No open lists, no political personal branding

Lately you hear a lot about the personal political branding. Many confuse it with political marketing, but it doesn't go around.

Personal political branding takes place in countries like the USA, where voters normally choose not parties but people (to the president, to the congressman, to the senator, to the governor...). It is what is called the system of open lists, and that in Spain it only works like this in the election of senators. But since the Spanish Senate is far from being a chamber of territorial representation (There's 4 senators by province, regardless of its population), we could say that the system of open lists in Spain has no value.

What would you change with open lists?

We started with the wrong name Pessimistic believe that nothing, they even say it would be worse as party politics would be promoted more strongly. I think it's just the other way around., What democracy would gain because we would take away the role of the parties (companies) to give to political professionals (people). I mean, we would humanize politics, we would bring it closer and avoid some party-related vices such as inbreeding., unidirección, corruption and lack of nuances.

People with their own profile

Personal political branding would make sense if a political professional could mark own profile regardless of your party or leader, I mean, if in addition to working on its areas of relevance and coherence it could introduce its differential area, the one that makes him a unique human being with his own ideas. That does not prevent a political line from being followed., but there is no need for blind monitoring that is practiced today (either you're with the leader or you're out).


If, in addition to the open lists, the law on party financing were to be radically changed., personal political branding would make all the sense in the world, since each candidate should get his own resources, encouraging the intrapreneurship in a positive way.

2015, election year

This 2015, we will again get fed up with seeing political messages directed from the partitocracy, soulless, only in order to destroy the adversary or to take advantage of what little has been done. The personal branding aims for a person to become the preferred option, not a party, so I'm afraid this 2015 it will be boring again. Imagine if politics bores that the only way out is the media sensationalism promoted by some tv channels, a telebasura format that does not intend to publicize the candidates and their programs but to promote headlines, generate discussions and ultimately, create trending topics low cost.

Everyone promises it, none do

If anything seems to unite all the political parties around the open lists, financing and transparency, is that everyone promises it but none does it why? Surely when they have won they are not interested in changing anything, it does not benefit them. Until this changes, I hope that the political leaders will not ask us for our confidence, they don't deserve it.

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