The best of the 2nd quarter 2021 at Personal Brand

I started this routine this year, to collect the best of the quarter, at the beginning of April I already published Best of the 1st quarter 2021

In one minute I summarize the best of the 2nd quarter 2021 in personal brand: 

Interesting books

Among what I've read about non-fiction, I highlight three titles: 


Factfulness, by Hans Rosling with Ola Rosling and Anna Rosling, Deusto, 2018. Not a new book, In fact, was published on 2018, but I read it a few weeks ago and it left a very positive mark on me.

It breaks our belief that humanity is heading towards disaster. And it proves it with data. We are much better off than we were years ago, decades and centuries.

Through 10 Instincts, the Roslings (Hans started it, and his son and daughter-in-law finished him when he died) convince us of the main cognitive biases (in the book he calls them instincts) that predispose us to think the wrong way: the instinct of separation, of negativity, of the straight line, of fear, of size, of generalization, of the destination, of the unique perspective, of guilt, of urgency.

Branding. The Power of Business.

Ivan Diaz (Branzai, Grávita) has presented his most anticipated work, the book Branding: The power of business, edited by himself. The author doesn't like us calling it a Bible, but it is, is a branding bible, more than recommended, full of examples and inspiration. You can find it on Amazon without problem, In fact, he's edited it from there.

Their 12 sections take you from the definition of brand to its activation and management. And it's not theory, imagine that you put the 2.000 Branzai's blog posts and distill them in 168 Pages. Gold. And something that has reached my soul is about the power of words in Branding, already towards the end. But I don't make spoiler, get hold of it.

RH Positive

Positive RH is signed by Margarita Pato, José Manuel Tomás, Maria Jose Gil, Jose Angel Gomez, Isabel Bonmatí, Lluís Cantera, Laura Brotons, Fulgencio Conesa, Fernando Coloma and it is coordinated by Nacho Plans. Profit Publishing House, 2021. 

I would call it a generous book, in which its authors, references in people management, you give us 7 business success stories and their keys.

alongside Eva Collado, we work a Brand Ambassador program with Isabel Bonmatí, of the company Clavei. Isabel has related the itinerary that this company followed to put the strategic focus on people. A book to be inspired by the best.


A format on the rise. The offer is immense, increasing but among what I have heard this quarter I highlight:

From Digital Humanism, by Joan Clotet

I recommend all its contents, but to highlight in this 2nd quarter: 

From TED in Spanish

Directed by Gerry Garbulsky, organizer of TEDxRíodelaPlata, the world's largest TEDx event, with audiences of more than 10.000 live people. The best of the 2nd quarter 2021 for me it is: 

Other podcasts

Articles: The best of the 2nd quarter 2021 at Personal Brand

If you don't want to miss anything, I refer you to my digital magazine Everything Leaves Mark on Flipboard. Here are the articles that have impacted me the most: 


Tools to enhance personal branding

Perhaps the most significant thing in this section are two great novelties: 

Linkedin: The presentation video in the profile picture

A great opportunity to introduce ourselves to a pitch of 30 seconds that you are in the "hottest" area of LinkledIn: our profile picture.

I published a few weeks ago a Post And Podcast complete on the subject.

Twitter spaces, a universal place to develop audio rooms

Twitter audio rooms allow live conversations on Twitter. Competing with ClubHouse, the creator of the format, Twitter has introduced new features that make it more Friendly without leaving the Twitter mobile app.

Not only that., they have also created ticket access spaces as a way to support creators on Twitter so that they can monetize their talent. The requirements are: have more than 1.000 Followers, have created three rooms in the last ones 3 Weeks, have + 18 Years, email verified, full profile with real photo, complete bio (not suitable for trolls).

If you want to hear in action one of the best in Twitter Spaces, follow closely to @evaanyon 

Highlights of the 2nd quarter 2021 on personal brand on my stuff

Podcast "Everything Leaves a Mark"

I have continued to publish weekly. The best thing about the 2nd semester on my podcast would be these chapters: 

Blog Articles

Of the 14 published posts, I highlight these three for the impact they have had:


I hope you have a happy week!

Here's the podcast at iVoox. You can also hear it in Spotify, Apple Podcast And Google Podcast.

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    You are very generous in providing spaces for our growth through your valuable creation work, curatorship and dissemination of content.
    Honored, happy and grateful for your mention and recommendation!

  2. Thank you very much Guillem,
    Very interesting all the contents you have shared, loved the “Description of Stubborn Optimism”

  3. Good morning, Guillem

    Good compilation.. I am not among your selected but I do share for my learning much of what you tell us. The podcast thing for me is like a master in motion (Yes, if I move while doing my daily walk very early ) and the audio rooms another wonderful opportunity to make ourselves known and demonstrate our skills, concerns and branding people.

    We continue to enjoy doing and living life in every single thing we do,

    A hug,


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