The best of 2018 in Personal Branding

It's time to pick up the best of 2018 Inpersonal branding.

This year 2018 would highlight three areas of development in personal brand management: The value proposition, on the one hand, The strength of purpose on the other hand and the crystallization of the business model into economic results, what we know as monetization. The first two are catalysts for what we would call a connector personal brand and monetization adds the dimension of Effectiveness.

In terms of formats, The Video keeps stepping harder than ever. The initiative of the Street Personal Branding it's remarkable in this context. There is no behind the Infographic, and especially the Webinar, a way to reach large or specific audiences through video.

The best of 2018 (at my discretion, Of course) in Personal Branding

As I did in thebalance of the year 2016 and the balance of the year 2017, below I detail the articles or videos that have influenced me the most (remember that order is not relevant), recommended books, essential events and also the twelve most read posts on this blog during 2018. Let's go, a way to see the harvest of the 18.

30 highly recommended items in personal brand code

  1. 2019: 20 branding trends. Ivan Diaz. Branzai. The ones you know me, you know that my professional origin is more branding than “Personal”, and this article seems like a gem to me to understand what it really takes to manage brands. And many of the points apply to the personal brand. Thank you Master Ivan for keeping us up to date!
  2. Defining personal brand and professional brandEva Collado. Eva is generous, that's part of your brand. And she's also a great content curator. In this post he collects 30 definitions of personal and professional brand of various authors. Not content with that thirty, months later he would give us other 40 definitions of new authors in What is the personal brand to you? Always discovering talent!
  3. Beyond the personal brand: professional positioning. Daniel Romero-Abreu. Daniel, founder of Thinking Heads, helps us separate the grain from the straw: “We focus on defining the image we want them to perceive from us when it's important to find what we can deliver something of value in and become irreplaceable”. I referenced this article a few months ago in a post. Highly recommended reading.
  4. Businesses and people want to fall in love. Alicia Linares. Alicia is not much lavishes on his blog, so when you do you have to be alert. In this post, draw what will be the professional of the future, a hybrid profile between the general and the capable specialist, according to Alicia, of the “think both about the overall impact of your decisions and going down to detail on a particular issue.”
  5. Applying UX Principles to Life: Personal Branding. Joey Limmena. Twenty-five-year-old Vancouver engineer repositioned to UX designer gives us a master lesson: How it affects the user experience (Ux) to the personal brand. Pin.
  6. A proven formula that allows you to do business in no time. Laura Ferrera. Laura starts the post, published in Soymimarca, with a great truth: “with a great truth? Surely it's not the same if it's a professional from that same company who follows you”. That's right, because Laura and I agree that no one talks to companies or brands, we talk to people.
  7. Value proposition: the unique and differential footprint. Hector Jimenez. Interesting approach to the value proposition, that according to Hector -- and I share it- should not stay in a sentence but in an action plan. Let's go, it's not just a proposal, it's about what we can bring to others, and besides how differential we can do it.
  8. What less can I do. Andrés Pérez Ortega. Reading this article made me think about the works of the great architect Mies van der Rohe, author of the “less is more” and the architect of minimalism. The question is what can we simplify, remove from our brand? Let's remember the origin, what drove us the plan. A brief reading of the personal brand sherpa, but ones that it moves to reflection and action. At least, I've changed two or three things since reading.

    Mies van der Rohe Foundation, Barcelona
    Mies van der Rohe Foundation, Barcelona
  9. I don't sell myself, And I hope you don't either. Elena Arnaiz. I remember it was Philip Kotler who said that about “If you're not a brand, you're a commodity”. Elena goes further, and reminds us in this excellent post that we are not a product for sale. Our product in any case, are our professional skills. A must.
  10. Think about it before advising your children not to study humanistic careers. Amalio Rey. You may think the subject doesn't have much to do with the personal brand. Error. Companies like Google are hiring philosophers, Humanists, Historians. The sciences need the humanities as the yin al yan and the right hemisphere to the left. The library post, brilliantly documented, highlights the false dichotomy between STEM (Science, Technology, engineering and mathematics) humanities.
  11. Senior talent (Video). Colia Hil. Célia has become an indispensable speaker in employment, personal brand, Linkedin and also senior talent. Not for nothing, has recently been one of the driving force behind the initiative #TalentoCooldies to help the professional transformation of seniors and combat ageing. He has joined Laura Rosillo And Jaume Gurt (among others), with whom they will give courses and lectures to promote senior talent.
  12. How to bring more value. Francisco Warden. If someone has thoroughly studied VALOR and embodied it in their books, that's Francisco (Paco) Alcaide. Learning from the best, and that includes Paco, we need to study more, try more, relate more, travel more, diversify more, listen more, look more and ask more. Only then can we go from “More” To “Best”.
  13. Dare to bet your talent. Arancha Ruiz. Arancha invites us to combine our personal interests with social needs and to forget the short term. A post of those that looks like Na and that changes perspectives, that shakes neurons and that, Of course, invites change.
  14. Personal Branding from university. Vladimir Estrada. Although the teacher has us accustomed to very complete readings, this post is a short and useful manual on how college students and teachers should manage their personal brand. Good post for a collective un accustomed to managing your brand. From Vladimir I would also like to highlight the creation of a bi-directional interview who premiered with me and brings freshness. Welcome ideas like this, Professor!
  15. Expand your personal brand. Neus Arqués. Neus brings us a dilemma that you've surely ever thought about, and that has to do with focus. Where do we put the spotlight if we know how to do more than one thing right? I'm not making you. Spoiler, but Neus helps us understand it through her own experience as a writer, Political scientist, translator and personal brander. Almost nothing. Essential reading.
  16. 15 Tools to develop, manage and position your Personal Brand on the Internet for tasks. Claudio Inácio. It's hard to keep a single Claudio post, all are practical and applicable to 5 minutes of reading them. This post couldn't be of more use, because he doesn't just talk about the blog and the networks, but other parallel platforms to manage content and control indicators. Thank you Claudio!
  17. What is an elevator pitch? (Video) Alicia Ro. Excellent video of our personal brander More “videogenic”. Do you get nervous or feel insecure when you have to speak in public? Alicia tells you from your channel Youtube some secrets of how to overcome the stage fright to speak in public. Gold.
  18. What do you prefer, Brand or Strategy? David Barreda. David's posts have become for me Mana personal brand. In this case, David documents his initial doubts about the branding staff and warns that 4 Riders: Visibility, Differentiation, disruption and easy socialization can be dangerous if they are not worked in an orderly manner within the framework of a strategy. A post to re-select several times (and watch their videos).
  19. The Suicide of Personal Branding. Several authors. Soymimarca. A digital newspaper in the yellow press published in April an article referring to the “Thymus” personal brand. The reaction of the “staff's family branding” didn't keep waiting. A mandatory post with the collaborations of Andrés Pérez Ortega, Eva Collado, Alicia Ro (By the way, Winner of the Blog2017 Awards), Fabian Gonzalez, Claudio Inácio, Guillem Recolons, Elena Arnaiz, Gabriel Patrizzi, Ylse Roa, Nancy Vazquez, Paula Fernández-Ochoa, David Barreda, Arancha Ruiz, Helena Casas, Oianko Choperena, Jordi Collell, Fran Segarra, Enrique F. Brull, Nilton Navarro, Ilana Berenholc, Paul Adam, Laura Ferrera, And Raquel Gomez.
  20. Political Branding: It's no longer a match., now it's personal brand. Nancy Vazquez. Integra Personal Branding founder warns us that the way we do things in these liquid and social media times is very different, for any sector, and specifically for the political sector Can you imagine continuing to do things the way it does 10 Years?
  21. The Revolution of Strengths. Xavi Roca. The best thing about Xavi is not that I read one book a week, is that he gives us his recommendations in his posts. This article and the one that follows Focus on your strengths are indispensable to focus on what really matters and brings.
  22. Personal brands with no value proposition? Ylse Roa. From Venezuela, Ylse gives us a post full of basic concepts excellently explained about personal brand, personal branding and value proposition.
  23. The Hunter Instinct (put your personal brand into action). Paul Adam. Paul invites us out of the comfort zone and catch our own pieces while others wait for leftovers. The Law of the Jungle.
  24. Demographic revolution and future of work: Work transitions and learning. Laura Rosillo. Laura has become the benchmark for defending what she calls the “matureness”. In a nutshell, seniors have a lot to say and do in the world of work, but companies don't bet on it. Recommended reading, like all the articles on your blog.
  25. Digital tools to improve personal branding on the Internet. Alfredo Vela. “Believe it or not,, you're what Google says about you”. So begins the presentation made to the shuttles Alfredo Employment. But it also includes hundreds of resources to find jobs and to improve our digital personal brand. Alfredo is, No doubt, one of the best sources of information and resources on the network.
  26. But… what is employer branding. Carola Morató. Carola has been a consultant and personal brand trainer for years, but without a doubt his great specialty is employer branding, that defines and develops masterfully in this post. I highlight this phrase: “…The employer brand management strategy begins with observing and measuring. It is not the company that dictates which employer brand it has, but they're all stakeholders who have the image formed of what it's like to work or collaborate for such a company”.
  27. Do you self-cense on the net? Fran Segarra, Almudena Lobato And David Barreda. From Soymimarca, excellent collaborative article by three greats of psychology and personal brand. The post, that starts with Archimedes' phrase “The one who knows how to speak also knows when” it's a narrative about fears, censorship, silences and proper use of words. A reading gift, I'm serious..
  28. The power of your personal brand is called trust. Cristina Mulero. Cristina echoes in this post of the conference given by Murray Clark at an RH conference that took place in May in Elche. Key elements of trust generation are competition, Integrity, loyalty and openness. Good post!
  29. Without consistency there is no personal brand. Fran Segarra. From a wonderful TED Jorge Drexler, Fran walks the path of identity towards coherence, opposing it to the opportunism that abounds - unfortunately- among many false gurus.
  30. Keys to not becoming a work zombie. (Video) Meme Romero And Ruben Montesinos. Our friend Meme interviews talent specialist Rubén Montesinos in the TalentTú space. Very interesting questions from Meme and of course, Ruben's answers in 13 minutes that I assure you are a good investment. The most powerful: the definition of working zombie. People who work in an organization who are outside the labor market.

Six recommended books

recommended books personal brand 2018 from guillem recolons

  1. Let's go. Marta Grañó. Profit 2017. I was at the presentation of Marta's book in Barcelona. So did the prologuist, Juan Carlos Cubeiro. The book sets out the keys to the entrepreneurial initiative. After reading it you feel like eating the world. A accurate review I advise you is that of David Barreda. Good reading!
  2. Learning from the best II. Francisco Warden. Alienta 2018. This book breaks the belief that second parts were never good. Einstein, Onassis, Bruce Lee, Chris Anderson, Chanel, Goleman, J.k. Rowling, Rockefeller, Valdano, Michael Jordan, Coelho, Phil Knight or Walt Disney are just a few of the characters analyzed by Paco. There is no waste on the final section of 300 tips for your personal development. If I had lengthened 362 I could have put it up for sale in a pack with the great book of Laura Chica 365 dating you (Alienta 2018) Can you imagine?
  3. How to sell your personal brand. Raquel Gomez. Connects 2018. Although the book was published in 2014, this re-editing has allowed me to have it dedicated by Rachel's own hand. A great book. Rachel writes as she speaks, very natural, very clear, Empathic. The title may lead you to deception, it's not a book of growth hacking, is a personal brand management manual applied to different environments: Labour, technological and corporate.
  4. Sailing in digital waters. Yi Min Shum, 2016. Yi Min's youth can make you think the book is a first essay, but the truth is that it's a real manual of introduction to the digital environment for people. Very complete, very well documented. All books on digital aspects run the risk of becoming obsolete very quickly. This one doesn't, because above all it's a strategic roadmap, where it doesn't matter if some tools or platforms arrive again or leave. Great discovery.
  5. Back to Human. Dan Schawbel. Hatchet 2018. It came to me a few days ago and I haven't finished it yet.. But it's 100% on my line “Human Branding”. A gem. A wonderful book that helps us connect, a human trait, in the midst of the age of machines. Recommendations for reading this book include some of the most important CEOs in the US. U.S.. It's been worth the wait. (I bought it in pre-sale 10 months ago).
  6. Fear your strengths. Robert. E. Kaplan & Robert B. Kaiser. Center of Creative Leadership, 2013. Can you imagine that your strengths are your greatest weakness? This book was recommended to me by my friend, colleague and partner in Brandergizers Ilana Berenholc. The authors identify four different leadership qualities and describe the problem that arises when each is taken to an extreme. A different point of view than usual, very disruptive.

Attentive to the news 2019 in books:

Andrés Pérez Ortega already has his fifth child “Monetize” pre-sale, when it falls. Eva Collado, on his side, is about to introduce her second child after #MarcaEresTú; a new book about personal digital transformation, soon we'll have more news. Ah, By the way, one that's called just like I have launch project for 2019. I'll tell you more soon.

Six must-see events

2018 has given of itself. The best of 2018 includes events. Repeating events (because they are preceded by success) and others born. Europe and America by the Hand. The Tribe staff branding goes stronger than ever!

Personal Branding Lab Day 2018.

The webinar format takes shape, this fourth edition has again had the experience of Nilton Navarro, Alicia Ro, and the essential help of Infojobs and Blanquerna Comunicació. The past was celebrated 1 December and according to Alfredo Vela and Tweet Binder, had record follow-up figures and engagement, which can be found in this Infographic. Figures that were confirmed by our friend Vivian Francos and Metricool.

PBLabDay Speakers 2018

PBEX Personal Branding Experience.

Our friend Nancy Vazquez accepted the challenge of organizing PBEX 2018 outside Brazil, in the beautiful city of Puebla (Mexico). I had the honor of being there with the creator of the event, Daniela Viek, and great friends like Raquel Gomez, Deize Andrade, Ames SprayArturo González, Johnny Durán, Henrique Alexandre, Alan Urbina, Edurne Ochoa, And Silvana Oliveira, among many others.

It was three days of great personal branding, where we were able to learn but also exchange, Discuss, and why not, plan new things. I have a feeling that Mexico wants to continue hosting congress in 2019. We'll know soon enough., stay tuned.

PBEX18 Mexico

Knowmads space (Huelva, Cadiz, Grenade).

And all of a sudden, Andalusia lived an invasion of personal brand. An initiative like this could only start from someone with the strength of the “Pattern” David Barreda, coach coach, trainer and personal brander of personal branders. David, hand in hand with the Cajasol Foundation managed to get Elena Arnaiz together, Eva Collado, Andrés Pérez Ortega and myself. That's with local special guests: Helen Gomez de Ruano, Adela Mora, Meme Romero And Enrique Cejudo in Huelva. Susana Beato, Lola Rueda, Julio Segundo and José Ma Sánchez in Cadiz. And Meme Romero (Again), Sonia Rodriguez Muriel And Azahara G. Peralta in Granada.

The design of the event is magnificent. Brief introduction by the moderator, presentation of the “Cycle” of David's personal brand, and then Elena, Guillem, local talent, to close with Andrew and Eve. A formula that was repeated and announced to the cry of #VengaVengaVengaVenga! For more information look for hashtags #EKHuelva18 #EKCadiz18 And #EKGranada18. The question is… Continue? Does any city want to be trending topic During 5 hours and generate millions of positive impacts?

EK Space Knowmads
Huelva, Cadiz and Grenada, the three scenarios of The Knowmads Space 2018

Street Personal Branding

As a remarkable event, I remember the initiative again Street Personal Branding by Andrés Pérez Ortega and Claudio Inacio, creating fresh format videos with the most important issues that arise with Personal Branding. In the time they have been published they have already published 40 Videos (to one per week on average). Some interventions of colleagues like Jane del Tronco, Eva Collado, Ruben Alonso, Alicia Ro, Ami Bondia, David Ayala, Arancha Ruiz, David Barreda, Elena Arnaiz And myself.

Online university course in Social Networks and Personal Branding

I was moving forward a few days ago on this blog that it is now possible to get into Personal Branding from college, anytime, anywhere in the world. It's about theOnline university course in Social Networks and Personal Branding of theUniversitat de Vic - Universitat Central de Catalunya (UVic-UCC) (Barcelona). ?? February to July 2019, in total 23 Credits. Academic DirectorHelena Casas, and I'm one of the teachers. More info and tuition ??

Nilton's super-intreview

Nilton Navarro steps hard. This time, it's a new interview format in which Nilton strips naked (not literally) to his victim. Want to see an example? Guess who was the first victim. Yes, It was me.!! Here you have the Super Sight that made me. I must admit that not knowing the format or questions beforehand gives the thing a lot of freshness. Although you can also go blank with an unexpected question (thing that happened to me several times, hahajaa). I'm crazy to know who your next victims are.. For now, total hermetism ;-)

What comes in 2019

Two upcoming events alert. On the one hand, Branding Week RD who will gather Eva Collado, Paula Fernández-Ochoa, Nancy Vazquez and a server in a week of personal branding, employee advocacy, DIGITAL transformation RH, Political branding and much more in the Dominican Republic of the 4 To 8 February, organized by Quifer Consultants.

The other is the Personal Brand MeetUp who have created Alicia Linares, Carola Morató, Angels Anton and Violeta Luján and who starts the 10 January. Let's be alert.

The 12 most read post in 2018

Among the 52 post that I post every year, these represent (according to Google Analytics) the best of 2018 at Personal Branding in my digital home.

  1. Value Proposition Do You Know What's Yours?
  2. Signals (NO KPI's) of a healthy personal brand. Written in collaboration with Fran Segarra and Ana Reyes.
  3. The strength of internal brand ambassadors (Employee Advocacy)
  4. Don't judge without knowing the context and the story of the other.
  5. What is personal brand?
  6. A technology at the service of a more human world is possible. Written in collaboration with Helena Casas.
  7. The syndrome “I'm the last coke in the desert”: Diagnosis and treatment.
  8. The best of 2017 in Personal Branding.
  9. Personal brand, success and envy management.
  10. The personal brand paradox, do I worry about the image I project or the value I bring?
  11. The personal brand paradox.
  12. Personal Branding is like plastic surgery: it's not explained, you can tell.

I hope you liked this particular view of the best of 2018 in personal branding. I wish you all the best to 2019. From the heart.

Cover image: and Maria Mas-Baga

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    And by the way, thank you very much for selecting one of my items and recommending our Street Personal Branding. Very big of you. I share it.

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