The best of 2016 Personal Branding

The best of 2016 Personal Branding

Today we leave behind 2016 and it is time to balance. Personal branding continues its momentum in Spain and LATAM, but still in the growth phase and with great prospects, especially in its application in the enterprise (executive branding, employee advocacy programs…).

Below I detail the 15 items that have penetrated me deeper (the order is not relevant), four recommended books, an essential event and also the 10 most read posts on this blog.

15 essential readings on key personal brand

  1. Your employees are your culture. Branzai. Ivan Diaz. An extraordinary allegation about the strength of the human component in the brand culture. Ivan holds (and I share) that the culture of your brand is the culture of your employees. And not vice versa. He concludes with a masterful reflection: “people are everything and everything is people”.
  2. Your story is your brand. Neus Arques. Neus readings leave no indifferent, and less if we poses a dilemma… Would you like your stories heal or hurt? And this gives us a splendid video about an anecdote in the history of Francine Cristophe that gives us faith in humans. Highly recommended, reading and viewing video (notice, the video you can start some tears of joy).

  3. It's not just your dream. DoctorBrand. Enrique Rueda. My weakness for the story I can. And just as the great Enrique (literally and figuratively) Victorian elegance narrate a fact of life that leads to a lesson in branding, and in this case of personal branding. If your dream does not match your customers', no brand, single company.
  4. Want to know how a career is left? Lee biographys. Andres Perez-Ortega. Andrés, the most prolific author on personal branding (two posts a week) He is spot on with this insight: a mark, a print, only exists if there anyone leave. Nothing more certain. As an example, She suggests reading biographies to see how characters were able to leave that footprint copies. The truth is that had placed a list of 10 posts of essential Andres 2016, but there is good material from other authors worth looking.
  5. The cry of our identity. Jordi Collell. It is difficult to stick with a single post my partner in Soymimarca, but this left me mark. Andres coincides with an approach: footprint is left people. So says: “Manage our personal brand starts with taking awareness that we are with others in a world that can change because we have a mission to fulfill, a vocation, that makes us transcendentes”.
  6. Personal branding is not about gurus. Arancha Ruiz. Arancha starts this reading with a reflection on that I share that “Blacksmith at home, wooden spoon”, refieriendo a guru who did not practice what she preached. But besides this story, the post contains a TED talk by the same author required viewing and reviewing.
  7. Professional maturity, the best time to develop personal brand. Alicia Linares. Again a story, a hopeful text with a moral of “it's never too late” and valuable tips about four stocks to invest in your YO, S.A.
  8. Network, people and personal branding. Eva Collado Durán. If someone has understood the potential of the network as a platform connection, engagement transmission and vehicle personal brand, That's Eve. His way of using the network is the same as in real life, and that is the mark. Following the publication of “Marca eres tú” on 2015, start this post with a phrase that is logically no less shocking: “If you want to grow and advance in this medium, You can never forget, a single second, networks are inhabited by people”.
  9. ¿Personal Branding o Personal Selling? Ricard Pons. From the blog Soymimarca. A Ricard we owe the introduction of the sales factor in personnel management brand. Although some authors have insisted that this is not going to sell, Ricard takes away the mask buenismo and advocates for the medium-term results of our actions through actions pull and not the classic and aggressive push.
  10. Coherence, self-denial and acceptance. Fran Segarra. If someone needs to understand the connection between personal brand and psychology, Fran should read frequently. it is post, published in Soymimarca, It is a good example of that link. From a Aesop fable, comes the concept of cognitive dissonance, and thence to a number of valuable tips to make considered decisions.
  11. What importance do you give to the footprint of your personal brand? David Barreda (from the blog Manage Your Brand). I must start by saying that Enrique F. Brull He is doing an excellent job with this blog, in which he included authors such as Sylvie Fernández, David Barrera, Enrique himself, Miguel Angel Garcia, Ylse Roa, Ileana Helmets, Paco Yañez… David Barreda says in the post with his eyes on the ass is impossible to realize the opportunities in front of you. A little humor for a successful reflection.
  12. Outside heels and tie! Paula Fernández-Ochoa. it is post, published in Soymimarca, It is brief but intense, and tries to connect the profession with passion so that our life is aligned and get closer to the utopian happiness.
  13. Manage your personal brand is not important. Xavi Roca. A Xavi likes to argue with their reflections, but always hits the mark. With his book “Desmárcate” (2015) breaking records, in this post the author speaks of excellence, in doing things as a prelude to any personal good branding strategy. And it is true, I often say that no product no brand (and yes conversely), so this text opens his eyes and warns of our priorities.
  14. 365 days of personal brand. Cristina Mulero. Interesting summary of what has given him 2016 in key personal brand from the perspective of Cristina, an essential voice that also this year has released the ebook “Saltar de la pecera“, I did not include the time section of recommended books because I still have not read.
  15. TEDx talk and Personal Branding: Be yourself the change. Mireya Trias. Mireya is one of the best content curators I know. Your event summaries are excellent, and his vision of personal branding, especially in broadcast online, It is inspiring. In this post, TEDxGracia inspired talk that took place in Barcelona, Mireya details the idea of ​​this change in all speakers.

Four recommended books

  1. El reto. Pablo Adán says. Perhaps the most ambitious project of Paul, This book is an excellent treatise personal brand raised from the posibilismo of self and value-oriented. As Paul himself says, “the challenge is yourself”, and in front of you is a path full of opportunities.
  2. Your visibility plan 40+. Neus Arques. A little gem focused on those people who believe they are away-for age- labor market. The claim of the book is “If you do not see you, do not buy, or they hire or promote you”. More clear, Water. But it's not theory. The book includes 24 Practical exercises to lose the fear of being visible.
  3. Personal Brand Territory. several authors. Soymimarca. The ebook published each year Soymimarca this year is well armed. With a foreword by Nilton Navarro (Infojobs), It has the best 40 blog articles from 15 various authors. Professor stressed the epilogue Vladimir Estrada “Personal brand: Build own voice and express themselves from it“, a jewel required reading.
  4. New digital narratives. Cristina Aced. It was the first book I read this past year, and although it is not strictly personal branding, deeply affected. In fact, The subtitle of the book is “PR applications, journalism and personal brand”, and each of the tools presents detailed applications for these three fields.

An essential event

  1. Personal Branding Lab Day 2016. This event has arrived in June 2016 his 2nd edition luxury speakers, and it has already been established in the landscape of personal branding as an essential event. Sponsored by the Faculty Blanquerna Communication and International Relations (Universitat Ramon Llull), the PBLabDay is linked to Graduate Personal Branding which is offered in the same faculty. Is underway editing 2017.

The 10 most read post

  1. How to analyze your CV depending generation recruiter Posted in July, This article is the most widely read not only in 2016, but in the 10 year life of this blog. To do it, I interviewed several recruiters from different generations. Following this post, Expansion published in December 2016 an article entitled Tell me the age of your interviewer and I'll tell you if you get the job.
  2. And you? Have you already found your superpowers? #TEDxLleida16 Posted in November, the article exposes the video of the TED talk I gave in Lleida talking about Superpowers as a metaphor for the strength of our values. Talk talk about the positive influence these values ​​can bring to organizations and corporate brands.
  3. 11 clues about what you should never do to find employment. Posted in February, post summarizes the chapter of the same title ebook “Route employment” which he launched Infojobs, and I share responsibility with friends like Alfredo Vela, Eva Collado Durán, Maria Luisa Moreno, Antolin Romero, Iñaki González, Helena Huerga, Elena Gómez Pozuelo, José Luis Orihuela, Alfonso Alcántara and Jaume Gurt.
  4. Who to follow on social networks. Posted in February, el post define a 4 public to whom we owe, in my judgment- follow-up closely: who provide us with value, who help us promote our contents, nethunters and recruiters who want to return and courtesy. As well as detailing the types of networks.
  5. Personal Branding y Plan B: key transition Posted in February, It is an itinerary based on real cases on how to address a change of department in a company or change company. In addition, It includes a practical infographic.
  6. The anti-branding also works... What if we do everything backwards? Posted in April, This is no longer the need to break the rules but to create a own rules. It goes beyond the need to differentiate, is the rebel against certain protocols that enslave us.
  7. useless words and personal brand Published in September, the post brought some controversy by questioning the use of words “you spent” in our profiles. Words like Enthusiast, Creative, motivated, Strategic, Specialized, Leadership, Multinational, Responsible, Expert, International experience… Following the post, Macario Andrés made an always useful infographic.
  8. #MarcaPersonal and stupidity of stereotypes Published in June, the post is a personal manifest against the rigidity of stereotypes continuously used to define models person, and often exclusive, ie one can not be a % of one and one % of other, what pigeonholed irrationally.
  9. Personal brand management Published in September, the post is an enhancement of the needs of managers in their personal brand management / professional, and lists a number of advantages associated with a good management model. Workshops also announced the collaborative project Get in Value by Eva Collado and Fran Segarra.
  10. 5 ways to present my product I like Published in October, The post includes my collaboration with the Academy of Personal Branding Guudjob. It presents five original and different ways in which we can make ourselves known to our stakeholders.

Dear readers, welcome to 2017!

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  1. Roser Claramunt
    Roser Claramunt says:

    Thanks for the summary Guillem, I loved it.
    Some reviews the known, others do not, and promise much. Dosificaré to devote the time and attention they deserve.

  2. Juan Madueño Criado
    Juan Madueño Criado says:

    Undoubtedly, I'll start the year reading me all items recommended in this post Guillem. For summaries made from them, sure they help me cope with more passion and determination the challenge to position myself as a professional, in this coming year. Happy New Year to all the followers of this blog!

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hello John! It is always a personal vision, but are items that have helped me better understand the capacity that people have to bring value to others. Thanks for the comment, happy reading!


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