Limitation of thought

Edward De BonoPerhaps this time of Crisis allow us to recover old Values that we had hidden in some drawer. The phase of the unsused growth of our economy in recent years 30 years comes to an end. Nothing will be so easy from now on, but you have to see the positive part: possibly we dust off the culture of effort, something very useful to generate new ideas (among many other things).

I include in this post a quote from the thinker Edward de Bono of the 2004, titled 8= 6+2, referring to the limitation of thought for the lack of interest in continuing to seek alternative answers after obtaining a first accurate answer. De Bono insists on the need to don't keep the first answer, to keep looking, of looking the other way. Applications of this maverick mindset would yield excellent results in fields such as Policy, The company management or the Sport. There goes the quote:

Most people can't tell between: 6 +2 = 8 And 8 = 6 +2. The difference can be quite significant. The sum of 6 And 2 it will always lead us to 8. However, 8 it can be composed of combinations other than 6 And 2 (5 +3, 4 +4, 7 +1).

Why is this important? Because people start to believe that if you have the answer “Correct” there is no need to think more because we will not reach greater precisions. Having the right answer means you don't have to listen to other answers, since they can never be more true. The result is a severe limitation in thinking. Edward de Bono 8 of the 2004

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1 thought on "Limitation of thought”

  1. That's where you remind me of a friend who always said that about “when you think you're done, re-rev., surely you can improve it”…


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