks about design thinking. It's not about being a specialist in it., but personal branding can be nurtured in a way to structure creative thinking rather than effective. Deep down, who hasn't ever used a canvas like the business model?

I must warn you that it is not an easy book. Although it is very well illustrated, each page invites more than one deep reflection. The best thing is that it makes us question whether we're really thinking about things based on the user experience of our stakeholder stakeholder, And that's priceless.

Your business model

Written by Tim Clark, Alexander Osterwalder e Yves Pigneur. Posted by Deusto. First edition, March 2012.

It's not a book to me., it's a personal brand bible. It's one of the first collaborative books. Written with the participation of 328 collaborators of 43 Countries. The book was published a year after "Generation of Business Models" by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur (published in March 2011). 

The difference between them is that the 2011 it's more aimed at startups, small businesses and the referral here is aimed at people like you. Not only that., among the 328 collaborations you'll find some soul mate whose case can inspire you: a tax lawyer, a blogger, a commercial, a wedding photographer, an advertising executive, a skier, a radio announcer, a doctor and dozens of other cases.

It consists of 5 Chapters, and follows to the letter the design thinking scheme: Canvas, Reflection, Review, action and extras. Indispensable.

6.- Books to strengthen the area of communication and visibility

In communication, let's never forget that everything leaves a mark, what we say and what we shut up, what we do and what we don't do.

They're going to hear you.. Build your personal platform to make yourself known

Written by Andrés Pérez Ortega. Posted by Encourage. First edition, February 2013.

I don't always agree with the teacher's teachings. When you claim that the best person to sell what you do is yourself, I think there's a better. Make it the others. There would be the difference between marketing (I sell what I do) and branding (the result of what I do makes others sell it for me). 

But having said that, "They'll hear you" is an exquisite manual to get you -- in Andrew's words- your voice stands out in an increasingly noisy world.

The fine irony of the author is present since the chapter 1: WARNING: this book will help you promote what you do. But outside from masterful start, we're looking at a serious book, context, platform, allies, means that are not the end, of memorability, social media, content, of the blog, social media, to play in the first division (the book), of other off and results measurement media.

And he talks to you in his direct tone, Paternal, but based on many years of experience. A must.

My digital self

Written by Rodrigo Miranda. Edited by ISDI. First edition, December 2019.

A book on personal branding in the digital world raised in the form of a practical manual, that makes clear the consequences of good and bad decisions about our presence on the internet and on social media.

Counted in a pleasant and simple way, without technicalities by Rodrigo Miranda, principal of the ISDI digital business school, and knowledgeable about the environment like few others.

Read in one afternoon, and includes good exercises for a branding staff plan.

How to build a Story-Brand

Written by Donald Miller. Edited by Active Company. First edition, October 2018.

The subtitle of this best-seller is eloquent: "Clarify your message so people can listen to you". It is a book that explains how to delete information that does not add value in our personal communication. A whole manual of assertiveness and value proposition.

Miller explains how to better tell our customers what differential value we offer and why they should choose us about our competition.

Dream like Luther King, speaks like Obama, commands without command

Written by Luis Bassat. Published by Current Platform. First edition, January 2020.

A little gem that mixes leadership skills (commands without command) and communication (Luther King, Obama...). My former boss at the Bassat advertising agency & Ogilvy dominates as few disciplines, and proposes a book in which he condenses his knowledge of several decades in the world of advertising.

In addition to the trunk content of the book, there's almost 90 pages of testimonies of people "sent" by Luis. But there are also tips like "how to talk at a funeral" or "how to handle silence". Repeat, a jewel.

Fourth and half contacts

Written by Juan Martínez de Salinas. Posted by Rasche, first edition, November 2019.

There could be no lack of a book on networking, And John has brought it to us. Provocative question: Why don't relationships with your circles of people move forward?

I 'm 100% according to the review of Elena García Pont: Frequently, we hear that much of a good access to the labour market is the management of our network of contacts. But we don't know exactly how to start the management, who to contact, what message to convey and how to structure it.

John explains in great detail how to start, Plan, structure and organize the management of our network of contacts. What a message and how to say it. A must-have guide, very well structured. To buy, read and have at home, No doubt.

7.- Books focused on employability and career

The Dalai Lama says there are only two days a year when nothing can be done: yesterday and tomorrow. Among the books to effectively manage your personal brand, this section is about fuel, what is needed to improve employability and to advance career management.

The map of your talent

Written by Arancha Ruiz. Posted by Be-Libris. First edition, October 2014. Foreword by Eduard Punset.

Arancha's résumé is one of the assurances that you're going to like this book. She's not the only one.. I was with her at the presentation of the book, in Barcelona. There explained that in less of 20 years of age on 47% professional categories will cease to exist. New talent needs emerge. And that calls for a map. The map of your talent.

Don't even think it's not a personal brand book. It is from head to toe. But in his expertise as talentist, Arancha invites you to read it with a purpose: improve your career. I lent the book, And you know... But the advantage is that by re-buying it, the 4th edition includes a review and a wonderfully contextualized new introduction.

Arancha has published two more books that complement this: What the headhunter is looking for And Now or never, both published by Connect in 2016 And 2019 Respectively.

Jumping out of the fish tank. A personal brand story

Written by Cristina Mulero. Published by Red Circle Editorial. First edition, July 2016. Foreword by Andrés Pérez Ortega.

A story. This book is about Gabriel's story in his search for a job with good experience under his arm and a good college résumé. Each chapter chronicles a new day, a new interview in the character's life and how the new context invites him to reinvent himself.

Cristina talks about the end of capitalism (the fish tank) just as we know it, and invites us to jump out of the fish tank by becoming free agents, following the forecasts of great thinkers like Tom Peters, Daniel Pink...

I won't reveal the end of Gabriel's story., but I have a suspicion that Cristina has thought of a second book. By the way, the ten personal keys of the end are delicatessen. By the way, if you're interested in Personal Branding in business, I advise you with my soul to read Brand CEO and brand ambassadors

There are not all who are nor are all who are

I must admit, I haven't read all the personally branded books. In addition to those described, I've also liked, like "Dissipine and you'll be distinguished" by Reyes Ferrer, "No picture" by Mary A. Sanchez", "Designing the Value Proposal"by Osterwalder and Pigneur. Also "Improve and winXimo Salas, Pablo Adam and Pablo Alonso, "Monetize" by Andrés Pérez Ortega, How to find the most powerful hashtags, Vivian Francos and many others.

In the ebook chapter, I would like to highlight soymimarca's nine publications, of several authors and which you'll find for free on the account Slideshare de Soymimarca. I include here the indispensables of Oscar Del Santo Attraction marketing 2.0 And A strategic personal brand based on our FORTALEZAS , The Black Pill, by Nancy Vazquez, Alan Urbina, Helena Casas, Isaac G. Merino and a certain Guillem Recolons, Vladimir Estrada's ebook With us everything, without us nothing, Nancy Vazquez's ebook The Value of Your Personal Brand, and also the ebook written by Claudio Inacio and Andrés Pérez Ortega "Personal brand workbook".

And I also recommend, if you want to do this, the books I've read that haven't been translated into Spanish, of authors as indispensable as William Arruda, Peter Montoya, Catherine Kaputa, Brenda Bence, Hubert K. Rampersad, Dan Schawbel, Luigi Centenaro and Tom Peters himself.

I hope you've found this book summary helpful in effectively managing your personal brand. Happy reading!

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