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The free mata, how badly paid humiliates

A few days ago my good friend Eva Collado Durán published a post complaints about the value to our work as professionals entitled Free? Isn't it?, Thank you whose reading advise if you have not already done, and which it exposes two cases of blatant disregard for the value of personal work. I would say in some cases the legal border roza, but both beyond ethics border.

Also a few days ago the team Branzai He published a post denouncing the practices of many organizations, the public private, in the proceedings contests as a way to select an idea or project. Worth reading, and I feel very identified, at least in my time as director of advertising agency. The post is Respect, the contest unpaid and I advise reading to know which sea we swim lately.

And today I would like to complete the circle with a related topic. It is paid jobs below the threshold of ethics. If you are a consultant 15 years of experience, you bring a clear differential value, and your client intends to repay € 8 / hour (I have a case this week), you have to ask why your client is willing to pay better cleaning staff (with all my respect) than you.

Definitely, and following the post title, one thing mata, but this, that of a miserable remuneration, humiliates. To illustrate the case, and following the examples of Eva and Branzai, I expound an email that we have received this week Soymimarca:

Hello xxxxxxx,

you contact, part of xxxxxxxxxxxx, he has sent me to your company, since this is the 2nd year that we work closely with XXXXXXX, for the realization of a space technology workshops for children between 8 and 16 years within the context of the X Technology Fair.

This year to impart 3 groups of children, a Personal Branding Workshop 1,5 hrs each lasting (total 4,5 hrs between Monday 2 to Thursday 5) and I've thought about your expertise and knowledge about this topic.

Workshops should be taught in English and adapt to each group of children (child: 8-10; kids:11-13 y Teens: 14-16 years old )

I would like to discuss with you this topic, assess your interest and possible next steps we should follow.

I leave my mobile, xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Given the proximity of the event (2-5 March) I would request a prompt response,

Beforehand, thanks and regards


So far everything seems fine. Perhaps dates are somewhat fair but making an effort could. Of course, the difficulty level is high, since the briefing clearly marks the three workshops must be different, adapted to children in each age. In addition, in English, since they are designed for children of executives attending the Congress city.

In other words, workshops you have to create and adapt expressly, representing a minimum back office for workshop 10 hours. After must be validated, translate, and rehearse, which is a few hours, and finally deliver, which is 90 minutes x 3 courses. That is to say, We talk about a preparation plus 40h front office 4,5h.

Attention, Any idea remuneration?. Phoned, since the price was not included in the initial mail and here came the surprise. We paid 75 € per workshop, that is, 225€ in total. Work over 40 hours, English well, and it would hurry a final reward… 5€/h (five euros per hour). pure humiliation.

The worst of it is that possibly 30 executives attending an international congress possibly among everyone can pay more than 225 € to train their offspring in a small shop personal brand. good look, sale a 7,5€ by executive and child. In other words, I'm pretty sure that executives pay much more, but money is lost with the broker, a real pirate. Excuse me, but… they give.

It kills free and underpaid humiliates, so I regained hashtag my friend and partner Jordi Collell #logratismata and I add #lomalpagadohumilla.


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4 replies
    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Carlin, I see you have clear what Congress is talking. Indeed, This is a Supercongress that moves astronomical figures. I did not know the ticket prices but seeing what you write me light a little more. Guess who pays 5.000 eurazos you have prepared a Haren, ¿no?.
      Thanks for your feedback!

  1. Jmbolivr
    Jmbolivr says:

    It is true everything discussed but it is also true that, at least in part, It is also the fault of people who agree to enter the game. I understand that you have to eat and only with dignity but not eaten, many times, accept this game involves eating today to stop eating morning and sometimes it's better not to eat today and to continue eating with dignity in the future. Personally, consistently command to walk to all companies trying to impose humiliating me or abusive conditions and I think it is fair to say that, although there, at least in my experience, They are a distinct minority.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      I agree, Jose Miguel. They are a minority when you are someone recognized in your industry, because they fear ridicule abuse and being denounced as I do with this post. The problem is professionals or companies that are not so recognized, there are going to stop the pirates to you and I send for a walk.

      Thank you for writing!


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